Chapter I

From the journals of Carter Hall; Archeologist and professor at the Midway City University.

It was in late in 1939, while America was still neutral, Nazi Germany was invading most of Europe while in the Pacific, Japan just annexed China.

I was a professor of archeology at Midway U when my student staffs and I were unloading crates full of artifacts from Egypt's 15th dynasty. During that time the Hyksos or the Sheperd kings were the rulers of Egypt. Their chief deity was the Asiatic storm god Setekh, a variant of the Egyptian god Set. These conquerors adapted local customs and divided the land for themselves, but the revolts against these invaders' oppression never ended. It is said that they brought the horse and the chariot to Egypt.

My main student assistants were one Perry Carter and his girlfriend Naomi Faraway. They helped with cataloging the crates and the artifacts. What we found was something fantastic, not only did we found a crystal dagger that was used for ritual sacrifices and we also found lightning in jars used by ancient alchemists, a harness, belt, wings and helm made of a peculiar metal. According to hieroglyphics it belonged to a prince Khufu Khatarr of the Thebian dynasty in 1567 BC. We also found in one of the boxes an ankh-like device that upon touching it sort of opened our minds. I told both Perry and Naomi to safe keep the item for a while. My next door neighbor Shiera Saunders is also helping us uncrate the artifacts as a favour for me for an errand I did for her the other day. I tried to put the belt on and lo to my amazement, I floated in the air. It seems the ancient alchemy that powered the metal in the belt still worked. Shiera was fascinated with what she saw. Perry documented everything we did. When all have gone home for the day, I started to stare at the crystal dagger and I noticed it was glowing somewhat. I felt something familiar with it, I closed my eyes and I woked up tied to a pillar somewhere in the outskirts of Thebes. I was being whipped by someone called Ko Lar and the one calling the shots was Hath-set. "Tell me what I want to know" shouted Hath-set. "Never! You far born devil" I said. "Tell me where the rebel armies are and I will set you free". Said the evil one. I said "you think I'd betray my countrymen to a foreign dog like you?" Hath-set then threatened to kidnap princess Chay-Ara, at that time I realized I was prince Khufu Khatarr. I then struck Ko lar and escaped as they pursued me. I rode a chariot to my princess' hidden sanctuary outside the land of kings. "Let us flee back to Thebes" I asked her. Then I put on the harness and wings. "Hurry my beloved, put on the other harness so we can escape". Chay-Ara's actions was halted by the arrival of Hath-set and his minions. I escaped by my princess was captured. Hath-set then presented princess Chay-Ara to the evil Pharoah who rules the lands. They whipped and tortured the princess to learn were I was hiding. I burst into the chamber with arrow in hand and struck down Hath-set's minions. But with the sheer number of the enemies I was overpowered and subdued. Hath-set had both Chay-ara and me tied to the sacrificial table just below the statue of the god Anubis saying " Blond prince, your time has come" and with the crystal dagger in hand, stabbed both Chay-Ara and myself as Khufu. The princess said " I shall see you in the next life my love" as her breath ended. Seeing this I said to Hath-set, "I die, but I shall live again as shall you and then it is I who shall be the victor, do you here me evil priest!" At that exact moment I opened my eyes and was perspiring so much. The dream was so vivid it was like I really lived through it.

A knock on the door interrupted my meditation. It was Shiera. She told me there was an accident in the Midway subway. The rails were flooded with some kind of high voltage electricity resulting in the deaths of innocent bystanders. "Take a rest here" I told Shiera. While she rested, I went to the rooms of the artifacts an put on the harness, belt, wings and helmet. I wore my green pants to match my bare chest harness and had bracelets on. I tried jumping the ledge and hoping to float and not go splat on the pavement below. I used my shoulders to control my flight as I swooped up. As I flew the night sky, I made a startling revelation that I was the reincarnation of prince Khufu. Bringing with me a quarter staff and a device to trace large amounts of electricity I stumbled into the house of one Dr. Anton Hastor a leading researcher in electromagnetism in Midway. Something inside tells me that even without the device this is the place I'd go. Upon seeing the doctor with two peculiar people, I thought I'm seeing Hath-set from my dream. With the whole reincarnation thing on my mind, I deduced that Hastor was the reincarnation of my sworn enemy Hath-set. Crashing into the window, Hastor exclaimed "Khufu!" confirming what I knew was true. That we were both the reincarnation of Khufu and Hath-set. "I told you we'd meet again Hath-set and now at last we have" I shouted as I swooped down on him. Hastor flipped a switch as bolts of electricity flew from his machine. I said "your electrical arc won't hurt me as my quarter staff and wings are non conductors". I smashed his machines as the doctor escaped. Little did I know that he was still monitoring the room where I'm at and deduced that I was the reincarnation of his old nemesis.

Returning to my apartment, I found Shiera still there and told me about the dream she had. She told me about the ninth metal and how the god Horus bequeathed it to prince Khufu Khatarr and princess Chay-Ara and using bottled lightning enabled the two to fly the Egyptian sky. Leading the rebel armies, they planned to get rid of the Hyksos along with Hath-set. It was the rebel armies that shot down Hath-set with bows and arrows after he stabbed the prince and princess. Amazed and mystified by having the same dream, Carter told Shiera that they were both reincarnation of Khufu and Chay Ara and their love know no bounds. Not even time and space can separate their love. We kissed each other passionately afterwards. We both surrended to our passion and love.

Hastor who is now in a hidden temple below his mansion, conjoured up a spel with his altar of myrhh to summon the spirit of Chay-Ara.

I was searching the night sky for Hastor as Shiera, mesmerized went on to where Hastor was staying. Flying back to my apartment I found Shiera gone. Getting a mace and a crossbow from the collection I had, I fly again to find my love and stop the madman from committing his crime spree. Hastor it turned out was working with Nazi agents in the city and has another electro machine in his underground temple. He welcomed Shiera in and had her tied up in the sacrificial table. The Nazis guarded the door to the temple. Hath-set was starting his ritual for the sacrifice when I decended into the mansion. I shot the guards with my crossbow and using the mace I smashed the door. I found Hath-set about to kill Shiera and I threw the mace towards his body. He smashed himself with the force of the impact into his machinery and it blew up and shorted. Having exploded, I came upon Hastor's body, with his dying breath he said to me "you win for now Hawkman, but perhaps I shall not die, who knows" after that his heart seemingly stops. As his mansion burns, I grabbed Shiera and flew out into the night sky. I held her tightly as I carried her to safety.

The following morning, We told out tale to my students Perry and Naomi, at first they were surprised but seeing as how they already saw the power of the artifacts promised to keep silent on the identity of the mysterious Hawkman. That was my first adventure as the winged mystery man the world called Hawkman.

End of chapter I.