Omega's Song

Omega counted on his hands

Of all the distant lands.

All the others laughed at him

When he said he'd go to them.


He said goodbye to his friends,

And tried to make amends.

But all they could do is joke

Until the laughter began to choke.


Omega worked day in and out,

But never had any doubt.

Rassilon helped him on his way

When time began to obey.


But all was not to be

Of what Omega wished to see.

The great hero gave his life

When a star unleashed its strife.


A Lord of Time, he'll always stay

In the hearts of Gallifrey.

Forever will he be revered

Because he achieved what others feared.


So let us praise this mighty hero

All the way back to year zero.

We will all sing this lovely rhyme

For the man who mastered time.