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Code Renegade. Please read Renegade's Revenge to learn about Jura and his story.

Chapter 01: When a New Idiot Arrives

Kallen stood on the rooftop of the school building in Ashford Academy. She gazed out looking at the students and their cheerful faces. Even though the war was over she still felt a gnawing feeling in her stomach. Betraying Lelouch and then having a helping hand in his death she couldn't forgive herself for killing the man she worshipped and an empty feeling she couldn't explain. When she found out Suzuka Kururugi, aka Lelouch's best friend and killer, was actually Zero she officially left the Black Knights. Now her only battlefield was school, dreaded tests, and occasionally Milly Ashford who comes and visits. She gets calls from some of her old comrades like Kaname Ohgi, Shinichiro Tamaki, Kyoshiro Tohdoh, and Nagisa Chiba. C.C. hasn't been found her since Lelouch died and no one really cared. Kallen sighed. Her phone started to ring.

"Hello this is Kallen."

"Do you wish for more adventures? Do you wish for more excitement? Do you wish you could go back in time and stop Zero?" a mysterious voice asked.

"Look I'm not buying whatever you are selling." Kallen ended the call. Her eyes widen in astonishment. "Oh hell!" Kallen gritted her teeth in anger. Her phone started to ring again.

"What is it?" Kallen asked annoyance clear in her tone.

"Do you wish for more adventures? Do you wish for more excitement? Do you wish you could go back in time and stop Zero?" the mysterious voice repeated.

"Yes! Yes!" Kallen waited for an answer.

"If you pay a small fee of 59.99 now we can offer you—." Kallen sighed as she ended the call. "Using Zero's name like that then again they could have been talking about Kururugi."

"Damn it Lelouch why did you leave us?" Kallen asked as she looked down from her perch.

"Lelouch knew his role as do you, Kallen." Kallen turned around quickly to find C.C. in front of the door with a pizza box in her hand.

Kallen stepped forward. "How would you know Lelouch? You left him in his final moments." C.C. shrugged.

"A man's final wish should always be fulfilled."

"So you left him because he asked you to? Are you a fool?!" Kallen grabbed C.C. by the scruff of her clothing. The pizza box fell from C.C.'s hand.

C.C. looked down at her with a bored expression. "Aren't you the fool for letting him be betrayed? Aren't you the fool who betrayed him and later tried to kill him?" Kallen slowly let C.C. down as she barraged her with questions about her being a fool and helping Lelouch be killed.

"Shut up!" Kallen yelled. Her face was red and she was panting. She inhaled deeply. "I get it. I helped killed Lelouch and no matter how much I want to I can't change it."

"Are you feeling better now Kallen?" Kallen frowned slightly at the smug expression on C.C.'s face.

"Actually I feel a lot worse. Besides the guilt for what I've done, I can't get rid of this feeling that I'm missing something in my life."

"Adventure." Kallen looked at C.C. with a confused look.

"I'm sorry?"

"Adventure, Kallen. You miss it, you crave it, you desire to fight once again to be on the battlefield." Kallen shook her head, unconvinced.

Kallen showed her back to C.C. "Very funny C.C. I sought peace for a long time and it was Lelouch's dream to have it." She turned around to face C.C. "So why in the world would I want another war?"

C.C. sniffed. "I can't answer your own question, but I can tell you that this peace won't last. Peace never does."

"What do you mean?" Kallen stared at C.C.'s calm face.

C.C. paid no attention to her of her question. "You ever heard of the saying 'Peace is our drive, but war is our means'?" Kallen shook her head. "Well it doesn't matter things are about to get wild around here."

C.C. turned around to the exit. Kallen reached for her. "Wait a minute C.C.! What do you mean?" C.C. turned around and pointed at the sky. Kallen looked up at the sky in confused. "I don't—!" Kallen faced only the exit with no C.C. "Damn that woman!" Kallen went back to her spot, watching the people.

