Chapter III

Tales of two women:

It's 1946 and my husband and partner has left for the country of Green Land. He along with a couple of archeologist are investigating a hidden city out there. I hope he comes back safely. The war just ended and we just got together. He made me wear the wings and said that he needed a partner out of the blue. I still can't believe all these reincarnation stuffs. All I know is the love we share. That love can't be broken. I do my part. And that's all that matters.

Thanagar some time ago; Katar just left to defend the colonies from being invaded by the forces of the Psions leaving me here to help in the fortification of the planet. I honestly hope this battle ends soon. So we can continue our other mission on Earth, the study of police methods and culture. I heard the Psions has hired someone called Kanjar Ro. Also there is this law here that prohibits Green Lanterns from entering our territories. Sigh, I hope the council knows what they're doing. Katar has just recently joined with the Justice League, a band of heroes from Earth to combat evil. I love that in him, always in the forefront to do the right thing.