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WARNING: Slash. Profanity.
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Dirty Little Secret

"Let me know that I've done wrong
When I've known this all along
I'd go around a time or two
Just to waste my time with you"
-All-American Rejects; Dirty Little Secret


Harry Potter knew that he couldn't keep it up. It was ridiculous.

Severus Snape was a smart man. A clever man. A man that survived not one, but two wars. Wars where he had been a double agent. This was madness.

But... it felt so right.

Harry hadn't meant for this whole situation to come about. When he had left Severus in that club he had already decided to not have any more contact with his ex-professor. Nothing but bad things could happen, especially when the older man learned who the mystery girl really was.

After a few more minutes of thinking, Harry decided that, really, this was Hermione's fault. She was the one who had taught him the complicated spell to become a girl. That, and she was the one that had talked him into this, even if she hadn't known exactly what she was talking him in to. Yes, Harry decided, it was Hermione's fault.

Continued in "Dirty Little Secret" on my author page.