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Part 3

She walked into the house and immediately entered the bathroom,
slamming the door behind her. Studying her reflection in the
mirror, she wanted to scream. All her hard work, all that
preparation, for nothing.

"Dammit, I thought I had him! He was supposed to be an easy
mark," she shrieked, banging her hands on the counter.

Well at least it hadn't been a complete loss. She was well aware
that Gordon Redding thought it would be impossible for her to fool
Lee Stetson into believing she was Amanda King. That they worked
too closely together, and knew one another too well. She had
fooled him all right. Her plan had been simple. Bring him to a bar
and quickly down a few drinks. Then he would probably attribute any
differences he saw to the alcohol. She knew just what to say to
make him think that she was Amanda, but in a different frame of mind
tonight. After all, it had worked with Credle and Treloggen. He
wouldn't be so different, once she convinced him that she was
interested in more than just a drink and some conversation. Stetson
had a reputation as a ladies man, and she was sure he wouldn't pass
up the opportunity she would be offering him. In the end, that
would be his undoing, just like the others.

But that wasn't how it had played out. Initially, he seemed to be
falling for her act, trying to comfort and reassure her. Then as
they had danced, she just knew that he felt an attraction toward
her. He certainly hadn't pulled away when she had kissed him. But
that was where it had ended. As soon as she suggested a room, he
had backed off. That was the problem, Stetson really did care for
that little piece of milk-toast, Amanda King. He was trying to help
her, and specifically trying not to take advantage of her emotional
state of mind.

And to think that she had considered breaking her own "rules of the
game" for him. "Never get involved with a hit," she always told
herself. But he was quite attractive, a graceful dancer, and she
thought it could be fun to have a little recreation before snuffing
out his life. She hadn't done that much for either Credle or
Treloggen. No, as soon as she had their guns, she had executed
them, completing her contract.

She'd have to think of something different with Stetson. They had
found out that Amanda King was going to be leaving town for a few
days tomorrow. She could replace her at home, and maybe find a way
to lure Stetson over. Maybe if she acted depressed, and repentant
for making such a fool of herself tonight, she could talk him into
coming by. Then that would be it for him. She could get her payoff
and blow town before Amanda King ever got back. After that she
could change her look again, and she'd never have to see that
miserable little Gordon Redding again. The man was such a spineless
coward, but he did have the money to pay her, and that was all she
really cared about.

"Yes, Karen Brinkman, tomorrow's going to work out just fine," she
said out loud, a devious grin reflected back at her. "Stetson will
never even know what hit him when his darling Amanda shoots him