Cheap Shots
by pari106;
Disclaimer: DA is ot mine; Rating: PG-13; Code: Short; Alec gets back at Max for the fight scene in the
episode "Shush". Warning: This is a bit of a spoiler.

A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble. But I couldn't do it. So it's short, but not drabble short. More
like 287 words short :P So…whatever. I just read these spoilers and wanted to write this. I have an idea
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Cheap Shots
by pari106

His balls. He couldn't believe she'd kicked him in the balls. Granted, it had been an 'anything goes' type
of fight. But that was just *wrong*.

At least she was walking him home. Alec knew he wouldn't be able to sit long enough to drive. For at
least a week.

"You know…if you really wanted to pay me back for tonight, you could always 'kiss it and make it
better'," he told her.

Max pulled a face, just as Alec had known she would.

"In your dreams," she sneered. And Alec shrugged. She was probably right. A thought which would have
made him anxious for a nap. If the excruciating pain in his groin hadn't rendered sleep impossible.

"Besides," Max continued. "It's your own fault. I told you to throw the fight."

Yeah. She'd told him to throw the fight. And to walk away from nearly 200 grand. Which, thanks to her,
he'd lost anyhow. Then she'd proceeded to beat the living shit out of him, all the while ranting and raving
about every mistake he'd ever made. Alec had meant what he'd told Max in the ring. She really was a

They 'd reached his apartment. And immediately after he spoke, Alec slammed the door shut in Max's
face. Leaving her no time to react. If he had…she probably would have kicked him again.

"Just remember the offer," he'd told her. "I bet if you 'got some' now and then you wouldn't be so

The look on Max's face…the dropped jaw, the wide eyes…and the way she beat upon the door once it was
locked, was enough to make Alec grin through his agony.

It had been a cheap shot. But so had hers.