Forced Company


He stared out at the rain with a vacated gaze, his eyes faded and listless like the stormy sky raging above his abandoned home. His mother was out again, like she had been doing a lot lately since his father killed himself. She was different. She was not his mother anymore. She was fading from him and he couldn't find the warmth to draw her back. In fact, the more he tried, the colder he felt himself get, and the faster she seemed to disappear from him. He wouldn't be shocked the day he would come home to find her gone for good.

There was nothing keeping her here, and they both knew it. He was capable of handling himself and she was doing him no favors by staying. The revelation was not as painful as he knew it should be but instead he felt a sense of relief to discover that if she finally left him, he would be alone. He wouldn't have to worry about the feelings of another, worry about their happiness or sadness or well-being. He would only have to worry about himself. Being alone seemed like a blessing.

Thunder growled roughly from the sky and he blinked, wondering how long the storm would last and whether he would be able to train alone later. It was then that he was dragged from his silent thoughts by a loud and demanding pounding on his door. He thought about just ignoring the person wanting entrance, finding it more calming to watch the storm, but an agitated voice shot through his serenity and sent it into shambles.

"Kakashi! Lemme in already! I'm getting soaked out here!"

With a sigh, the young boy hopped down from the window sill in his bedroom and padded down the hall to the front door. Pulling it inward, his gunmetal eyes took in the sight of a drenched Uchiha standing on his porch with his jacket pulled over his head in a feeble attempt to ward off the rain. A relieved smile, tugged down on the edges from irritation of being forced to stand in the rain, graced Obito's lips as he ducked around Kakashi and stood in the foyer, dripping water on the floor.

"Looks like the Heavens opened up today, huh, Kakashi?" he asked offhandedly, pulling off his shoes and jacket.

Kakashi shrugged. "What are you doing here?"

Obito rung out his shirt, ignoring Kakashi's glare as he did so, and mussed his brown hair. "Thought'd I pay you a visit. I saw your mom down by the neighborhood and knew you were alone so..." he trailed, staring expectantly at his friend.

The unspoken knowledge of Kakashi's isolated nature lay thickly between them, and Kakashi felt a sudden surge of anger toward Obito for coming to his home. For feeling the need to press his company upon him out of pity because he knew there was no one else around for Kakashi. Because he was alone. The silver haired boy gritted his teeth and looked away, uncomfortable with the emotions swirling in his stomach. Anger. Sadness. Helplessness. Dampened by the others and hiding securely under those previous, was even thankfulness.

"What do you have to eat in this house? I'm starving!"

Kakashi watched his best friend trudge through his home and closed his eyes. Maybe he wasn't so alone, and maybe he didn't want to be alone. Maybe what he really wanted was someone to understand that the lonely feeling that crept into his chest and seized him was not the welcome monster he deluded himself into thinking. Perhaps he did crave the company of someone else occasionally, but the only person able to read and understand these subtle messages was the very boy grinning ear to ear before him. Kakashi sighed and followed the young Uchiha into his kitchen and aided him in search of food.

Maybe having one person to share the lonliness with wasn't so bad.


I could've sworn I put this up a while back, but I guess not. Anyway, I hoped you liked it! I seem to be getting into a Kakashi and Obito fettish, don't you think?