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Lucas Platinum, 13 year old trainer


Bolt - Pikachu, Male

Inferno - Chimchar, Male

Link - Bulbasaur, Male

Hydro – Squirtle, Male

Barry Towers, 13 year old. You know what Barry's like.


Peng - Piplup. Male

Ace – Starly, Male

Ross – Budew, Male

Bones – Cubone, Male

Dee Dee Winters, 13 year old, Dawn's sister, Johanna's 1st daughter and 2nd child. Coordinator


Mudkip, Male

Charmander, Male

Chikorita, Female.

Pokémon: Platinum Journeys

{Chapter 5: A Rocky Start!}

Lucas and Dee Dee had come into sight from over a hill. The two looked before and saw the huge city of energy.

"There's Oreburgh!" Lucas had exclaimed. The duo started down the hill, with Bolt nipping around Lucas's heels. Both had brand new Pokétchs shined on both of their wrists.

"That was really nice of her," Dee Dee said, glancing at her Pokétch.

"Yeah," Lucas said, doing the same action and reminiscing.


Lucas and Dee Dee had packed up their campsite and began to head out when a voice yelled out to them.

"Hello-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!" A man approached them from a distance. They saw him once he got closer. He was a fat man, with a tight red sleeveless shirt, red shorts, sandals and a red hat sat atop his dark green, messy hair. The man also had a wooden pole strapped on his back, which had a poster with a picture of an envelope on it. He stopped next to our heroes. He took out a package from his shoulder bag and handed it to Lucas.

"I believe this is for you," he said. He bowed to the two before yelling,

"On to mail!" He began jogging down the road they were traveling.

Lucas stared at the man before eventually opening the box. He opened the lid, revealing two Pokétchs. One was blue while the other was pink.

"WOW!" Dee Dee exclaimed. She took the pink one out and hastily strapped it on. Lucas took the other and examined the piece of paper on top of the box. "To cute guy with red beret, deep blue eyes, gorgeous…

'Not important,' Lucas thought. He skipped some and reads the last bit.

"Blah, blah, blah," Lucas started, "saw you without latest Pokétch. Here you go, from Lizzie." Lucas examined the watch then threw away the box and continued walking. About five minutes later Dee Dee realized that Lucas had left and ran to catch up to him.

When they stopped later on to camp, they began to train. Lucas's Pokémon began move training whilst Dee Dee did contest work with hers. Mudkip was using Mud Slap and then Water Gun on the mud. Charmander was elegantly spitting flames and Chikorita was taking in sun rays.

Lucas's Pokémon where mostly improving on yesterday's work. Link was perfectly executing Energy Ball attacks, Hydro kept bashing his head into a tree, and Inferno was punching along with Bolt.

"Amazing what a day if training can do," Lucas said to himself. As he did, Inferno threw one punch that crackled with sharp lightning.

"Char!" Inferno blurted out….

"LUCAS!" Dee Dee screamed into Lucas's face.

"Ahhhhh!" He stumbled backwards and landed flat on his butt. Bolt also tumbled off his shoulder. Dee Dee just stood there and smiled,

"Come on," she said and started down the hill. Lucas got up, dusted himself off, picked up Bolt and quickly began to pace up behind Dee Dee.

They eventually reached the Oreburgh Gate and went through the cave. They made sure not to step on any Pokémon, especially any Geodude posing as rocks and Onix tails. They made it through and the sun shone like never before. As they looked up and covered their eyes, a figure came bolting at them. It ran into them and knocked them down onto the hard, rocky ground.

"Sorry!" Barry said, immediately helping his friends up. They got up and gave him the evil eye. He sweatdropped and did his signature head rub.

"Oh!" Barry blurted from nowhere. He rummaged through his bag and pulled out a case. He handled it with care and ripped the lid off vigorously. He picked up a small badge. It was grey and looked like a small rock.

