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Ziva groaned as she sat at her desk, searching for anything on their now combined cases. The man they had found at the previous crime scene was killed the same way, and was dumped in the same place. Abby still hadn't found who the prints in the car belonged to, and since Tony wasn't there, there was a lot more work to be done than people.

"Anything McGee?" Gibbs voice almost echoed in the silence.

Tim sighed, "The killer didn't leave them a trace of anything, unless the prints in the car were his and he didn't have any sort of record. I'm looking at everything, boss. But I can't find anything that would give our killer a reason to kill these two men."

Gibbs groaned and left the squad room, Ziva guessed to go and check to see if Abby had anything again. McGee was busy typing on his computer, so Ziva slid her phone out of her pocket and read Tony's message again:

Hey, made it to Tampa. It's hot. There's no White House, not a lot of normal trees, a lot of sand, and no Ziva sitting across from me. Is it sad that I miss you already? :)

Ziva smiled at her message again and quickly typed him a reply:

With sand, there is water. Try and have fun.

No, it is not sad. :)

She closed her phone and slid it back into her pocket. "Ziva, I may have found something!" Tim said happily from his desk. Ziva rolled her chair backwards and walked over to the junior agent, leaning over him, staring at his computer screen. "Okay our first victim, Jared Valey, he was on leave the 21st and went home to his wife, found her cheating. They divorced 2 months later. Our second guy, Preston Jones, went on leave the 2nd and also got divorced less than two months later."

"So you are saying that our killer killed both of these men because they got divorced?" Ziva said.

McGee sighed as if all of his hopes and dreams were diminished, "Yeah, when you say it out loud, it doesn't make much sense. But it's the only thing I've found."

Ziva pat him on the shoulder and walked back over to her desk, "I would keep looking, McGee."

McGee made a face, "This case will never end."

Tony followed Melanie into their squad room and stood next to her when she stopped in front of three desks. "This is Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. He will be our team leader while Emily is spending time with Jade." Melanie then turned to Tony, a smile now on her face, "That's what she named her baby. I've got pictures if you want to see."

Tony stared at her, a small, fake smile on his face. "That won't be necessary."

"Okay. Well um...this is Special Agent Steven Greene." Tony shook his hand, "And this is Special Agent Alan Charles."

Tony nodded, "Nice to meet you both." Melanie then walked passed them and to the third desk, Tony silently following.

"And this is your desk." Tony put his bag down beside it and sat down, turning on both of his monitors.

"Well things have been unusually slow. We haven't had a case in about a week, sir." Alan announced to him.

"Okay guys, look. A: Don't call me sir. And two, I'm only here because I pretty much didn't have a choice. I don't know how you do things on a normal basis, but I do know how we do things at home. So, that's how I plan to do things. When we don't have a case, we work on paperwork." Alan quickly nodded and returned to his seat, while Steven scoffed from his desk. Tony chuckled and walked back over to him. "So, a little hostel about me, are we?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Tony chuckled sarcastically again, "Okay, here's the deal. I don't want to be here as much as you don't want me here. Now I don't know why they didn't pick you for this job, maybe it's because they don't think you can handle it. Whatever the reason, I don't care. All I know is that I'll be gone in 29 more days. So lose the attitude, got it?" Tony finished with his speech and stared at the man with his green eyes.

"Yes, Agent DiNozzo." Steven replied.

"Good." Tony said, and walked over to his desk. "Paperwork friends. If this place is anything like home, I'm sure you've got a lot of it."

Melanie walked over to his desk again, looking down at him, "Uh, sir, I thought you would like to meet our Medical Examiner and Forensic person. They do come in handy sometimes." She chuckled and he looked up at her.

"Yeah, I bet they do. Alright. Lead the way." He stood from his desk again and followed Melanie to the stairs. "You guys don't have elevators here?"

Melanie nodded, "We do, but since we only have two stories, they're just for people who can't climb the stairs."

Tony chuckled, "Again, that wouldn't work at home. My boss uses it for his office."

Melanie stopped and turned to him, "I thought you were the special agent in charge."

Tony crossed his arms, "No, that'd be Special Agent Gibbs. I'm the senior agent, though."

Melanie nodded and continued walking, "Ah, so you've been with NCIS how long?"

"11 years. Why?"

She laughed, "I wouldn't tell Agent Greene that. He's been an agent for 15 years, and has only led a team once."

Tony couldn't help but laugh, "Must've been a bad experience."

"Oh you have no idea."

"That why he's so bitter?"

Melanie stopped in front of the door labled "lab" and turned to him again. "Part of the reason. The other part is that he wants to date me and I don't want to date him. The man doesn't know what the word no means." She smiled and turned the handle. "Anyway, this is the lab."

Tony started to walk after her, but stopped when he felt his pocket vibrate, "Hang on a sec, important business here." He walked a little more down the hall, opening his phone and reading his message.

He typed a quick reply before walking into the lab:

No fun here. Agents already hate me.

You know where my spare weapon is if you need anything.

And I do mean anything, sweetcheeks.

I'll call you later.