Oranos walked into Jura's tent preparing to tell him about lunch. Oranos looked around to only find Jura's usual chess set and his cabinet with his bed. "That's odd." Oranos walked out of the tent. Oranos heard something like a rudder somewhere. Oranos looked around him until he finally looked upwards. Up in the sky was a small dot. "Oh Rider, don't tell me that's—!" Before Oranos could finish his sentence the dot became bigger and bigger and landed right in front of Oranos sending dust and dirt everywhere around the empty camp. Everyone was taking a break for the day because Jura ordered it.

"HEY ORANOS YOU MADE IT!" Oranos looked up to see this giant…giant…piece of junk. It looked like something that came out of an anime. Jura came out from its back his swords stuck inside the cockpit.

"Um Jura what is that piece of junk?" Jura gave him an indignant look.

"Piece of junk! My dear Oranos this is top of the line Gund** (Oh please). I made it myself."

Oranos shook his head. "And where did you have the time and insanity to actually do it?"

Jura laughed and pulled out a box. "I just finished watching my anime of Gundam Seed and Gundam 00. I was inspired make one of the machines. This as you see is the finishing project." Oranos sighed if anything it looked like a piece of junk to him.

"Well anyway Jura, Leto has been looking for you again." Jura's face blanched. Before Oranos could say anything more Jura beat a hasty retreat into the cockpit of his machine and started it up. Oranos covered his eyes as fire came out of its feet. Oranos was about to yell for Jura to come down when Leto, Theseus, and Joan arrived on the scene.

"Oh javelins! Talk about bringing oil to the fire!" Oranos slapped his forehead. Leto ran toward him.

"Where is Lord Jura?" Leto looked around frantically, her face bright red. Theseus walked next to Joan calmly whistling a tune with his hands behind his head. Joan on the other hand was bright red and clutching her stomach. Oranos found it odd that the usually calm Leto was making a big fuss about Jura when he always goes off on his own.

Oranos sighed as he took out a javelin and a whetstone. "If you're looking for Jura he's up there." Oranos pointed upward into the sky. The three Knights looked up to see the small figure of Jura. Leto looked at Oranos.

"Bring him down Oranos!" Oranos stumbled slightly. Leto was known as the most traditional and disciplined of the Knights. She always knew her place and what to call people. For her to forget Oranos's title something must have been up.

Oranos speculated both Theseus grin and Joan's blushing. He smiled thinking to get Jura back for all the times he left Oranos in trouble he nodded. "Sure but I can't guarantee it will work." Instead of Leto answering Joan suddenly spoke up.

"I really don't care so just bring Lord Jura down before I have to do it myself!" Oranos almost fell down this time.

"Alright I get it." Oranos drew back his javelin and faced the sky. "Here we go!" Oranos threw his javelin high into the sky. Oranos watched it as it slowly hit the mobile suit. Instead of teleporting next to him like he expected, the mobile suit exploded in the air.

"Aah shit!"

Kallen sighed as Ohgi came to the rooftop.

"Hey Kallen how have you been." Kallen didn't face him. Ohgi sighed. "Are you still mad about what we did to Lelouch?" Kallen still didn't say anything. "Kallen I'm sorry, but we were just his pawns and he used us for his own gain." Kallen sighed, cutting Ohgi off.

"I know Ohgi it's just that I really don't want to talk about the past right now." Kallen turned around and hugged Ohgi. Kallen noticed that Ohgi got thinner, but didn't make an issue. "So how have you guys been doing?" Kallen asked as she slipped out of the hug. Ohgi scratched his cheek.

"Well Villetta is doing fine as is our son, but there is a problem with the other countries."

"What's up?"

Ohgi sighed. "Well Britannia is starting to stir, China is starting to act on their own, and from Egypt and France they are in outright rebellion. When we were telling the story of the Demon King, France and Egypt both didn't believe it and said that it was our fault for not leashing him. They believe that they should be ruling the other counties."

"So all that we fought for is crumbling isn't it?" Ohgi shook his head and smiled warmly.

