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Chapter 1: Floating

It was weird. She couldn't feel anything anymore. Not the bitter cold that had surrounded and sank into her skin, not the painful burning that had settled inside her body, not the rapid beats of her panicking heart, nothing. Her body felt completely numb. And it was through this numbness that Raven felt a peaceful bliss that she had never known before. It surrounded her with the soothing sensation despite the blinding fear and pain that she had experienced only moment before. So, she remained still, enveloped in the darkness, hoping that the sensation would never leave.

But no sooner had the acceptance of this bliss did Raven feel something move in her chest.


It pounded against her ribs painfully once before falling silent again. Moments passed and Raven had fallen back into the bliss, believing the end of the pounding. But then it happened again…..and again….. and again, each time had less and less time between each; each pounding becoming stronger; each pounding pushing warmth through her veins.



Her heart started to beat faster and faster until it raced painfully in Raven's chest. Her eyes shot open as she took in a gasping breath.


Blinding white was the first to greet her vision, followed quickly by the pain that covered her body. There were people all around her, looking down at her with white coats and masts, some with some blood spatter staining the white cloth.

"By God…she's alive!" gasped one of the white men quietly. He then turned and started to give out orders as a woman pushed her way past the people in white, grabbing Raven's hand. "Thank God! Sweet-heart, can you hear me? You're going to be okay! You're going to be okay, now, honey!" The woman sobbed, but with a smile on her lips.

She couldn't speak. She didn't know what was going on. She didn't know where she was. And the last thing she saw was some of the people in white leading the woman away before they covered Raven's mouth with a mask and she fell into a numbing sleep once more.

Robin frowned as he sat on the couch in the main room of Titan's Tower. To his right, Beastboy and Cyborg were battling it out again in a video game. But, it was clear from their lack of shouts, they were waiting for the same sound he was; the whoosh of the door opening. They were all worried.

"I do not understand, where could she be?" Starfire asked the silent group as she stopped her pacing.

"I don't know, Star." Robin replied quietly.

"She said she was leaving to find a quiet place to meditate, remember? She's probably fine." Beastboy stated with a dismissing wave of his hand, trying to brush off the worry that he had for his friend that remained lodged in his chest.

"But that was several hours when the sun was still in the sky. It has long since been replaced by the moon and, yet, friend Raven has still not appeared." Starfire worried as she started her pacing back and forth behind the group on the couch. "I fear that something bad may have befallen her."

"I know, but we haven't gotten any distress signal from her. She might have just lost track of time." Cyborg finally said, shutting down the game that he and Beastboy had been only half-heartedly been playing.

"Besides, we can track her communicator if she doesn't show soon, okay, Starfire?" Robin sighed, wishing that Raven would just walk through the door already.

"But by then I fear we might be too late to assist her if it is needed."

The group fell into an uncomfortable silence.

Within in a few minutes, they were all piled into the T-ship.

"I've tracked her communicator to an area few towns over. To an area that overlooks the sea."

"Dude, no way! What is she doing there!?" Beastboy squeaked, his voice cracking in its usual way when he became overly excited.

"It's quiet over there." Robin stated, frowning in worry as the T-ship rose and took off.

The T-ship managed to get the Titans to the coordination in a half hour. As Cyborg landed the ship in a nearby area, the remained three scanned the cliff side.

The area was isolated by a thick forest. The cliff reached out about 10ft in most areas beyond the forest. In one area close by, there was a portion of the cliff that jetted out into the ocean; a place that would have been perfect for meditating. Only problem was, no sign of Raven.

"Are you sure this is the right place, Cy?" Robin asked, the feeling of worry starting to knot in his stomach.

"Positive." Cyborg responded grimly as he finished landing the craft.

The four remaining Titans leapt out of the ship and headed for the tiny peninsula that reached out into the ocean, following the beeping unit on Cyborg's arm. They stopped dead in the middle.

"This is it. This is where the trail ends." Cyborg stated with a worried frown.

"Maybe she found a cavern beneath us?" Beastboy tried suggesting hopefully.

"Or her communicator is not with her." Robin grimly told them as he knelt down and picked up the partially buried Titan's communicator from the ground. The group fell silent.

"I believe I have more of the bad news." Starfire said softly, having walked away from the group and looked over the edge. The Titans headed over and followed her gaze. They saw it, and the solemn silence came back as they watched Raven's blue cloak flutter in the wind, caught on a rock not too far out in the sea.

It was Beastboy who broke the silence. "Is that blood?"

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