Story Notes:

Written for satindolls by request

"Vanilla ..." Harry cupped his hands around Ginny's soft breasts, lifting them together and massaging his fingers deep into the warm flesh. "With ..." his tongue lapped out, catching the freckles with quick flicks that made her squirm, almost tickling, "... cinnamon."

He turned his attentions to just one now, his other hand lifting the spoon from the little pot by the bed, letting the thick, rich fudge dribble slowly, obscenely over her skin. Chocolate slid down into the hollow of her collarbone, along the curve of her side, the plane of her stomach as her own flushed heat melted it further, and her eyes were every bit as dark as they smoldered up at him from beneath the red hair that still hung in her eyes in damp strands from what they had already done. "But Harry," she smiled, "you've already gotten rid of the cherry ... how're we going to have a proper sundae?"

His green eyes were dark, his own mouth edged in a smile as he lowered his head, tasting the sweet richness of the chocolate and the salt of her beneath as he sucked it away from her nipple. The spoon returned to the pot, and his fingers joined his tongue, pinching and teasing and rubbing until her back arched, her breath hissing eagerly between her teeth. Then he drew back, blowing a puff of cold air that tightened the little nub even further to a bright red peak that he knew would now be sensitive enough to almost make her come on its own if he played it right.

His own wicked smile widened. "There. Cherry."