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Let's recap...

Robin seethed, hot rage burning over him in waves making his muscles tremble. He was surviving on sheer will and pure adrenaline alone, but the logical voice in his head warned he wouldn't be able to last much longer like this.

"Face it," Slade leaned forward menacingly. "You're not a vigilante. You're a hero."

Robin heard the challenge and felt a chill of excitement shake his conscience. A fierce expression lit up his face. "We're past heroes and villains, Deathstroke."

Hero vs Villain (Part 2)

A flash of astonishment whipped across Slade's face as he stopped. His hands flexed and bunched into fists while he buried his shock into an impassive expression.

Robin didn't care. His words weren't meant to bait Slade into another fight, but to send a clear message of how serious the situation has become. He was telling Slade not to underestimate him again. This is about to end.

After a split moment of quiet calculation, Slade visibly relaxed and slid on a mask of arrogance.

"The time has come. Your part in all of this is over. But you're welcome to say your last goodbyes."

His hand gestured beyond Robin. When he followed the direction, he realized the stone structure he was leaning against was long enough to lay a body on it, and his heart leapt into his throat.

Shoving aside the stings of pain, he scrambled to his feet. A wave of relief hit him so fast he had to grip the edge to keep from crumbling. There she was.


Her chest rose and fell, meaning this fragment of Raven was still alive but her eyes remained closed. Long purple hair fell by her side in waves, an exact image of the real Raven but the color of her leotard was different. In fact, Robin wasn't sure of the color as it appeared slightly out of focus. Like all the colors were blurring and mixing, undecided to what it should truly be.

He reached out and paused, sudden fear of her image turning into a glowing shard, but he shook it away. His fingers brushed hers, surprised to find them cold, and another hand cupped the side of her face.

"Raven." He whispered. "I'm here."

In a move that stole his breath, her eyes fluttered open and two amethyst orbs stared back. First in panic, until softening into a mixture of relief and adoration at recognizing the figure.

A genuine smile turned up the corners of her pale lips, and Robin mirrored it. She opened her mouth to speak, but closed it suddenly in a grimace. Something was causing her pain.

Fear filled the Titan leader. He leaned over her, now cupping both hands on each side of her face, worry etched in every line.

"Don't move if it hurts. I'm so sorry I couldn't get here sooner."

And suddenly, he was tired. Exhausted. Not just from muscle exertion, but from mental and emotional fatigue. And not just for him, but for Raven who endured years of painful trials and struggles for the sake of everyone else. Born from evil and destined for destruction, a constant battle raged inside her. But from the beginning she had a will for good and hope for a peaceful future, one untethered and free. She deserved to be free. She deserved to live, and by any cost, he will ensure that that happens.

Raven stared up at him, eyes half-lidded like she could pass out any moment. She wanted to tell him something, something too important to suppress, but as Love, she could not. That was for the real Raven to confess.

She wished to tell Robin not to give up, that she believed in him but the poison Slade gave her was numbing her senses and clouding her mind. Her eyes fell close.


Robin swung around to face Slade with a pointed glare. "What did you do to her?"

He shrugged with a nonchalant manner only to elicit anger. "A simple poison. Slow and painless. The others I made quick to deal with, but one needed to remain alive until the final moment."

The wheels in Robin's head spun in overload, thinking of every possible way to save his precious teammate. Cyborg had to have some kind of antidote. He just had to defeat Slade and get her out of here first.

He spun back to Raven. Using a thumb to caress her cheek, he spoke her name again and as she struggled to reopen her eyes, his softened. He leaned close, his muscles trembling to keep him upright.

"I'm going to save you. Just hold on a little longer okay? It's almost over."

He gave her a reassuring smile, filled with promises, apologies, and pure love. She forced her eyes open again, blinking away tears. They widened, unfocused behind him, and a strangled 'no,' hissed through her lips.

Robin didn't have time to understand when a sharp pain erupted in his back, forcing his hands to slam on either side of her head to prevent crumbling over her body. A dark presence enveloped the space behind him with a murderous aura.

Slade leaned in, his dark voice whispering, "Your time is up."

The masked villain jerked the knife back, ripping it from Robin's flesh, as he grunted in agony. Hot red blood poured from the wound, darkening the already red fabric of his uniform.

