Bagman's face was still clearly gleaming with sweat, even in the green flames of the Floo, and he twisted his robes in his hands, looking over his shoulder so often that he seemed to have developed a twitch. "Krum!" He flashed a rictus of a grin, his voice unnaturally high. "Wanted to call you, lad! Long time no Floo, eh? Congratulations on the victory over Turkey...bloody fantastic capture, from what I hear! Missed the hoop by half an inch on the outside, and their Keeper --! They'll be naming that one after --"

Krum had run out of patience. He crossed his arms, glaring at the Englishman in his fireplace. "Vat is going on, Bagman? You do not call at vun in the morning for congratulating of a wicktory last veek."

"Ah. Right." There was a long, torturous hesitation, then Bagman leaned in closer, as if to whisper in Krum's ear. "There's a bit of a something going on, I'm afraid. Not a precisely good something, either. I was talking to Percy - you do remember Percy, don't you? From the Triwizard? Percy Weasley?"

Krum's frown only darkened at this. "I remember he sell away his family for Ministry. Vas not ewen at his brother's vedding last summer. Vy you vere talking to him?"

"We've all had to do sticky things lately, I'm afraid," Bagman's face had flushed, and it was hard to tell if it was embarrassment or defensiveness. "But he really does need to talk to you, if you'll Floo him on his private line, I'll give you the address. It's about some of the kids from Hogwarts."

He had been on the very edge of blowing Bagman off and going to bed, already having turned away from the fireplace to get his wand and end the call, but the last stopped him in his tracks. "Hogvarts?" Was it...but no, Hermione had said she wouldn't be going back because they no longer allowed Muggle-Borns. Or had she? Clever, so clever, had she found a way around it?

"Yes, there's been some muddle there, too." Bagman squirmed again, and now he wasn't even looking over his shoulder frequently, he was simply staring behind him, having given up all pretense of looking at Krum. "There's a boy, and nothing official, mind you, they've not been able to...except now they have, and the girl, too, and there's going to be --"

Krum had his wand now, and he jabbed it towards the fireplace, sending a burst of sparks that yanked Bagman's attention back with a startled, terrified yelp. "Veasley's Floo address. Now. I talk to him."