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Minor Incidental Jobs: A Tenchi Universe/Ghost in The Shell S.A.C. Crossover

Detective First Class Kiyone Makibi grinned to herself, ecstatic to be back at Galaxy Police Headquarters. After what had seemed like an interminable exile she finally had a chance to get her career back on track. If she thought about it, Kiyone truly had nothing against Earth. It was a beautiful; if technologically backward, planet. She treasured the Masaki Family and her friendships there. Tenchi, Sasami, Ayeka, Ryoko, and Washu... Truly she even treasured her partner Mihoshi. But she had been driven since childhood to be a police officer.

And not just any police officer, but the best of the best with a career to match. Her drive and ability had carried her to graduate second in her academy class. She had known she was on her way to the top. Until she had been teamed with the perpetually exuberant but perpetually accident prone Mihoshi Kuramitsu.

Then her career had hit the skids and then dropped into the basement: Resident Officer on a backward planet in the middle of nowhere...

But finally her patience and persistence was paying off. With her new assignment in hand, she was on her way to see her new unit commander when she was greeted by a familiar voice.

"Kiyone? Kiyone? Is that you?"

"Mitsuki?" She recognized the red haired detective who had been in her graduating class.

"I heard you were back! When did you get in?"

"Oh! Just a little while ago." Something tugged at Kiyone's brain. Something in Mitsuki's voice that bothered her...

"We're all so glad to see you back! After you were assigned to such a remote area... We all thought it was the end of your career."

"Oh? Really?" Kiyone felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her gut. Mitsuki had always had a reputation of being petty and also condescending to those she considered beneath her, but always before Kiyone had been the higher standing of the two so this was the first time she had been on the receiving end of Mitsuki's smug attitude. And with that had come the first clear look at her friendship with the other woman. It suddenly had an off taste to it. Whereas Mihoshi had given her trust and honest support and friendship... This was empty... bitter somehow...

"Say!" Mitsuki continued. 'Do you remember Niwase?"

"Yeah... I remember her.'

"She's now head of the Public Safety Division."

"Wow..." Kiyone could feel Mitsuki's glee in pointing out where Kiyone now stood in the pecking order.

"And you remember Achi? She's now Marshall of the Sirius Branch... Oh! And I'm in the Special investigations Unit!"

Oh yes... Making sure everyone knows how important she is...

"Everyone's pretty high up aren't they?"

"Well you could say that... Naturally it's only a stepping stone for me! Say? Which unit are you assigned to?"

"Unit Nine but.."

"Oh! Unit Nine hmmm? The one dealing with minor, incidental jobs... Well that's great! You'll have plenty of time to kick back and relax!" She slapped Kiyone on the back. "Well I better get going but it was great seeing you again!"

"Yah Thanks!" Kiyone feigned enthusiasm as Mitsuki headed for the nearest exit.

"See you around!"

Kiyone waved until Mitsuki was out of sight. Then her face turned livid. "Why that awful! Lousy! No good! Backstabbing Bitch!" She spat, kicking a waste can hard.

Ten minutes later she stood outside the door to her new section chief's office and rang the admittance chime.


Kiyone approached the desk, came to attention and saluted even though the officer on the other side was turned away, facing a holo-view of a serene valley. "Detective First Class Kiyone Makibi reporting for duty... Section Nine as of today... 13:00 hours.

The holo turned off and the chair slowly turned to reveal a fierce eyed woman in a tight grey combat suit. "I'm Major Motoko Kusanagi... Welcome to Section Nine...."

To Be Continued?

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