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Pokémon: Platinum Journeys

{Chapter 1: Starting Point: Twinleaf Town}

At the shore of Sunyshore City, three teens were lined up, one boy on roller skates, the second was a girl on a bike and the last one, a boy, was on a skateboard. All three lined up and then they all took off.

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The alarm clock went off as usual and in five seconds, a blonde-headed boy had gotten up and turned it off in record time.

"Wake up man! If you don't get out of bed in the next five seconds, I'm gonna eat your breakfast!" he yelled as he quickly put on his clothes and rushed out of the room. The boy still sleeping rolled over and fell out of bed; he groggily got up and out on his attire: a blue jacket, black pants, a red hat and white scarf. He walked down the steps to see the other boy eating all of the breakfast spread lightning fast.

"Hey! Save some for the rest of us!" he yelled.

"Lucas! If you would just hurry this won't happen!" Then the boy's mother came up behind him and hit him with the frying pan she had in her hand.

"Barry!!!! You'll leave Lucas food if you know what's good for you!"

"Sorry Ma." Barry apologized scratching his head.

"Thanks Aunt Pat," Lucas said.

"You're welcome. And Barry what's wrong with you. It's cold outside. Put on something warmer."

"ALRIGHT!" Barry raced up the stairs. As soon Lucas finished eating, Barry ran back downstairs. The only change he had made was putting on a long sleeve shirt that was the same color as the one he had on earlier. Barry's mom looked at him and crossed her arms, but he didn't notice. Barry ran out the door with Lucas in toe.

"Where does that child get it from," she murmured.

"Yo! Wait!" Lucas caught Barry just as he had got onto Route 201, right before the tall grass. "Dude, you can't go in the tall grass. We'll get mauled! And where are you going anyway?"

"To Professor Rowan's, of course!" Barry announced with a huge smirk.

"Barry, that's TOMORROW!"

"But he gets back today right?" Barry said scratching his head.

"Yeah, but Professor Rowan's been away for months. We were going to let him recover before seeing him."

"Do we have too?!?!" Barry whined.

"Yeah! We do!" Lucas exclaimed.

"HEYYYYYY!!! GUYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" Out of nowhere called a shrill voice. The boys turned their heads to see a girl in pink knee-high boots, a red winter coat, a white scarf and a white hat. She rushed over to their side as quick as she could.

"Hey Dee Dee," Lucas said as she approached.

"Wait a minute, isn't this Dawn?" Barry questioned.

"Please Barry. Dawn left a month ago on her own journey," Dee Dee replied.


"I'm surprised you usually forget who Dawn is!" Lucas joked. Dee Dee joined in the laughter. As they laughed, a tall figure appeared behind them;

"Excuse me children," the figure enounced.

"Sorry," Lucas apologized as he turned to meet the stranger. Lucas looked up in awe as he saw the man.

"Professor Rowan!" Lucas yelled, making Barry and Dee Dee turn. They all looked on in shock at the middle aged professor of Pokémon.

"Hello," Rowan replied. The trio waved slightly. The professor examined the kids, and then he took three cards out of his pocket. Each card had a picture of one of the kids and their name.

"Ah," Rowan realized, "You are the children who start their journeys tomorrow, correct?"

"Yes sir! My name is L-" Lucas started.

"Please I know all three of you."

"We were just going to see you," Barry stated.

"Eager I see," the professor stroked his chin, "So would you like your starters now?" Lucas, Dee Dee and Barry stood with mouth ajar before nodding in agreement.

"I must warn you, I do not have the starters I intended to give you on my person right now" This still didn't change the kids' minds. Professor rummaged through his suitcase for three Pokéballs. He brought them out and threw them into the air above where they opened and unleashed the three Pokémon. One by one they appeared: a Piplup appeared with a stern look and flippers at its side, next was a Mudkip that smiled and spun around a little and last but not least, a Pikachu that crossed its arms and scrunched up it's face.

"AWW! SO CUTE!" Dee Dee exclaimed while picking up the Piplup. As soon as she brought it to eye level, Piplup started to struggle to break free. Eventually Piplup broke free, it landed on the ground and then it pointed to Dee Dee and yelled,

"Pip, Pip, Piplup!!" It was obvious that Piplup was not happy.

"Sorry about that," Professor Rowan said, "But this Piplup has a certain personality. It hates being grouped with other Piplup as cute and it wants to be recognized as the hard working Pokémon it is." Rowan finished as Piplup crossed its flippers.

"THAT'S IT!!!!!" Barry yelled, startling everybody in a 3 mile radius. "That's my kind of Pokémon!" Barry picked up Piplup in his arms; Piplup was still stunned but didn't try to wiggle from Barry's grasp. As Piplup was picked up, Mudkip walked up to Dee Dee and sat in front of her. Professor noticed, and said,

"Dee Dee, if you are interested in a cute Pokémon then that Mudkip might be for you. This Mudkip loves to show off its cuteness." Dee Dee picked up Mudkip and Mudkip flashed a big smile at her.

"Alright," Dee Dee hugged Mudkip as it let out a cry. Last but not least were Lucas and Pikachu. They had been staring each other down for the past couple minutes. Every couple seconds, Pikachu's electric sacs gave off a small jolt of electricity. Everyone else was also staring at the two. Rowan could sense the tension and spoke up,

"Lucas, if you're uncomfortable I can always---,"

"No, I'll take him." Pikachu's ears perked up at the sound of this.

"Alright. If you want to you can take the liberty of giving them nicknames."

"I'm good," Dee Dee responded.

"I call Peng!" Barry yelled.

"Bolt," Lucas whispered, without taking his eyes off of Bolt.

"Very well," Rowan replied, "On another note, I do have two more starters back at the lab. I do have one last trainer come to collect his starter; if you drop by tomorrow I can see if I can give one of you the last one."

"Thank you sir," they replied together.

"Alright, I'll see you three tomorrow then," the children let the Professor walk by to Sandgem Town.

"I can't believe it," Barry said, he hugged Peng; he hugged him so tight that Peng began gasping for air. Barry just kept squeezing until he passed out from excitement.

"Barry! WAKE UP!!" Barry came to in his room with Lucas standing over him.

"What happened?" Barry questioned groggily.

"You passed out." Lucas replied.

"AHH! Where is Peng?" Barry yelled. Lucas pointed out the window. Barry rushed to see Peng swimming laps at an amazing speed in the town pond. Excited, Barry jumped out the window and ran to the shore to encourage Peng. Lucas walked out and sat on a rock outside of the house. He looked at Barry, and then at Dee Dee at Mudkip plying together in front of her house with Johanna and her Glameow watching. Lucas smiled and then he went into his pocket and pulled out Bolt's Pokéball, it gave off electricity. Lucas gripped it tightly before releasing Bolt. Bolt landed right beside Lucas, he looked up at him before turning his head away.

"Pi-Pi, Pikachu," Bolt uttered. Lucas thought for a moment.

"So you think I'll treat you like a slave more than a partner?" Bolt went into shock and turned to face Lucas, but before it could say anything, Lucas replied;

"Yes, I can understand everything you're saying," Bolt stared at Lucas for a second, he clearly though much less of Lucas now after learning what Lucas could do. Lucas thought and then he licked his thumb. He rubbed his thumb between Bolt's ears. The hair on right there went up in three spikes (two smaller ones on the outside and one bigger one in the middle). Bolt felt his new hairdo, he wasn't really against it. He just continued to sit in silence. Lucas just smiled and looked up into the sky and gave off a sigh.

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