Story Notes:

Written for a LJ request from loony4lupin


They were very pretty. Luna waved her wand lazily, causing the pearly, shimmering bubbles to rise and swirl, bobbing lightly in the chill drafts of the dungeon classroom, little spirals of steam still rising from them. They drifted together, then apart again as she moved the fir wand in slow patterns, watching the light reflect prismatically.

"Those are for the N.E.W.T. levels. If you find my lessons boring --" Snape's voice came from only inches behind her shoulder, and she startled, whirling quickly. In her surprise, she had not released the spell capturing the bubbles, and they flew into the Potion Master's face, bursting wetly. He sputtered, gasped, and his sallow cheeks began to redden in fury.

Luna's eyes widened, but before she could apologize, a smile had come over Snape's face. It wasn't the smile she had expected, the hard sneer that came just before a detention was announced, but dreamy, distant, and the black eyes had softened abruptly. The nostrils of the hooked nose flared, and he actually sighed as the smile widened. "Mmmmm ..." he murmured, "... ah, Miss Lovegood, have you ever considered the benefits of an older wizard?"


For the next two weeks, it was everywhere. The only thing better than seeing it the first time was the look on Snape's face every time one of them hummed the little impromptu serenade under their breath. Better yet if they actually repeated the words deliberately within his hearing.

"Lovely, lovely Luna Lovegood
Hair of gold and eyes of blue
My heart has never known a witch,
Quite as unique as you."

Between all of the students that had been in Potions that day, it wound up costing Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw more than two hundred points, utterly destroying either House's chance for the Cup. Not a single person wondered if it was worth it.