Chika: Welcome to mah first amuto fanfic!
Ikuto: yo.
Amu: hey chika-chan Ikuto: AMU!! -glomps amu-
Chika: ummm okay? random.
Amu: G-get o-off me p-pervert!
Ikuto: u know u luv~ it amu -smirks-
Amu: -blushes- n-no I d-don't!
Chika: ugh....yoru! do the disclaimer!
Yoru: Chika-chan doesn't own anything by or related to shugo chara nya~!
Everyone: ENJOY!

XO:~Ikuto's POV~:OX

I opened my eyes slightly, all I could see was a dark alleyway. I felt like crap, I tried to move but something held my arms and legs in place. I tried call for help but there was a bandana tied around my mouth

so I couldn't yell for help at all. It turns out that I was beaten, poisoned and tied up by some gang that saw me in their "territory". Suddenly, pain shot throughout my whole body, my body was burning and i just begged for the pain to stop.

"Ikuto nya!~"said a voice. I looked up to see Yoru flying towards me worried,"Don't worry nya~ I'll get Amu-chii nya!~"

"down'tf" i was trying to say "don't" but it came out muffled through the bandana. Damnit....

"I'll be right back nya~!" ugh I really didn't want Amu to worry about me. Another wave of nausea and pain washed over me. ugh, i felt like vomiting! Yoru, please get back soon i don't know how long I'll last......then I drifted into a horrifying nightmare.....

XO:~Amu's POV~:OX

I was listening to Ran, Miki and Suu argue about what we should do for the graduation until we heard a loud bang on our balcony door. Ran, Miki, Suu and I turned around to see Yoru pushing against the window, trying to

get it open. I had to admit, it was pretty funny seeing him like that. After I had my mental laugh I let Yoru in, but then he yelled,"Ikuto's in trouble nya!~" I froze after that, Ikuto? In trouble?!

"WHAT?! HE"S IN TROUBLE?!" I gaped at him. "Well let's go then!" I grabbed my coat, wallet, cellphone and humpty lock and ran outside following Yoru. I sure hope he's okay.....I thought as i ran through the alleyways.....


Chika: so????

Ikuto and Amu: Why is it so short!?

Chika: 'cause I wanted to see if anyone liked it....

Ikuto: -hugs amu- amu-koi~

Amu: -blushes tomato red- d-dont call me that p-pervert!!

Ikuto: amu-koi needs to be taught a lesson?

Amu and Chika: O.O....

Chika: anywayz....at least 3 reviews or else! -giggles- or else ill have 2 use mah cleaver! and i dun like using mah cleaver recklessly! -giggles-

Amu and Ikuto: 0.0 shit.....-runs-

Chika and Yoru: ARIGATOU NYA!~