Ch. 9: Destroy All Demons

Colleen, Drago, and Hsi Wu were facing the Goblin Trio. Colleen took off her necklace and decided to hand it over to the goblins herself. She knew Drago and Hsi Wu's family is at stake.

"Colleen, what are you doing?" Drago asked.

"Saving your family, Drago," Colleen replied.

"You're doing that for us, after how we tried to rough you up earlier?" Hsi Wu asked with a confuse look.

"It's a human thing."

Colleen handed the necklace to the purple goblin. He took it without realizing the necklace she is giving him is her decoy. Colleen then slowly walked back to Drago and his uncle.

"You got the necklace, now turn my family back!" Drago demanded.

The green goblin snickered, "Sorry but we've changed our minds about that."

"WHAT?!!" Hsi Wu and Drago shouted.

"Why brings your demon family tree back when we can simply chop it down and save the prince from competition?" the purple goblin said as he laughed.

Drago was about to charge at them when his uncle stopped him. He then pointed the Dragon Talisman at the demons. Drago realized what he was about to do.


The purple goblins blasted all of the demons into rubble. Colleen watched in horror. All of the demons are now rocks and pebbles. Drago ran toward where his father was and picked up a few stones as he began to cry.

"Father! Aunty Bai Tsa! Uncle Tso Lan!" he cried.

Colleen got furious and jumped the purple goblin.

"You Monster!" she screamed.

Colleen managed to snag the dragon talisman before he can throw her down. Meanwhile, Hsi Wu was consoling his nephew.

"Drago, there is nothing we can do for them!" His Wu said.

Drago let out a loud yell. "You goblins are gonna pay!"

The little green goblin used the pig talisman to eye blast Drago as he try to charge at them. Drago fell to the next rock.

"Drago!" Hsi Wu called. He flew over to pick him up until the little green goblin let out another blast but only for the rock above him. The rock fell and pinned Hsi Wu's right wing. He was struggling to get loose.

"I'm stuck!" Hsi Wu shouted.

"We said we would eliminate all of our master's competition for the world, and that includes you two," the purple goblin said as he reached for the Dragon talisman. When he reached it, he noticed it was gone.

"Loose something, Ugly?"

Colleen shouted out. She has the Dragon Talisman with her. She aimed it at the goblin and made him crash on a rock that is further away. Then she blasted the boulder that pinned Hsi Wu, causing him to get free. Hsi Wu flapped his wings.

"Thanks for the save!" Hsi Wu said.

The purple goblin got up and growled.

"Get them!" he commanded the other two. The gray goblin activated the speed and levitation talismans, giving him flight. The green goblin activated the ox talisman, giving him enough strength to lift a boulder.

"Grab on tight!" Hsi Wu commanded.

Both Colleen and Drago grabbed on to him as he took flight. The three fly back to the portal as Colleen blasts the boulder and tries to blast the gray goblin. She managed to give them some distance away from him. They finally made it back to the portal and were about to go through when Hsi Wu got eye beamed in the right wing, causing the three to crash. The goblins were coming in close. Colleen realized that Jade gave her smoke bombs from her spy kit. She got them out of her pocket and threw them to the ground, filling the place up with smoke. The goblins were coughing up the smoke while Colleen and the demons made a break for it through the portal. The gray goblin activated the rabbit talisman to turn into a tornado and clear the smoke. The three goblins jump through the portal and find themselves in San Francisco.

"Never mind the dragon, maiden, and bat demon," said the purple goblin, "We got what we wanted. We are now one step closer to freeing the prince and his royal army."

The three make a run for it. Colleen, Drago, and Hsi Wu were on top of the building on the right of the alley. Hsi Wu was waving his hands in pain because since he can't fly, they had to climb up. Colleen was left in haze about what the goblins say.

"What those three meant by "their prince and royal army?" Colleen asked.

Then, they heard clicking noises behind them. They look over their shoulders and see Section 13 agents with laser guns. Captain Black is with them.

"Step away from the girl, Drago," Capt. Black commanded.

He and his uncle were holding their hands up. Colleen stood in front of them.

"Captain Black, they aren't the ones you should go after," she told him.

All of the agents were baffled.