Chapter 10: The End

She remembered this place…she had been here before, floating in nothingness. She liked this place and the nothingness that replaced the pain. Maybe she could just stay…


The numbness faded to make room for a chill throughout her body for a moment at the voice. But, that voice…it was all too familiar, but, yet, it was completely foreign to her. She was drawn to it, but the numbness drew her back to her comforting nothingness.

"Raven, Raven, you need to wake." Came that voice again.

Who was Raven? Was she Raven? Did she want to be Raven?

"Raven, they need you."

Who were 'they'? That voice was proving insistent. Would she be left to this place of nothingness if she helped 'them'? Alone. She was alone without this voice. Her chest suddenly tightened in fear. "I don't want to be alone…" She felt her lips move to form the words. The cold started to invade her body again; snaking it's way slowly through her skin and into her veins.

"Raven, you can't stay here. You need to remember."

Remember? Remember what? Visions flashed before her closed eyes. A metal man; half machine, half human.; he looked like he'd be scary, but the smile he was flashing her was kind and gentle. A girl was orange skin and emerald eyes that sparkled with childish joy, her face contorted in a look of pure happiness. A boy with a shocking outfit that made her think of a traffic light. His black, spiky hair and masked face complimented his determined expression that, despite his small built, demanded respect. And, then a boy with green skin, and green hair; his wide grin look like a boy that couldn't take anything seriously, but, his green eyes said the opposite. But then these joyful visions were replaced with battlefields. They flashed one right after another. These people lying, hurt. She fought the visions, she didn't want them anymore.

The visions caused her head to pound painfully, making her want to gasp for air, but her body didn't seem to respond to this need.

"Raven, you have to stop fighting them! You have to remember!" This voice was getting irritated, now.

"I don't want to…" She sounded pathetic, she knew that. But she didn't care. They hurt.

"It'll be too late soon. You're running out of time. You have too!" The voice insisted.

Slowly, she relaxed, not sure why she was listening to this voice, and, was rewarded with the pain of memories flooding back to her.

She saw the sky. It encompassed her entire line of sight. But, then, something dark blue caught her intrest as she watched her cloak break free of her body and fly off. Raven then remembered hearing a scream right before she hit the water.

She floated deeper and deeper as she struggled to gather strength. She had to help that girl….but her body had other plans. Even as she fought, she could feel her powers taking on a life of their own. She knew what it was, her demonic side fighting for self preservation and, it would pull her into a trance-like start, using her powers to protect her from everything around her. But if that happened she wouldn't be able to help that girl.

"Azarath….me..metrion…zinthos." She managed weakly out, taking the form of her soul-self before she started towards the sky. But, the moment she did, she realized her mistake, she realized it just as the very barrier erected for her protection closed and kept her out. The moment it closed off her body, everything turned black. She remembered vaguly the feel of something leading her soul.

Next thing she knew it, she was waking at the hospital.

Robin was weakening quickly, this psycho proving to be knowledgeable in fighting hand to hand. Starfire was beside him, trying desperately to help when she could. But, she lacked the hand-to-hand combat skill needed to take Koray on. And, with the man keeping as close as he was to Robin, she was never able to get a starbolt in. Even Robin knew that they had to do something soon or they would fall victim to this man as well.

A quick glance at Cyborg and Beastboy told him that Beastboy was in no condition to fight, in fact, he would need a hospital soon lest he bleed to death. And Cyborg would be able to fight, but, he was needed to try and stop Beastboy's bleeding leg. And Aqualad had barely moved. A glance told the Titan leader that he was still alive, but the blood told him that he, too, needed a hospital soon.

It would only be a quick press of the button and the other Titans would come, but, he didn't think they would make it in time. But, ducking underneath one of the wild swings dealt by the murderer, he pushed it anyways. Anything was better then nothing.

Raven slowly forced her eyes open and the pressure that encompassed her returned. She found herself deep under the water, floating in the dark deep that the sun could not reach. But her gaze was on the black sphere that had embedded itself into the side of the cliff. Inside the sphere, a young girl floated, suspended upside down. Her hair fanned around her head, frozen in their dance.

It was her body. The barrier was weakening and soon it would not hold and her body would drown.

"I can help you." Raven turned to see another girl. It was the girl she recognized from the cliff. The one whose face she had used. Eva, whom Raven had failed to protect. She floated as a ghost beside Raven's spirit in the ocean. "It's the least I can do." Eva continued.

"For what? I failed to protect you. You don't owe me anything." Raven said, turning away, unable to face the girl she failed.

"There was no way for you to protect me. That much I know. But, the fact that you still tried, risking your own soul to do it, I couldn't have asked for so much."

"I'm sorry."

"No… thank-you. Please, if you won't accept it for me, accept my help for everyone. Accept it for all the good you've done." Eva said to her, holding out her hand to Raven.

Raven looked at it, and knew that she was too weak to do it on her own. But, did she want to go back? Her eyes went to the pained look in Eva's eyes and she knew that Eva could hear her thoughts.

"It's true, it is your choice, Raven. I have been given enough power to save you. Whether that is by taking you with me, or by helping you to life is your choice."

