Story Notes:

Written for a LJ request from _starcrossed_


"Potter!" The voice rang out across Diagon Alley, sharp and arch, and James' head snapped around, his hand tightening instantly on the wand in his pocket, even though he knew he was not allowed magic outside of school. He knew that voice, and he knew the face that came with it, pale and fine-boned and too pretty for his own good.

"Malfoy." He kept his voice cool, raising his chin to look at the other boy with as much disdain as he could muster. "So ... now that we've confirmed that we still know each other's names, what the hell do you want?"

The reply was the last thing he had ever expected. Scorpius was a year younger, but every bit as tall as James, and his grey eyes burned as his voice lowered to a whisper, scanning the alley briefly. "Over here ..." The white-blonde head jerked towards a little service alley between two stores, and James hesitated only a moment.

It would be trouble, that much he knew all too well, but he had never exactly had the best track record for staying out of that. In fact, it was probably because he knew it would be trouble that he nodded and followed. Or maybe other reasons. Reasons he didn't want to think about and hoped every night no one could guess. His father would never forgive him. For anyone else, maybe, but not Scorpius.

But no sooner had he stepped into the alley than the pale hands were on his shoulders, pinning him to the wall. "Don't say a word. Don't touch the wand. You're mine, Potter."

And the sculpted mouth was on his so hard it hurt, and he gasped, his body responding all too eagerly before his mind even halfway caught up. The kiss went on nearly forever, then he finally got enough of his senses back to yank away, his cheeks flushing, but what came out of his mouth was not what he had intended to say. "How long have you known?!"

The ruddy lips twisted in their familiar sneer ... then kept twisting ... and he was growing taller, broader, the white-blonde erupting into vivid blue, grey eyes shifting to match, and his cousin winked at him, laughing low in his throat. "About six months, but I wanted to be sure before I said something."

"S-s-said--" James sputtered, his face flaming as he shook his head, trying to make sense of what had just happened. Either of what had just happened, really.

"Said something. Like that you're not your Dad, Scorpius isn't his ... oh, and you're a bloody good little kisser for sixteen, but folk're starting to notice you're nil-all with the witches, so you'd might as well take a go for what you want."

"How am I supposed to --"

The grin widened, and Teddy laughed again. "Pinning him to the wall would be my suggestion. Worked for you." He turned, brushing off his robes, then paused at the mouth of the alley, glancing back at the still-confounded young Seeker. "He's three stores down, for what it's worth. Alone. And I already know for a fact that he's into you, too."