"No, not yet. I will do everything in my power to protect my home and my people. Hold on a second. Yes this is Ohgi." Kallen pretended not to here the conversation.

"WHAT!" Kallen look quickly to find Ohgi going down the stairs. "Alright I'm on my way don't tell anyone you understand!"

"Hey Ohgi wait!" Ohgi kept going down the stairs leaving a curious Kallen. "Damn it!" Kallen went back to her perch. "Maybe C.C. was right maybe." Kallen shook her head. She laughed at herself. "I have everything I need right here!" Kallen laughed shakily. A Knightmare came crashing down onto the ground as Kallen was laughing. People were screaming and running all over the place. "What the hell!" Kallen ran down the stairs as fast as she could and ran to the mobile suit which had the letters HP on it. A brown haired man came out rubbing his head.

"My, my, that hurt—!" The man whacked his knee. "Hey I'm going to recover ok! Hey answer me!" The man suddenly stopped hitting his knee because of a piece of cement hit him across the head. Kallen ran and picked him up. She grunted slightly from exertion. She was about to run him back when he suddenly picked himself up.

The man looked at her and smiled. "Oh hello—!" the man fell down again. This time Kallen looked around to find another piece of cement on the ground broken into pieces.

"Wow, what is that guy made of?" Kallen bent down but the man shot up again. This time Kallen noticed the man had black hair and green eyes. Kallen shook her head thinking it a trick of the light.

"Hello," the man greeted cheerfully with a goofy smile on his face. Kallen waved in return. "Do you know who I am?" Kallen fell backwards. "Adventure alright; I'm going to have a lot of adventures. Me and my big mouth." The man fell backwards this time because of Kallen's leg accidently hitting his crotch, very, very hard. (not the crotch by the way for you perverts)

Kallen watched the man as he slept soundly. Kallen studied his face. "He looks a lot more athletic than Lelouch, but if I had to guess, he's a bull with no brains." Kallen shook her head. "No time to think about that. What I should be considering is who is he and what is with his Knightmare and the letters HP?" Kallen thoughts were interrupted as the man slowly regained consciousness. The man slowly lifted his head up. Kallen waited quietly as the man surveyed his surroundings. The man's eyes widen as he sprang into motion.

The man jumped on the Kallen and had her pinned to the floor. "Where are I?!" the man exclaimed as he pushed Kallen down. Kallen finally got over her shock; kicked the man with her leg. He stumbled past Kallen's head. Kallen quickly got up just as the man came face-to-face with her. They both slowly circled each other.

"So answer me where am I!" the man yelled at her. Kallen winced slightly, but kept her cool.

Deciding that telling him wouldn't hurt, "you are in the nurse's office of Ashford Academy." The man slowly straighten, but not letting his hands down.

"Ashford? Ashford Academy? Where in the world is that?" Kallen sighed. She turned around to get him some clothes that the nurse left.

"Well, before the explanations at least get dress." Kallen was about to turn around, but the man ran at her with both his hands out. Kallen quickly threw the clothes at his face hoping for a temporary distraction. It didn't even slow him down as the man plowed through the clothing and into Kallen. Kallen kicked at his head. The man ducked under it and grabbed her waist.

"Eat this!" The man bended backwards, sending Kallen head first to the ground. Kallen placed her hands on the floor and pushed off getting out of the man's grip. Kallen flipped backwards and landed lightly on his bed. The man turned around surprised. He then eyed her up and down. Kallen shivered slightly as she felt the man's penetrating gaze. The man shook his head and actually turned around blushing. Kallen almost laughed right then. Kallen quickly took advantage and charged at the man. The man lifted his head and turned, his eyes widen. He then kicked Kallen in the stomach and using his leg threw her into the air.

"Whoa!" Kallen fell back to the earth. She shook her head as she faced the ceiling from the ground. She felt a heavy weight on her mid-section. She twisted around her body and slammed the man on the floor. They meant face-to-face with only a few centimeters away from each other.