It could all be over? All her fighting, all her pain, it could be all over? The thought itself caused a wave of joy to travel her soul. Her mind traveled back to the visions she had of her friends and of the battles. She remembered all the pain she held and all the pain she caused. Her hand lifted and hesitated for a moment before it took Eva's. Her choice had been made.

Robin took a blow to the gut and was sent tumbling into the tiring Starfire. Robin couldn't find the strength left to get up. They fought Koray as long as they could, and he knew any minute now Titans East would show, but he couldn't keep it up anymore.

Koray stood over the fallen duo and drew a hidden dagger and raised it to finish them. Cyborg moved from his spot several yards away, his mind only telling him stop this man. But, even as he pushed his body to it's limit and then some, trying to make it, the knife made its move, and he knew he wouldn't.

But then the blade stopped inches away from Robin's heart, the blade, all the way up to Koray's elbow was encased in a dark energy. Koray paled. "No…you're dead…" Cyborg's mind went blank as he slowly turned around.

Raven floated above the cliff side, her hands glowing with her dark powers and her eyes white and narrowed in fury. Her pale body even paler and dripping with water from the sea. Her normal cloak was gone and her leotard had a huge hole in the side where the Titan could see a scar forming from where the blade must have pierced her.

Raven gripped Eva's hand, her decision made, bringing a smile to Eva's face.

"Live for me, Raven."

Her hands lifted and Koray found his feet several inches off the ground. "NO! I KILLED THE LITTLE BIRDIE!" He screamed, his unstable mind not able to comprehend this turn.

"You're wrong." She said, her voice even, but her anger could be heard. She sent him flying into a tree, hitting it with enough force to shatter the two foot thick tree. He fell to the ground and didn't move.

Raven slowly brought herself back to the ground before she collapsed herself. Her body was covered in sweat mixed with the water that still dripped from her body. She was exhausted. Cyborg moved to check on her before he suddenly saw movement to his side.

Despite the pain he felt from the blow, Koray forced himself to his feet. Blood spilled from his mouth and the looks in his eyes made it clear that he had crossed the path to complete lose of sanity. His only thought was to kill every one. The moment he made a dash for Raven, Cyborg grabbed the weak girl and pulled her out of the way.

Koray tried to stop, he used the moment to turn his body on the ball of his foot, but it was too late. What little ground that held his foot up at the edge of the cliff gave way and sent him into the water below.

A week later, and Koray's body finally was found. By then, Raven had regained most of her strength and Beastboy had finally been released from the hospital.

They proved his death the day before Eva's and her mother's funeral. It was there that Raven finally told the story of Eva's death for everyone to hear.

"I wasn't able to save her. And I won't say that I really even knew her. So, there really is no reason that I should be the one up here." Raven started, standing at the podium in front of a crowd of people whom she really didn't know. Her body was dressed in a long sleeve, simple black dress that hung to her mid-thighs. She held tight to her prepared speech, but found a new realization dawning on her as she spoke. "But, it is the least I can do for the girl who saved me, something I was never able to thank her for. She was the one who pulled my soul into her body." She said, pausing as this new fact came to her mind.

She had remembered that when everything went black after she was disconnected from her body, she felt something pulling at her. Now she remembered a voice telling her that she needed to wake up. Eva's voice.

"She pulled my soul into her body when I was unable to return to my own. Then, she even helped me later to remember myself, and that was before she helped me back to my own body. Without her, I wouldn't be here. Thank-you, Eva."

Raven paused to gather herself, the guilt and sorrow eating at her control.

"And then, Anna took me in. She was there for me when I wasn't able to remember myself. She took care of me like her own daughter, but, somehow, I know she knew I wasn't." Raven fought hard, but she wasn't able to stop the tears from now falling. "Yet, to repay her for her kindness, I let her get killed. A death that was my fault as well. I should have been able to protect her…I shouldn't have even been there. I'm sorry! I'm sorry to everyone! I'm sorry for my failure."

Beastboy watched Raven slowly break down from the guilt from his place in the back. His hands gripped the black fabric of the tux he wore. It was his fault that this happened, and he knew it. He was the one who was annoying Raven when she left. If he had just left her alone, she never would have left and Koray would have never come after her.

He thoughts snapped back when he realized there was a hand on his own. He followed the glowing hand to its owner. Eva was smiling at him, her dark hair hanging loosely over her shoulders, covering the simple white gown that she now wore.

" Thank-you, Beastboy. Thank-you for everything you've done for me."

"You shouldn't thank me. It's all my fault you're….you're dead." He managed out.

"It's not your fault; it's not anyone's fault but Koray's."

"You're just saying that."

"Why would I?" She asked him, causing him to falter. "Beastboy, will you do me a favor?"


"Take care of her. She needs a friend right now." She said before she disappeared.

"I-I will." He whispered to the empty air, his lips curving in a small smile as a weight felt like it lifted off his shoulder.

"Thank-you, Eva."

That's it. That's the end. I'm sorry for the long wait! Even now, the only readers I think I have are my new ones, but, that's okay with me. I'm sorry to those who waited the almost two year it took me to finish this story! I'm not too found of the end…..I might do some more later but for now, I feel it ends it without anyone feeling cheated….right?