Chika: chapter 6 is up and running!

Ikuto: no comment...

Amu: hey everyone!

Ikuto: -smirks- Hey Amu

Amu: -blushes- baka!~

Ikuto: -smirks even more- hehe still got it....

Amu: -blushes more- got w-what?

Ikuto: -drags Amu to a bedroom-

Chika: On with the story!

Amu:-pissed- Hey put me down you pervert!!

Ikuto, Chika: ENJOY!


XO:~Ikuto's POV~:OX

Even we were in a GIGANTIC submarine, I was getting bored. All Yoru did was play with a freaking ball while I lay in bed all day staring at the

ceiling. One day, I had enough, and walked out of the room with Yoru floating behind.

"Ne Ikuto, where are we going?" he asked, yawning.

I looked at the floor, and as usual worrying about Amu again and again, she never fails to crawl into my mind, I mean, I know I love her, but I

don't think I can take the nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I sighed,"I'm getting bored, so lets just wander around."

"Okay nya.~" he answered. We walked around until we found the kitchen, I went in a took and apple and some milk, then sat in the nearest

table, eating, and staring into space.

"Hey Ikuto!" a voice said, I turned to see Chrissy, Tokyo, Tyler, William and Chrissy and Will's charas.

"What?" I asked irritably.

"We are going to land soon so I heard cats don't mix with water......" Tokyo smirked.

"WHAT THE HELL?!!!" I shouted jumping up as the bucket of water missed me by a few inches.

BUMP~ The submarine landed. There was a splash as the bucket of water splashed on me.

"YOU GUYS ARE SO DEAD!" I growled, picking up the nearest object, a knife, huh this will get them good. I started to chase them, trying to stab them with the knife.

"Everyone out of the submarine after changing into uniform!" The P.A. said,"We are now at Kiku Island."

"I swear I'll get you guys someday...." I muttered as I went back to my room to change.

XO:~Amu's POV~:OX

"Hey, you gotta eat," said a voice.

I crossed my arms and shook my head weakly,"No...."

"Okay, I'll help you get out of here as long as I get to come with you."

I looked up,"You're bluffing,"


"Fine, well I'm Hinamori Amu and this is Dia, and you are?" I asked.

"I'm Hanashi Suki and this is Liz." Suki exclaimed. Liz came from behind Dia and stole her hairband.

"Hey give that back!" Dia said chasing her around.

Liz laughed evily,"You wish!" she exclaimed dodging her.

I sighed and shook my head, looks like this might not be as bad as it was before....I thought giggling.

Amu: ....

Ikuto: .....

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