Rivalz came in grinning. "Hey Kallen how is sleeping beauty…!" Rivalz took one look at the two fighters. "Whoa Kallen, didn't know you were the aggressive type even taking the high ground. Sorry about disturbing you, but make it quick." Rivalz shut the door leaving a furiously blushing Kallen along with the man who was blushing even more furiously. The man coughed slightly. Kallen finally noticed their position and quickly got off.

"So I'm assuming that you aren't here to kill me?" Kallen looked at him confused.

"Kill you? You're the one who kept trying to kill me!" The man bowed.

"Sincere apologies, but one must be careful these days." Kallen looked at him curiously.

"What do you mean careful? The world is fine right now. Ever since Le—I mean the Demon King was killed there has been peace." The man shook his head.

"I have been fighting… I have been fighting… Who have I been fighting?" Kallen sighed. "Oh yeah one more thing." Kallen looked up. "Who am I?"

Kallen folded her arms as she sat on her chair, staring at the man. The man sat on the bed. "I don't know actually. You never told me." The man said nothing as he pondered. "Oh yeah I almost forgot this may seem a stupid question, but what type of Knightmare was that? I haven't seen anything like it even in the war." Kallen leaned closer to him as the man backed up against the wall. She continually hounded him with questions.

"Hey President! Rivalz told me about the cutie! Why didn't you let me see him?" A brown haired petite girl came running in wearing the school uniform. Her hair bounced from her back as she ran in. Behind her came an average sized black haired teen. He held a book in his hands and he calmly walked in fixing his glasses slightly.

"Mary, Max, why are you guys here?" Kallen asked the two of them. Instead of answering Mary ran over to the man.

"Hmm… I give a 9, no fair that Kallen already took his virginity." Kallen blushed.

"I didn't take his virginity! Rivalz was just…AGH!" Kallen fumed. She couldn't tell them that the two of them were trying to kill each other. Max lifted his eyebrow from behind his book.

Mary waved her hand at her as she sat down next to the man. "Sure whatever you say Pres." She leaned on the man. "So are you doing anything tonight?" A loud crash made them jump. The man suddenly jumped out of the bed and jumped through the window. Fortunately he was on the first floor. Kallen quickly followed after him expecting trouble as did Mary for her own reasons.

Max looked at them from behind his book. "Doesn't anyone use doors anymore?" Max asked in his bored, quiet voice. Max calmly went out the way he came.

Four Glasgows surrounded the man's own Knightmare holding their guns at it, as was a remade Lancelot, but because of peace the Lancelot was downgraded to its first form.

"Alright we're good to go, send in the crane." Ten helicopters came in and attached the cranes onto it. The pilot of the Knightmare watched them take it. Kallen and Mary finally caught up to him. Kallen looked at the Knightmare Frame finally getting a good look. The head set was had a slightly square head with a horn sticking out of the middle, but had a crown on its head. The left arm was odd. Instead of being a regular arm just like the right it had holes in it. The legs were thin and the torso had plenty of holes in it. Its white color reflected the sun slightly making it look angelic.

"Whoa what are you guys doing to my…I'm not actually sure to call it but what are you guys doing?" The man walked toward the machines shaking his fist.

"Hey Zero there is a civilian yelling at us. Your orders?" one of the Black Knights asked while the man kept yelling.

"I'll deal with him." Zero opened up his cockpit and slowly lowered himself down. He stood face to face with the man. "Out of the way civilian." Zero pushed at the man who side-stepped past him.

"Look I want to talk to someone in charge not some guy who missed Halloween. Now get me someone now!" Kallen covered her mouth. She let out a small giggle instead of a burst of laughing imagining Suzuka's shocked face. The Black Knights inside the Knightmares were roaring with laughter.

Suzuka looked at the man from his mask. "I'm Zero have you ever heard of me?" The man looked at him.

"Zero? What could of dumb idiot comes up with that name?" Mary nodded agreeing entirely. "Look I don't need to talk with a caped crusader or whatever you call yourself so buzz off." Suzuka sighed and reached out of the man's shoulder. Suzuka eyes popped out as he was suddenly in the air. He twirled in the air and landed back on his feet.

