Alrighty guys, here's the deal. If you are reading this and are like 'uh, that never happened,' SORRY. I have done countless research on Jane and the Volturi in general and I have found a lot stuff but I also didn't find a lot of things so If I am missing something, do not get all pissy with me. Okay? I'm doing the best I can. Awesome. Glad were all on the same page here. Anyway, I have a song recommendation and I thought I would post the lyrics because I think they fit Jane perfectly.

The song is called Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin. Here are the lyrics.

Hold it together.
Birds of a feather.
Nothing but lies and crooked wings.
I have the answer.
Spreading the cancer.
You are the faith inside me.
No, Don't, leave me to die here.
Help me survive here, alone.
Don't Remember!

Put me to sleep, Evil Angel.
Open your wings, Evil Angel. (Ahhh)

I'm a believer.
Nothing could be worse.
All these imaginary friends.
Hiding betrayal.
Driving the nail.
Hoping to find a savior.
No, don't, leave me to die here.
Help me survive here, alone.
Don't Surrender!

Put me to sleep, Evil Angel.
Open your wings, Evil Angel. (oohh)
Fly over me, Evil Angel.
Why can't I breathe, Evil Angel?

Put me to sleep, Evil Angel.
Open your wings, Evil Angel. (oohh)
Fly over me, Evil Angel.
Why can't I breathe, Evil Angel?

We were lead into a meek, less intricate room. The walls were bland and white. The floors were cold stones beneath our feet. I had a feeling that our training would not be something done easily. I could barely remember—my memory was fading faster and faster. Images from my past life were but a blur. Though, I could still feel all too well the burning flames licking my body—mother telling Alec and I to not base somebody by the look of their face but I could tell by looking at these men that they were indeed extremely strong.

"Alright," Aro began, smiling and clasping his hands tightly together. Felix and Caius stood stiffly at his flanks. "First off, I think you children to deserve some sort of explanation."

I exchanged a quick glance with Alec who stood by my side, just as confused as I was. He nodded his head in a quick motion and looked back towards Aro.

"As you may very well know, I am Aro. Behind me are Caius and indeed the most physically advanced member of my guard, Felix. They will help you train yourselves physically and mentally so that you will be respected by all vampires in existence for centuries to come. I foresee great things in your futures indeed, very great things," his eyes moved slowly to me. "Jane, my darling, please come here."

Warily, I stepped forward until I was just inches away from Aro's translucent but ever so beautiful face. He placed his hand gently on my arm and stood still for what seemed like only seconds. After a second, he smiled serenely.

"My darling," he began. "With my hands, I read thoughts. Anything in your head can be mine in just seconds. See, many vampires in the world possess abilities unlike any other. I see you and your brother are no exception."

There was a long stretch of silence.

"Felix," Aro muttered softly. In a split second, Felix had his arms wrapped tightly around Alec. My vision began to have a red tint around the edges. Alec worked his way out of the hold and slammed Felix down into the flooring. Shards of stone went gliding through the air.

"Stop!" I hissed, crouching instinctively, ready to attack if necessary. A low snarl was building in my throat as Alec was pinned to the floor once again. I looked to Aro, hopping he would stop the nonsense ensuing before his blazing eyes. "Don't hurt him!"

It was as if I was invisible. With every word I spoke, the fighting intensified between Alec and Felix until my anger peaked and Felix fell to the cracked ground, just as Caius had done earlier. I was for certain that all the pain caused to Felix was of my doing.

"Jane, let go, my darling," Aro cautioned me, smiling a bit. My anger faded and Felix was back on his feet. I dashed over to where Alec stood. He was harmed in no sort of way.

"Felix, explain to this child was she has the ability to seemingly do," Aro demanded kindly towards Felix. Felix grinned and began to explain to me what it is I was doing.

"I can't even begin to explain what this child has done. In an instant, it felt like someone was burning me alive but then in a split second, it was gone. Like, the pain just vanished. It was like some sort of illusion."

"Impossible," Caius muttered quietly under his breath. My head snapped up to where he stood. The reddish tint of my vision was beginning to become more and more defined.

"Caius, work with young Alec while Jane and I work separately," Aro ordered, grabbing my arm gently. Alec stood motionless, just as apprehensive about Caius's presence as I was.

Alec and I were twins and a mysterious connection kept us together. Whatever he felt, I seemed to feel the same. It had been that way since we were young and I never foresaw that changing. As vastly different as he and I were, we couldn't have been more similar.

"I don't want to be separated from him," I hissed quietly, walking over to him and grabbing his arms. He looked at me and placed his palms face down in the air, gesturing me to let go.

"Sister, you must let go. I will be fine. I need to train anyway," he told me. I stared at him, horrified. My grasp only tightened. "Jane, I said let go!"

I froze and my hand dropped. Alec had never raised his voice at me. Not in our 15 years of life. He was always so gentle with me. He never yelled or hissed. Not until now.

"As you wish," I muttered, ghosting out of the room. After just seconds, I heard footsteps following after me. Surely those of Aro. He was in front of me in seconds, placing his stone, pale hands on the black cloak in which they had placed me in my days of deep sleep, meaning these men had seen me in the bare flesh which sat in all the wrong ways inside of me.

"Come with me, young one. We will go back into the great room and we will train in privacy," he told me. I was too enraged to take orders from anyone and I sent him to his knees. He clutched his head tightly as he writhed in pain. "Please, stop."

"I take orders from nobody!" I hissed, standing above him. "Nobody!"

"Alright!" he cried and I let the pain die. He stood up and grinned triumphantly like the blurred faces of the cheering townspeople. "Dear one, you are strong. Very strong, indeed."

We began walking down the dimly lit halls until we were back in the great room. It seemed so much larger than it did before and it was much easier standing stationary than it was before. Now, the fire burned much lighter and it was just a slight spark in my throat, threatening to erupt into flames and the scent of lilacs and honey suckle from the humans was faint.

"We will start with your mental ability," he paced slowly in circles around me.
"From what I have seen, it is tied to your anger and you seemed to be affronted quite easily. Say, if someone was to harm dear Alec, which we all know we would never think of doing, you would be quite enraged, no?"

"Yes," I answered through tight lips. "I would be quite angry."

"Now," he began, placing his hands behind his back securely. "Think of those townspeople who wanted you dead. Think of the townspeople who wanted to watch you burn. Think of those harrowing flames creeping slowly up your feet and engulfing the rest of your body."

"Stop it!" I cried as the memory of the flames was all too real. "Stop it at once!"

And just like before, he fell to his knees. My anger was quickly replaced with triumph as the realization of what I was capable of set in. he smiled and chuckled lowly.

"So, amazing," he gushed, standing up and placing his hands on my shoulders. He pulled me against his stone chest tightly. He pulled me away slightly and stroked my cheek. "Dear one, we must break the bond between this power and your infuriation. We will work to make it stronger."

"What about Alec? We will make him more powerful, too?"

"Of course, of course. Do not fret, dear one. Do not fret. Now, your new world waits," he exclaimed quietly, beaming ever so brightly.