I have decided to push ahead with this story, so here is the second chapter in this crossover. Today we'll find how an ambitious Galaxy Police officer gets assigned to Japan's most secretive High Tech anti crime unit.

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Minor Incidental Jobs, Chapter Two: Briefing

Kusanagi smiled wryly. "No Detective. We aren't a normal unit of the Galaxy Police... That is we're neither normal nor GP. She said leaning forward and clasping her hands. She sighed. "Sit Detective... You look like you're about to strain something."

"Yes ma'am." Kiyone said taking the seat in front of Kusanagi's desk.

"Major will do... Kiyone is it?"

"Yes Major..." Kiyone hesitated. "Major? If you aren't Galaxy police... Then forgive me but who are you?"

Kusanagi smiled. "We're a special unit of the Japanese National Police. As you know, officially the Solar System is a restricted preserve established by Jurai and the Galactic Union. We're considered a bit backward of course... Which is why you and your partner were assigned as resident officers after she crashed in Okayama.

"What you might not be aware of; however, is that representatives of the Galactic Union have been conducting secret talks with representatives of both the United Nations and major national governments. Secret being a relative term..."

She clicked on a monitor which showed an aerial view of a luxury hotel located in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. Smoke and fire could be seen rising from the building as emergency teams responded.

Kiyone recognized the image... She had seen it on the Masaki's television about a week earlier. The news report had not given any details on the explosion but had confirmed several injuries.

"Section Nine was assisting with security."

"Casualties?" Kiyone asked in empathy toward the families.

"Three dead... Seven injured including one of ours, Detective Togusa." She let that hang in the air a moment. "That's why you are here. Section Nine assisted in recovering a stolen database from one of your ships so I called in a favor."

"Wait just a minute!" Kiyone objected. "If there was any Union presence on Earth, I would think I would know about it."

"Apparently not." The Major said unapologetically. "Diplomatic couriers with stealth shielding. Apparently some in the union are even more paranoid about the negotiations than Earth's leaders are." Kusanagi rose and pushed the access code for a hidden hatchway.

"Well detective? What are you just sitting there for? You won't be doing much kicking back and relaxing in this outfit." Kusanagi said walking through the hatch without pausing to look back.

So she had heard Mitsuki's little remark had she? Kiyone smiled to herself. Special Investigations Unit? Like hell! She got up and followed to the hatch and the corridor behind.

"Everything set?" She heard Kusanagi ask someone up head. The reply came in an eerily familiar voice.

"We're all set Major!" An eager voice answered as a large blue machine rolled up. it seemed to lower its head toward Kusanag and the voice seemed to drop to a whisper. "Major Who's the rookie?"

I swear it sounds like Sasami. Kiyone mused as she turned to face the machine. One of the few fields in which 21st century Earth had actually managed to surpass the Galactic Union was in cybernetics. Living with the Masakis had somewhat insulated her from it to a degree. Not that the Union did not have AIs or advanced computer technology, but Jurai had always concentrated on organic based technology. Coupled with regeneration therapies that made most prosthetics obsolete and the impracticality of a net linked society on a galactic scale, meant that cybernetic research had long been relegated to AIs only. Thinking of this caused Kiyone to glance at her new commander and indeed she was now able to glimpse a port on the Major's neck, indicating the woman had a prosthetic body. While it was merely a curiosity for the detective, she knew that there were many who would be deeply disturbed by this fact.

Oblivious to the detective's thoughts, Kusanagi smiled at the big Think Tank. While initially she had been inclined to think of these machines only as useful tools, their completely unexpected development of individuality and their almost childlike curiosity had long since proved they were much more. Indeed.. This unit in particular always seemed to accompany her when she required one along just as one of its siblings had become Batou's personal unit. Or maybe it's the other way around? Motoko thought to herself with amusement. Presently she addressed the unit.

"Oh! Introductions... Of course." She looked at Kiyone. "This is Detective First Class Kiyone Makibi of the Galaxy Police... Detective... This is a Tachikoma... Specifically Musashi."

"Hi!" 'Musashi' said enthusiastically to Kiyone and extending a pincer. "I'm a Tachikoma! How do you do? Welcome to Section Nine!" It said proudly.

It sounded even more like Sasami now to Kiyone's ears, with the enthusiasm and curiosity clearly showing.

"How do you do Musashi?" Kiyone responded. with a grin. "I'm pleased to meet you..."

To Be Continued...

Well there is chapter two. Note that I've taken some liberties shifting the Tenchi Timeline here. It is now 2035 rather than 1995. This is about one year after the events of Ghost In The Shell, S.A.C: Solid State Society. Living in a relatively rural area of Japan, the Tenchi crew has been able to be relatively unaffected by the heavily cyberized world of the mid 2030s.

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