"I got me a Coal Badge!" He yelled. Barry held the badge in the duo's face. Lucas quickly swiped the badge and looked closely at it, but Barry quickly snatched it back.

"What was that about?" Barry questioned.

"Just uh-uh, making sure it was real," Lucas uttered. Barry stared sharply at Lucas before returning the badge to its place in the case.

"Well you might want to get over to the gym as soon as possible."

"How come?" Lucas asked.

"The Gym Leader is only there sparingly so you might …" Barry was rushed by a giant wind. When he opened his eyes, only Dee Dee stood before him. Barry looked behind him and saw Lucas and Bolt madly dashing into town. Dee Dee said bye to Barry and followed Lucas. She slowed down to watch the spectacle; Lucas dashed between different buildings, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake. Dee Dee glanced behind her at the building she was in front of. She smiled and then gave a sharp whistle. Lucas stopped next to her, his arms stacked high with the 'necessary' supplies for battle. Dee Dee then pointed to the building's sign. In big n' bold letters it said, 'Oreburgh Gym".

"I knew that," Lucas stated. Bolt had finally caught up and rammed into Lucas, he dropped everything he was carrying and was left in a pile of items. He quickly got up as if nothing had happened, took a deep breath and opened the doors to the gym. As he and Dee Dee entered, they noticed that everything was made of rocks, even the battlefield was decorated with a rocky terrain. All of a sudden, a giant shadow was cast upon the far wall. As the shadow grew closer, Lucas and Dee Dee stood still. The shadow finally dispersed and the lights came up to show … a boy?! A small boy wearing a white shirt and blue overalls stood on the top floor of the gym. His head was adjourned with wild, messy, maroon hair. They boy had to be no less then six years old. Lucas immediately laughed out loud. The small boy's face grew beet red as if was about to blow his top.

"Stop waffing at me!" the little kid yelled. As he yelled, his mouth opened to show that one of his front teeth was missing. Lucas just laughed harder and got on his knees, clutching his stomach. Dee Dee gave a little giggle.

"I am the Gym Weader!" This was the final straw. Lucas began rolling all over the floor bawling. The boy turned beet red, he ran down to the Gym floor and up to Lucas. He kicked him in the shin and Lucas immediately got up,

"AHHH!" He held his shin and stared at the boy.

"You want a fight, you got one!" The little boy ran to the other end of the battlefield and faced Lucas.

"Aren't you gonna read the rules?" Lucas questioned.

"I DON'T CARE!" The boy waved his arms up and down angrily. "GO SANDSWREW!" He threw a Pokéball and a small, brown mouse-like Pokémon popped out.

"A Sandshrew," Lucas said,

Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokéball; to protect itself from attackers, it curls up into a ball. It lives in arid regions with minimal rainfall.

"Bolt, you're up!"

"Pika!" Bolt ran onto the field and took position opposite Sandshrew.

"I wonder why he sent out Bolt?" Dee Dee questioned as she took a seat in the stands.

"Rollout attack Sandshwew!" Sandshrew curled into a ball and started rolling quickly towards Bolt. Bolt held his ground and waited for Lucas's command.

"Turn around Bolt." Bolt turned so his back faced Sandshrew. As the Ground Pokémon closed in, Bolt kept calm. Sandshrew was now right behind Bolt.

"NOW!" Lucas yelled. Bolt let Sandshrew run over his tail and flicked the balled up mouse into the air.

"Now use Iron Tail!" Bolt jumped high into the air and meet with Sandshrew. His tail began to glow before he slammed it into the Pokémon. Sandshrew flew into one of the rocks on the battlefield and dust was flung into the air. Sandshrew fell onto the ground with a thud,

"Sand….shrew….." The Pokémon then fainted. Bolt had knocked it out with one swift (and new) attack!

"Yes!" Lucas screamed into the ceiling.

"Pikachu!" Bolt imitated. The little boy hung his head in defeat and recalled his Sandshrew.