"Wow, so the mask boy actually has some skills," the man said as he turned around. "Though I don't really care, but I still want this thing."

"Why in the world would you want a Knightmare Frame? War is over there is peace here now!" The man looked back at him and smiled.

"Peace is our drive, war is our means, nothing ever lasts long especially peace besides this 'Knightmare' interests me." The man walked toward the Knightmare Frame. Kallen's mouth dropped open.

"Halt civilian stop!" one of the Black Knights ordered. The Glasgow walked slowly toward the man. Zero put his hand up.

"Let him go. He can't go anywhere." The man tripped as he tried to get close to the Knightmare.

The man rubbed his chin. "HP…HP…" He looked closely at the HP symbol. He noticed some words under the two letters. "Hephaestus and Prometheus?" The man jumped back as the machine suddenly glowed red. The Glasgows pointed their guns at the Knightmare went into a kneeling position. The chest of the Knightmare opened up revealing to the man a seat with two swords inside. The man walked inside the cockpit. He looked at the seat that had a name on it. "J-u-r-a?" The cockpit suddenly closed knocking him into the seat. "Hey what's going on?"

"Welcome back Jura." The whole area around Jura changed. He could see the whole area as if he was the machine itself.

"Hey Zero the thing is moving!" one of the Black Knights reported as the Knightmare got to its feet.

Suzuka ran to his Knightmare. He pressed against the communicator in his mask as he was lifted into his cockpit. "Don't panic. We still have the superior numbers. If he tries anything then we must destroy the Knightmare and the man." Kallen hearing the conversation quickly ran to a building leaving Mary and Max behind who had finally arrived.

"So Jura what's our next move?" Jura looked around.

"Who said that?"

"Ha, ha very funny Jura. Seriously the joke is up. If we don't get back soon Leto and Joan will do more than just fry your hide after that stunt you pulled."

"What are you talking about!" Jura finally noticed that the voices were coming from his head.

"Come on already this isn't funny anymore."

Jura laughed. "I'm going mad. Crazy, mad, insane." Jura whacked his cheek.

"Hey man stop that we are here—."

"SHUT UP!" The voices suddenly stopped talking. "I'm not mad I am not mad! I am sane so leave me alone!" Jura looked around. The voices seem to have retreated. Jura sighed as he slumped into his chair his arm dangling slightly. His left arm touched the sword next to the chair.

"Sorry Jura, but I will take control right now." Jura felt himself lose consciousness.

"The man in the odd Knightmare please get out now. We don't wish to hurt you, but we must if you force us to," one of the Black Knights said. There was no answer. "Hey Zero what do we do?" The Knightmare shoulders were slumped forward as he slowly got to its feet.

"Just hold your—!" Lancelot flew backwards. The other Black Knights looked in shock as the Lancelot crashed into a wall. One of the Black Knights Knightmares flew into a building. The other three pointed their guns at the white colored Knightmare. The Knightmare had a knife in its hand.

"Damn! Where did he get that from?" The Black Knight didn't get a chance to fire his gun as it was sliced into two because of the knife. "Hell!" The Glasgow pulled out a dagger, but its leg was cut from under the Knightmare.

"Asshole!" the Black Knight yelled as he fell down. HP pointed its sword that came from nowhere at the next Glasgow. The Glasgow fired his gun. The bullets bounced right off the armor as HP slowly stalked toward his counterpart. The Black Knight inside the Glasgow gritted his teeth as he reloaded his magazine.

"Die!" He looked at the screen to find the Knightmare gone. His screen suddenly turn red as both of his arms fell off. He got a chance to look behind before his cockpit ejected itself. The Knightmare had an axe in his hand.

"Shit where is he pulling these weapons from?" the last Black Knight yelled as he shot a grenade at HP. The axe instantly transformed into a huge shield that deflected the grenade in the air. It exploded sending dust on them. The Black Knight looked away from the explosion. "That got him." From the dust HP walked out.

