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My first and second (which I am also currently writing) are called The Malfoy's Servant and Mysterious Last Name.



A girl of fourteen walked absent mindedly through the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…for yes, as you may or may not have guessed by the school's name, she was a witch. A member of Gryffindor House, friends of the Golden Trio among others, both in and out of her own house, and on an almost neutral-hate relationship with some of the Slytherins of her year. (Almost being the key word there.)

Now, Melanie Lydia Newman was not extraordinary by any means. Yet, there was something about her (besides her being a witch), that made her not quite ordinary.

And yet, despite her seemingly "peaceful" and "calm" appearance, her mind was reeling as she went over the events that had happened so far.

First, Harry is picked as a participant in the Triwizard Tournament.

Then, he just barely got by the first two tasks.

There was the apparent murder of Mr. Crouch.

They were learning curses that were to unforgivable to speak about, (hence their name).

And, oh yeah, there wasn't anything that she could do to help her friend prepare for any of these things, (especially the first two).

These were the girl's thoughts as she walked through the seventh floor corridors one night in May. She felt helpless, and alone.

Pacing in front of a spot, she thought to herself in anguish and frustration,

I need to be alone, to be away from all this madness.

I need a place to be myself, to show myself.

I need to find out who I am.

And like magic, (well, in this case, it actually was,) a door appeared out of seemingly nowhere. Melanie took a deep breath, and stepped through it… and tripped, falling head first into the snow that was covering the ground. Wait, snow?! That can't be right. Pushing herself up from the ground, she looked around in confusion and awe, then back behind her, to see a door slowly fading. Surely she wasn't still in Hogwarts, and yet, where else could she be? She hadn't actually left, had she? What was this place? How was she here? Why was she here?

A million thoughts sped through Melanie's mind as she stood up, brushing snow off herself. In the distance, she thought she could hear the faint sound of sleigh bells.

Little did she know how much her life would start to change in that one moment.

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