Story Notes:

Written for a LJ request from drcjsnider

He had waited half his life for the perfect revenge, and now it was his. It hadn't even taken an Imperius Curse, Amortentia, or any of the other plans he had been prepared to use. She was simply going through a rebellious phase, ready to do almost anything in her own revenge for being so humiliatingly banned from seeing his son, and Draco had always had a talent for being in the perfect place at the perfect time when he truly needed to be.

And it was true, revenge was sweet. Draco stretched slowly, licking his lips and savoring the taste of her that still lingered there. Very sweet indeed.

He hated to leave, especially while she still looked so perfectly luscious sprawled across the rumpled sheets. Her lithe young body was glistening with sweat, her eyelids lowered in a still-smoldering half-doze, her hand stroking the ginger curls between her legs almost unconsciously. But he knew that he needed to.

Timing was everything, and he needed to be leaving - hair tousled, shirt collar unbuttoned, face flushed and smelling of everything they had done - at exactly the moment Rose's father came home.

And if he happened to miss that, he wouldn't miss the owl that would come tomorrow with the pictures.