"Holy shit! He doesn't die!" The Glasgow shot at him. HP threw a hammer at the Glasgow. It ripped off the Glasgow's head. The Black Knight slumped in his chair as his screen turned dark.

Suzuka shook his head as he took off the Zero mask. "How did he throw me?" Suzuka got Lancelot back to its feet. HP turned towards the Lancelot. Suzuka charged, drawing Lancelot's sword. Two slash harkens was shot out of the Lancelot. HP shot out four other harkens knocking Lancelot's and shooting two more at him. Suzuka evaded the harkens and jumped into the air. He pulled out his VARIS particle rifle and shot two times at HP. Instead of evading like Suzuka hoped, HP took both shots in its right arm. The right arm started to glow with a faint, eerie green light.

Lancelot came down with its sword preparing to cut the Knightmare in half. HP put its right palm in the air catching the sword. Suzuka's eyes widen as not only did the Knightmare stopped Lancelot it also left him in the air hanging. HP molded a VARIS particle rifle from its right arm and pointed it at Lancelot. Suzuka closed his eyes as he prepared for his death. "Sorry Lelouch I failed." The VARIS warmed up. Suzuka let out his final sigh. Suddenly a mysterious Knightmare came out knocking both HP and Suzuka to the ground. Suzuka looked at his savior his eyes widen. The Guren. Though it lost all its previous upgrades it still had its powerful arm and its first body of when it was created. She held HP's head with her right arm while she had her other arm holding Lancelot's sword.

"Can't you guys talk before you try to kill each other at least?" Kallen's face appeared on Suzuka's screen.

"He forced my hand and besides I can't seem to get through to him." Kallen shook her head.

"Whatever just help me—!" Kallen looked back to find the head of HP slowly melting away. She tried to grab the chest with her other hand but the Knightmare kept slipping out of her grasp. "How the hell!" HP slowly was absorbed into the ground. A channel suddenly opened up. Kallen looked to see the man out cold.

"Hello Kallen or should I say the Crimson Lotus. This is HP or whatever you humans call us." Kallen looked at the screen in surprise. "Don't worry about Jura. He is out cold for now, but if you dare try to hurt either us or Jura they'll be hell to pay. Also it is good to meet you, you're a fine specimen." The screen suddenly closed off as the rest of the Knightmare was absorbed into the ground leaving Jura lying on it unconscious clenching his hand into a fist.

"Specimen?" Kallen lowered herself down from her Knightmare. She ran toward Jura. "Hey Jura wake up!" Jura didn't make a peep. She put her ear to his chest. There was no beat. She sighed and slapped her forehead. "Oh god why me?" She opened Jura's mouth and performed CPR, but right when her lips were about to touch his Jura's eyes opened up.

"As much as I am attracted to you, this relationship is going way too fast for me I mean we just met." Jura smiled warmly. "Oh yes I forgot introductions, name is Jura. Good to meet you." Kallen chuckled slightly then blushed then slapped Jura across the face. "Damn him!" Kallen walked away fuming leaving a confused Jura behind. Zero with his mask back on came out of his dinged up Lancelot and walked towards Kallen.

"Kallen," Zero bade her over. Kallen shook her head and walked toward Zero.

"What is it?"

"Well some of the Black Knights have wanted you to come back and rejoin. So I'm here to ask you…to come back." Kallen sighed.

"How many times do I have to say this I don't want to go back and I will not go back." Suzuka nodded.

"I thought that might be your answer. On to a different matter can I ask you to watch that Knightmare user for me?"

"His name is Jura, Suzuka and so far I as I know he doesn't like to be watched." Kallen rubbed her heads slightly remembering when he flipped her.

"That's why I need you to watch him. He would be suspicious if anyone from the outside suddenly transferred in."

"Well how can I watch him if he doesn't even go to this school? I mean he didn't even remember who he was five seconds ago."

"That's why I need you to watch him. If he remembers anything or if he moves oddly you can contact me and tell me about it."

