Title: A very promising Halloween
Pairing: Rose/Lily II
Rating: R
Word Count: 301
Prompt: Ice
Warnings: Femmeslash. Cousincest.
Summary: Lily has a promise to keep.
A/N: First time I write femmeslash and incest. Originally written for the Halloween Drabble Treat on hp_nextgen_fest.

A very promising Halloween

A storm outside. The perfect setting for a Halloween night. And, the perfect setting for a naughty night.

Candles inside. The perfect spooky atmosphere given by the lurking shadows in the corners. And, the perfect erotic light that made Rose shiver with want at the thought of how her cousin's skin would glow under it.

Lily had promised her lover a memorable sex-night. And Rose knew it would be. Lily kept her promise the last time she said that, and Rose couldn't help but get aroused by the memories of that night. Feeling her knickers starting to moisten and her skin burning with want, the twenty-year-old stood up from the couch and started pacing back and forth acrosthes her small living room in her black corset, red thonge and black leather boots, anxiously waiting for her lover.

"Why is she taking so long?" Rose huffed to herself, arranging the witch's hat over her auburn, bushy curls.

"Because Albus got delayed in bringing me these", said Lily lifting two cubes filled with...

"Ice?! You brought ice? How is that related towith Halloween? How are we using ice on--"

"Oh sweet Rosie...For being as intelligent as Auntie Hermione, you are pretty thick sometimes," said Lily dropping the cubes on the floor and taking her coat off, leaving her in just a black leather bra and matching skirt (if anything that short couldan be called a skirt at all).

She grabbed a little ice cube and pressed her bodyfigure to Rose's, after hearing the taller girl moan at the sight of her outfit. "You'll be the little, kinky witch begging for release; and I'll be the bad, naughty Death Eater who will torture you until--" The ice against her hot skin made Rose shiver.

"I knew I could trust you", moaned Rose before crushing her lips with her cousin's.