Group Hug!
by pari106 ; [recently updated;
still under construction]; Disclaimer: Not mine (alas); Rating: G; Summary: A/L short, spoilers: "Fuhgedabboudit" (I will never spell that correctly, as long as I live).

A/N: This story serves no purpose other than to put my usual, warped twist on a scene
many viewers enjoyed exactly the way it was ;P

"…there's something that Alec wants to say to you…"

Challenges. Mia didn't get many. Which was why she loved Dougie so much. And why
Seattle was so much fun. So full of secrets; so full of challenge.

Not that getting Alec and Logan to admit their attraction to one another was much in the
way of challenges. The tension between those two was unmistakeable…

But getting them to realize that was one way to kill fifteen minutes.

At Mia's silent urging, Alec spoke.

"Yeah, Logan, I just wanted to say that…" 'I'd like to jump you, right here, right now,'
he thought. Mia could practically jump for joy. But, alas, all that came next was: "…I
understand why Max admires you so much. Sometimes I wish I had more of a purpose in

Mia frowned and held back a sigh, sending Alec a petulent look. Well… It looked like
the men would be tougher to crack than she'd thought. Plastering back on a smile, she
turned to her other victim.

"Logan, is there something you'd like to say to Alec?"

Logan smiled. "It's just that…" 'You're the most spectacular creature I've ever seen.
Including Max.' "…I don't know, sometimes I wish I was more of a free spirit. And it
must be nice to be a happy-go-lucky sociopath."

Logan laughed. "Kinda envy you," he added. Both men looked very pleased.

Mia was not, but she grinned, anyhow, looking on the bright side. At least it was a
start… The boys would just have to figure everything else out for themselves.

"Group hug!"