"But why would I need to contact you. You're talking like he may be a spy of some sort." By Suzuka's silence Kallen get her answer. "That's crazy Suzuka! War can't come after what Lelouch went through to bring peace."

"Well the world isn't going as peaceful as we had hoped for; France talking about land gains, Egypt talking about more rights, and Britannia already rebelling under Schneizel's rule."

"God so everything is really falling apart already and Lelouch only died 4 months ago."

"Yeah, but Kallen watch over Jura." Kallen eyed him suspiciously. "I know we aren't on the best terms but Lelouch would do the same thing if he was here." Kallen's eyes flashed with anger.

"Shut up! You shouldn't be talking being the murderer and all."

Suzuka barely managed to keep his cool. "Kallen in exchange I would send some of the finest doctors to help treat your mother. Remember she still has that 'problem'." Kallen gritted her teeth.

"I'll do it, but for my own reasons not yours Suzuka."

"That is all I can ask for." A blond lady with a camera man ran toward them.

"Hey~! Zero and Kallen can we have a word with you?!" Zero beat a hasty exit leaving Kallen to face one of her worst fears, Milly Ashford. "So Kallen what's the fork?" Kallen and the camera man looked at her confused.

"Um Miss Milly don't you mean scoop?" the camera man asked.

"Scoop? Who uses that kind of word? Well anyway where's the flying, angelic Knightmare."

"You mean HP?"

"HP…Hmmm…Heavenly Prince…No too flashy…Heaven's Prince yeah that's a good name for it. You are writing this down aren't you?" The camera man quickly took out a notepad and wrote down Milly's idea. Milly turned back to Kallen and pushed her mike into Kallen's face. "So about Heaven's Prince where did it come from, who was the user, and does this mean more war." Kallen put her hands up.

"Whoa, Milly hold on." Milly stopped bombarding the questions. "Can I ask a favor first?" Milly put her finger to her chin thinking about it. She then smiled.

"Of course Kallen, anything for a good friend."

"Well this guy that I know wants to enroll into Ashford Academy. Since you are the daughter of the owner can you pull some strings?" Milly's eyes lighten up in delight.

"Of course Kallen. The Crimson Lotus falls in love once more with an unknown boy! Sparks of love fly in the air! Leave it to me Kallen I'll bring you and your boyfriend together." Kallen put her hands on her hips and sighed.

"He isn't my boyfriend Milly, just a friend who needs someplace to learn from and stay." Milly nodded.

"Sure, sure whatever you say. So where is this prince of yours?" Kallen sighed and pointed at Jura who got up. He still wore his white kimono.

"Not bad Kallen. Face is very handsome and by the body structure looks strong, unlike Le—…Well anyway I'll see what I can do, but I expect a full interview later you know." Kallen sighed, but nodded. "Alrighty I'll get those papers! Tally-ho!" Milly marched off followed by the camera man who was slightly bent over.

The next day in class.

Kallen sighed remembering all that had happened. The classroom buzzed with noise about the falling Knightmare, aka Heaven's Prince, and ideas of why it came.

"I heard that Japan was making a new Knightmare and it went wild. They had to send Zero because it killed ten other Knightmares."

"Nah man what I heard was that Britannia sent a lil' gift and Heaven's Prince was to be it, but the user hated Japanese and started going on a rampage."

"Word on the net is that Egypt and France sent it in a declaration on war."

"No way."

"Shut up."

"Like that's ever going to happen."

Kallen shook her head. "No, not a chance. Ohgi has been doing everything to stop a war between us. There's no way Ohgi will let our peace fall."

The bell rang. The students quickly got into their seats Kallen sitting in the back. The teacher walked in with a man in tow. "Alright today we have a special treat, class. Ms. Ashford recommended this student to the Academy so take good care of him."

"A new student in the middle of the year? Oh god don't tell me Milly—!"

"Hello." Jura walked in with the Academy's uniform. "My name is Jura. It is a pleasure to meet you all." He bowed and smiled.


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