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Chapter 39:


Alert, the team exited the boat one at a time. Melanie's hand rested on the hilt of her sword, her body tensed. She would be lying if she told anyone she wasn't nervous. After what had occurred last stop? Taking a deep breath, she straightened, her brown eyes sharp.

"Spread out!" Caspian called, surveying the desert–like land. He didn't like the looks of this place. Glancing back, he caught his younger friend's eye and gave her a small smile before heading out.

"You'll be fine," Edmund said quietly, kissing his fiancée. She gave him a small nod, before leaving him to do as the current Narnian king had ordered.

As she looked out, all she could make out was a waste–land of sorts for miles. Yet, as she looked closer, something glinted in the sand. Bending down, she saw that gold was strewn out all over the place. Picking up a piece, she fingered it, before suddenly dropping it again. She had a bad feeling about this gold. It felt…magical.

Squaring her shoulders, she continued down the slope of sand, careful not to slip or trip. There were jagged rocks everywhere and she really didn't fancy getting injured on top of everything else.

As she made her way farther from the sea's edge, she noticed skulls and skeletons amongst the gold as well. She shuddered. Something wasn't right here, and those withered away bodies only proved it.

Suddenly, she heard a roar break the silence of the desolate desert. Whirling around, she unsheathed her sword in the same clean movement. Looking around, a motion within the sky caught her eye.

A golden dragon was flying over them. Melanie groaned, having witnessed first–hand how destructive and vicious dragons could be. Yet, in a way, she was relieved. Dragons she could deal with.

Racing back towards the beach, she gasped as she stared, her heart racing, as Edmund was lifted and taken by the dragon. "Edmund!" she screamed as the dragon soared in the blue sky.

"Edmund!" she cried again, this time in unison with Lucy. Swallowing hard, the witch prepared to race after her friend and betrothed when she felt strong arms around her waist, holding her back. Immediately she tensed. She felt trapped. Her fear began to build when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"You may have magic, but even you can't just go chasing after a dragon," Caspian said quietly as he looked towards the sky.

He felt her relax against his arms, and realized belatedly that grabbing her from behind, holding her captive to the spot probably wasn't the best idea. He was very lucky she didn't set back into her scared state she had been in and out of recently…or worse, throw him over her and get a good few shots in, both with fist and sword before she realized whom held her.

"I can help him! I – please Caspian, I know I – "

" – he's coming back!" Lucy cried out, pointing.

Squinting against the harsh sunlight, Melanie saw that the Queen was right. The dragon was coming back, Edmund in tow.

Caspian released Melanie from his arms, only to put a hand on her shoulder, guiding her from running ahead as they advanced.

"It – the dragon is Eustace," Edmund said once everyone was closer to him.

"What?" Lucy gasped.

"The gold," Melanie muttered, causing the others to look at her.

"A dragon's treasure is one of its most prized possessions. There was most likely a curse upon the gold that if anyone were to try and steal some, they would be cursed. In this case, turned into a dragon. It's similar to goblin's gold," she explained.

"Is there any way to undo the spell?"

"I'm not sure. I know you'd probably have to be truly sorry though. It wouldn't be because of me that the spell came undone. However, I can get that cuff off of his arm, if he'd like," she said, causing the Eustace dragon to nod and Edmund to groan, before sharing a pointed look with his fellow king.

Coming forward, she withdrew, not her wand, but her sword. Holding the blade carefully, she cut along the edge of the plates. Then, hiding her wand by her blade, she muttered "Incendio parvus."

This would cause the golden metal cuff to heat up, making it easier to work with, while not making it hot enough to harm her blade (which was fire–proofed) or Eustace. Cutting against the now hot edges, the cuff finally fell to the sandy ground, and Melanie quickly placed both wand and sword back in the sheath of her sword.

Stepping back, she looked up at Eustace, whose eyes were wide; her magic had probably been even more of a shock, on top of becoming a supposedly mythical creature no less. Despite how annoying and intrusive he had been, she felt sympathy for him. Being thrust into a world you knew nothing about, and then being turned into a dragon; that couldn't be easy on him.

"Well, it seems we're done here then," Caspian said. Melanie turned towards him. "You found one of the lords?

"What was left of them, as well as their swords," he replied, stiffening.

"I'm sorry," she said quietly, causing him to nod once at her.

"Come; we'll make camp here for the night!" he called out, his voice authoritative.

He really has come a long way, she reflected, remembering the Caspian she had met three years ago – Narnian time.

Lying down on a thin blanket upon the sandy beach, she gazed at the quickly setting sun. The teal–tinted waves calmly beating a soothing pattern against the beach, the noises of her family…it reminded her of how much she loved Narnia – the pure beauty of the land could never be matched by England, or even majestic Hogwarts. Despite all the horrid things that had gone wrong, both personally and in battle, she couldn't hate it here. She never could. This was where she had truly learned what she was capable of. This magical place, was home.

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