Alright, here I am with a new story. I am really interested in the Jane character as New Moon draws nearer. She fascinates me for some reason and I wanted to delve deeper into her character so I wrote this story. Its told from her point of view and her point of view only. I am not sure of the Volturi order. Like, when and who came first so in this story, Jane and Alec were the ones that came after Marcus, Caius and Aro. I know this is kind of short for the first chapter but anyway, here is the story. J

P.S this starts right before she and Alec are burned at the stake for witch craft.

"Burn the witches!" they cried through the courthouse. The whole crowd was in an uproar over my brother and I. "Burn them!"

"Please, sir. Don't harm them!" our mother begged, falling to her knees. It was no use. Our fates had been set. Alec and I had been sentenced to die slow and gruesome deaths. "Spare them! They are just normal children! Not witches!"

"Silence!" the judge cried. His voice echoed through the crowd, silencing each and every person that had been speaking loudly almost immediately. All was silent again. "You children will be taken immediately to the executioner where you will be burned at once for your sins. May you both burn in the bowls of hell for all of eternity."

The crowd hollered once more and my mother broke out into uncontrollable sobs on the floor as Alec and I were escorted outside. I grabbed his hand one last time and we were both tied to our stakes that stood side by side. No tears would fill my eyes. I couldn't bring myself to cry. I felt more empty than anything. Hollow like the trees that surrounded our small village.

"Burn! Burn witches, burn!" they cried with their pitchforks high in the air. Some held up crucifixes for he and I to see before we were gone. I scanned the crowd, hoping to see my mother one last time. She wasn't amongst any of them. I was bound to the pole and the torches were brought into view. So, I began to pray. I prayed to god. I prayed for my mother who would be left alone. The death of our father when Alec and I were young was not something easily forgotten. I prayed for Alec. I prayed for everything. Even the ones who wanted me burned.

"Please," I whispered towards the sky. It began to snow lightly as the fire was set and the hay surrounding me became a flaming ball. "Save me."

I screamed as the fire crept slowly up my body. Slower and slower, they climbed up my body until the cheers of the crowd faded off and the darkness swallowed me whole. I was gone. I had reached my early end.

It didn't take long for a new flame to rise up. This flame was new. This flame was something I could not see but I could feel it all too much. It burned me eternally. The numbness that had introduced it was short lived. This flame had ten times the power of the one that had burned me first. It was all over. The darkness, however, still had me in its clutches.

I wanted to scream, do anything to make it stop. But, as much as I tried, my eyes would not open and neither would my mouth. Though, even if I was to open my mouth, the only thing that would come from it was a scream. The pain became more and more unbearable by the second. Was

Was this hell? Had I been sent here for a crime I didn't commit? Had god punished me by eternal damnation? I was absolutely positive that I had done no wrong. The deaths of the towns people were not of our doing. Alec and I had always known that we were different. We had known that for quite some time. But, so had the people of the town. So, when many of the townspeople had mysteriously started perishing, they turned to us. Accusing he and I both of witchcraft. We were not even given the chance to prove ourselves innocent, much to the dismay of our mother who was now truly alone. With nothing but the backs of our former townspeople to even look at her.

I couldn't even begin to know how much time passed before the flames finally began to fade in my lower half. It burned even brighter in my throat and mouth. It was like someone forcing a torch into my mouth and holding it to the back of my throat. It was excruciating. I wanted to reach in and remove the torch immediately. I remembered Alec. I wondered if he had been eternally damned too. Was he enjoying death? Had god picked him over me to go up to heaven. People always seemed in his favor more than mine.

Shortly following the torch fire in my mouth, I regained my hearing. I could hear footsteps around me. Quiet footsteps that couldn't have been any louder. I could hear my own heartbeat, slowly gaining speed, thumping against my ribs. I could hard clearly. More clearly than I ever could before. I could hear quiet murmurs, obviously coming from another room.

"Aro, what if these children do not wake? What if all your time spent watching them was pointless? What if it was too late? What is so special that you had to slaughter a whole town to save them? wouldn't they have woken by now? It's been at least a week," a deep, rough voice hissed. Slaughter? my whole town? I had been schooled well enough to know that slaughter meant kill? So, was I not dead? Had he spared me?

"Patience, my brother," a gentle voice told him. "Her heart beat is getting faster and faster by the minute. Pretty soon, it will stop and the venom will take its full affect. The wait will be worth its while. I can sense that she and her brother will be quite powerful among our coven."

Coven? A coven of witches? Where was I? Where was Alec? There were so many questions I needed answered but could not ask. The fire still burned in my throat.

"Marcus, go check on the boy" the rough voice ordered. I heard a quiet yes and footsteps leaving the room. I wanted so bad to open my eyes or to move one part of my body but as hard as I tried, I was stuck in the same mysterious darkness. This darkness did not seem to be letting up at any point. Even as much as I forced it away. "I am sure he will also be awake soon. The venom entered his system not long after I put it into hers. Look, even the burns have disappeared."

Burns? Had they all gone? Was I normal and scar free? What magic had these men worked? If they would really work magic, why couldn't they give me a bit of whiskey to make this pain disappear?

Suddenly, it was like a hummingbird taking flight. My heart was beating faster than it ever had in my existence. Throwing itself against my rib cage with as much force and speed as possible. All the while, the flames in my throat enlarged. The last beat of my heart faltered and it was back in its resting place. Only this time, it beat no more and my eyes shot open.