"Hand over the Coal Badge, Shrimpy!" Lucas stuck his hand in the boy's face, proud of his first gym victory.

"I can't!" The boy yelled, staring at the ground.

"How come?" Lucas asked.

"BECAUSE he's not the real Gym Leader!" A voice boomed. A figure appeared where the boy had entered the room. The figure was another boy about 11 years old. He wore a white undershirt, gray pants and black boots. He had black smudge prints over his face and his maroon hair went up in one giant spike.

"But R-," the little boy started. The other boy gave him a hard and devious glare before he stopped talking. The older one jumped into the Gym Leader's side of the field and pulled out a Pokéball and threw it high. A Geodude popped out and landed with a thud on the rock floor.

"Geo-Geo!" It yelled while pumping its stony arms. Lucas popped out his Pokédex and scanned Geodude.

Geodude, the Rock Pokémon; at rest, it looks just like a rock. Carelessly stepping on it will make it swing its fists angrily.

"Geodude, use Rock Throw!" The young one commanded. Geodude began picked up mini boulders and chucking them furiously at Bolt.

"Use Quick Attack!" Lucas shouted. Bolt speed up and jumped through and off the shower of stones to smack Geodude head on.

"You can't penetrate Geodude's high defense stats!" The leader smirked.

"Really, cause that's exactly what I plan to do," Lucas remarked. "Bolt, Iron Tail."

Bolt smacked his tail directly into Geodude's face. The rock Pokémon skidded backwards, gritting its teeth in pain.

"How was that so powerful?" The Gym Leader asked. Lucas slyly opened his Pokédex and is responded.

Iron Tail, a Steel-Type Physical attack. The foe is slammed with a steel-hard tail. It may lower the targets Defense. Effective against Rock and Ice type Pokémon.

"I see now! Geodude, use a Magnitude Attack!" Geodude hopped into the air and came back down with a large crash. The attack shook the ground and made Bolt topple to his feet.

"Add a finishing Mega Punch!" Declared the child.

"GEEEEOOOO!" Geodude charged at Bolt with a menacing look. Bolt gripped his chest and looked up at the incoming attack.

"If that attack lands," Dee Dee commented, "this battle is as good as over!" Lucas didn't seem concerned at all. He waited patiently until Geodude was close enough.

"Now Bolt! AGILITY!" Bolt regained his composure, slipped underneath Geodude and dodged the attack in the process.

"Iron Tail again!" He cried. Bolt flicked Geodude high into the air with the attack, but Geodude began to drop quickly.

"Let's finish this! Attack with an Ice Punch!" Lucas commanded. Bolt began a heavy wind up and as soon as Geodude was eye level, unleashed a mean right hook covered in icy mist. The attack sent the rock to the other side of the arena and Geodude fainted upon landing.

"That's the stuff!" Lucas cheered. Bolt yelled in happiness and Dee Dee began shouting praise. Once again Lucas stuck a hand into the new Gym Leader's face.

"That'll be one Coal Badge please." He asked. But just like before, his newest opponent didn't respond.

"What a minute…" As Lucas finished, the Gym doors opened and an older teenager walked in.

"What's going on?" He asked, directing his question at the two young boys.

"Nothin' Roark." They replied in unison.

"But I thought he would be Roark!" Dee Dee questioned, "The little was about to call him…"

"Rocky." The youngest chirped.

"Wait a minute," Lucas interrupted, "So I just fought two kids for no reason whatsoever?" He turned his head and glared at the two children standing side by side. Both kids hastily ran behind Roark and hid behind him.

"Don't pay these two any mind." Roark started, then turning to the youths, "Rocky. Rubble. You should be studying, not messing around with unsuspecting trainers. Am I clear?"

"Yes Brother Roark." They said in saddening unison. Roark then turned back around to Lucas.

"I'll gladly accept your challenge, if you're still up to the task." Roark said, grabbing a Pokéball off his belt.

"I think we both know the answer to that already." Lucas replied with a smirk.

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