Written By: Emily M. Berry


20 Seasons have passed ever since my blood had left me to the woman to take care of me. Synthia. Synthia Dela Rosa. A.K.A. the devils wife.

My father George and my mother Karen died 18 seasons ago, in the fall. They were the only family I had… no other relative wanted to claim me. They assumed I was trouble. Not a normal 15 year old girl. I was an only child, but that didn't mean that I was spoiled in any way… not even the tiniest bit. I never asked for anything, my parents cherished and loved me. They bought me nice clothing, a nice computer to do my homework on, a cell phone to use instead of the house phone, and a big room to occupy my space. But I repeat, I never asked for any of that. Sometimes I would refuse, because I thought I was turning into a spoiled brat…

I woke up on a Saturday morning to the sound of ambulance alarms. I jumped out of my bed, frightened.

I ran down my stairs and the house was full of police men, fire fighters and paramedics.

"Whats going on?" I asked one of the police men, confused and frightened.

"Do you live here?" He asked, in a firm but caring voice.

"Yes? Of course I do." I answered, urgent to hear an explanation for all the chaos.

"Are you the daughter of George and Karen McClausky?" He asked.

"Um, Yes? What's going on?" I asked in an aggressive way.

Three police men and a paramedic took me outside. "This morning around 6:45, your parents went out for a jog." The paramedic explained.

"Yea, like they do every Saturday morning. So what happened?" I asked.

"They were only up a few feet up the sidewalk when some man shot them…" The police man told me, with a depressed look on his face.

"So what, there in the hospital?" I asked, hoping for the answer I was hoping for.

"No." Another police man said.

"Then…" I couldn't say it… my face became motionless and my body turned pale with goose bumps. My heart beat was growing and my lips turned white. I tried to hold back tears but, I was incapable.

"I'm sorry." The paramedic apologized. "Well leave you alone." He said, walking away, back into the house.

I screamed and cried as loud as I could… I didn't care who I was waking up… they were gone.

I tried to get use to the fact that every morning I would wake up to someone different, not the two people in this world who cared about me.

I didn't know much of my family. I didn't have much. I wondered who I would have to live with.

… I probably would have to go to an orphanage…