The Legacy of Myriad

Book One:

Mark of Wisdom

Author's Note

Ten years ago, I was looking for a new writing project to pursue, and after a phone conversation with a friend concerning the Legend of Zelda, several ideas were birthed that inevitably took the shape of this fan fiction, The Legacy of Myriad.
The original synopsis read as "Two children bound by fate will learn the truth of their pasts and the direction of their futures with the awakening of a powerful sage named Myriad." But those who read the story know there was much more to it!
Since posting this work, I became a self published author and all but abandoned writing fan fiction in favor of pursuing original works. Even so, fan fiction has always maintained a place in my heart. It's a large part of my start as a writer, and will always be important to me as a writing venue.
Of all the stories I wrote, however, none meant quite as much to me as this one. I had so much fun writing the characters and their story that completing the work was bittersweet. So now, I've decided to return to The Legacy of Myriad and give it the much needed editing I thought it deserved.
In the spirit of keeping true to the original, the story events are mostly the same, but those who've read it before may find a few new surprises in the following chapters, including an altered ending. I'm also dividing this story into three different books entitled Mark of Wisdom, Rise of Power, and Heart of Courage.
With that said, I feel it's necessary to provide a shout out to the reviewers of the original version who inspired me to do my best, and one very special thank you to PhazeWindrider—You really helped me with the decision to give The Legacy of Myriad the fine tuning it needed, and I'll always be grateful!
In closing, I hope everyone will enjoy this story, and please keep in mind that it does feature adult themes and was written for mature audiences!
Thanks again!


In Loving Memory
Debbie P.


The path to destiny sometimes began in the most innocuous of places.

Rains beat down over the canopy of trees, leaves cupped to catch the droplets falling from the cloudy night sky. Below them, mud spattered around galloping hooves along the beaten path, stirring up the scent of earth with each step of what had been a long and tedious journey.

Just ahead was a peaceful village where a young couple lived, waiting on the covered porch of their home as the cloaked rider stopped her horse nearby. Dismounting to unload a wicker basket swaddled in thick materials to protect it from the elements, the rider carried it up the steps with the sound of cooing from within only barely audible above the gusting winds.

Warning the young couple of the weight, she handed the item over, but could not stay. Instead, the cloaked figure departed with haste, remounting her horse to ride away under the turbulent deluge.

Shutting the door on her retreating visage, the couple carefully sat the basket on the counter, untying the lid to pull away. Inside, placed upon soft pillows and wrapped in warm sheets, were a pair of babes with the pointed ears of Hylians.

The boy was older than the girl by just a few months, but both stared in awe at their new surroundings, the little girl kicking her legs excitedly as the boy yawned languidly.

Nestled between their tiny bodies was a scroll, and the husband lifted it to unroll and read the words aloud.

Adoptive Parents

I regret that I cannot stay to ensure the children settle in, but there are matters I must attend, so this letter will have to suffice.

Their names are Link and Mira, but though both are Hylian, they do not share a blood relation. I truly wish I could say more about their families, but I can only direct you to find the amulet I've enclosed in the basket, which is a gift for Mira from her real parents.

Yet I'd advise you to keep this gift hidden from others, just as these children should be kept safe within the village. Though young, they already have a history, and caution is warranted. Suspect all outsiders, particularly those from Hyrule Palace.

These children will eventually find their true purposes when Myriad returns. Until then, they need what you can provide - love and a normal, happy life. Rest assured that I will return when the time is right to assist them as needed.

Once you've read this letter, please be sure to destroy it and eliminate all ties between these children and the evil brewing in their true home.

Well Wishes