Story Notes:

Written for a LJ request from satindolls

Sometimes he wondered if she actually had such a perfect ass, or if she just made it that way. Not like it mattered. Not when she wore those pants. She had rolled her eyes at Shacklebolt and told him they were just less liable to get caught on things than robes with as clumsy as she was, and there was definitely truth to that - they were skin effing tight leather - but he somehow didn't believe it was an accident that her legs seemed a little longer, her ass a little tighter and rounder whenever she had them on.

He didn't mean to stare, but he couldn't help it. He was fifteen, and it had been about a year since his body gave any notice whatsoever of what his mind wanted or didn't want it to do. He also didn't mean to get such a hard-on, but that was under even less control.

Carefully, trying to make the motion come off completely casually, Ron crossed his legs, leaning forward in the chair by the fire at Grimmauld Place and shifting his robes to try and cover his lap a little more. Oh, thank Merlin. She didn't notice.

Or at least, he thought she didn't. Then they were all getting up to leave, and she lingered, and he felt his face burst into a blush that was cataclysmic as he saw the glitter in her turquoise-today eyes and knew that she was entirely aware of why he'd wanted to be the last to leave. And that it was only half to hide and half to see her go.

He wanted to Disapparate, to Disillusion himself, to maybe just fling himself into the fireplace without benefit of Floo powder, but there was no malice or mocking in her look as Tonks' lips quirked up in a knowing smile. "Like whatcha see, love?"

Ron made a noise that had been intended to be a witty rejoinder, but to his own dismay sounded more like the gagging he far more genuinely felt. She shut the door, crossing back to him, and this would be it, the part where she explained to him that she was almost ten years his senior and he needed to get control of himself, because she liked Bill, she liked Charlie, she liked the Twins.

Instead, however, she stopped when she was only inches away from him, and there was something almost like regret in her eyes as she looked along the line of his body. Her hand came up, caressing his cheek in her palm, and Ron was frozen to the spot as she was suddenly looking him full in the eyes, every bit as tall as he was.

Then she kissed him. Really kissed him. Not the little peck Padma had given him at the Yule ball, but a kiss with tongue and everything, and please, oh please let her not realize that it was his first. He kissed her back, too shocked to wonder why, and he heard himself moan as she pulled away at last.

"Here, lad." She slid something into his pocket, and it was a scrap of parchment, though he didn't dare look to see what was written on it. "Ring it in two years and you can see what's under 'em."