Slade discarded the knife, it's clatter echoing eerily over the marble slab. But the only sound Robin could hear was the rush of blood in his ears, the aching throb of his own heart beating in rhythm to panic. This severely complicated things.

Love fought to stay conscious, watching in horror as her best friend bled and appeared on the verge of collapsing. A dark and terrible thought wafted over her mind. If he dies, I'll go with him. She shook it away, and instead gripped onto the very thing that has helped her to get this far- hope. Robin was the strongest person she knew, and he'd fight bleeding or not until he was dead- which was not something she wanted to happen but his unwavering determination gave her strength.

"R-Raven." He choked out lowly. She wished more than anything to reach up and touch him, but the poison now took her entire body.

"Don't-" He grimaced, taking short shallow breaths. "It's not over."

He grit his teeth, setting his jaw in the familiar stubborn way she adored so much. He'll never give up.

An amused chuckle rumbled through Slade's throat, setting Robin off. The wounded Titan leader summoned the last of his strength to push up from the stone table and turn toward his arch nemesis.

Sweat glistened and streaked down his bruised face with the exertion, and even though his head swam on the edges of darkness, he stayed up using the stone table as support. Both hands quivered to unlatch the pouch of glowing shards from his utility belt, and when he placed it in Raven's unmoving hand, he shot her a quick knowing glance. His idea was a stretch, but at this point, he'll try anything.

Love stared down in bewilderment at the cluster of glowing shards in her hand. It felt warm through the numbness. Her chest tightened when it hit her.

If Slade noticed, he didn't care nor comment. His arm struck out, clutching Robin's neck in one swift move, tossing him back several feet. Blood splattered the white marble floor until the wounded leader lay beneath a standing column.

"Keep your eyes open, Robin. You're about to witness the beginning of a new era."Slade said in a cavalier tone. He sneered down at Love, still fighting to say awake.

The moment of deliverance has come. Azar's gifts will be rerouted to him when the poison stops Love's heart at the precise second. Robin will succumb first. That wound was precisely placed, severing a main artery. Without immediate medical attention, the strong Titan leader will be reduce to a withering frame buried in a pool of cold blood.

A surge of excitement fizzled through Slade's veins, realizing how much closer he was to world domination than his previous attempts. Success was so close he could taste it, and it sure was sweet. He glanced back at the gory mess of his former apprentice.

"Thus ends the Teen Titans." He said, articulating each word, savory the weight of truth in them.

He turned back to Raven when a sudden blast of blue energy collided with his body so hard, he was flung several feet into the air and tumbled ungracefully over the ground.

"The Teen Titans aren't going anywhere!"

A large voice shouted through the air, accompanied by another ground shaking blast. A bird screeched through the air, not like the ravens here, but more like a hawk.

Robin looked up to see a shocking but welcoming sight. A small burst of relief fled his lips just as a warm presence appeared next to him, weighing a hand on his shoulder. He knew it was Starfire before she even spoke.

"Robin." Her voice was strained and worried. He must look a mess.

"How-" His body seized up in pain, sending his head into a whirlwind of colors and nausea. Starfire gently put an arm around his shoulders.

"Robin, we must get you back."

"No." He forced out. "Raven-"

"We will save her. You need the medical attention."

Anxiety surged through the alien's body, taking in the growing red stain soaking the entire right side of Robin's uniform. She'd seen her leader beaten and bruised something awful, but never at this caliber. There was so much blood.

An enraged snarl ripped through the air. They watched as Slade hurtled towards Cyborg, a wild look on his mask. "You will not interfere!"

Beastboy raced across the ground in cheetah form and transformed into a giant T-Rex before intercepting the attack.

"We already have, and you're going down for good this time." He quipped back, snapping powerful jaws at Slade.

Barely dodging the extinct dinosaur, Slade curved around him hiding the slight new limp in his leg and tossed a few bombs in the changeling's face. Beastboy roared and morphed into a furious beast, smashing his long arms down on Slade's form, who leapt away at the last second.

Slade sprung forward, successfully ditching the beast again, and brandished a silver dagger. Their very presence here jeopardized the bestowment. They needed to disappear quickly, by any means necessary. He cited in on Robin, huddled between the alien girl and Myra- who no doubt brought them here. Before he reached them, however, his vision filled with a neon blue light and a hot stream of electric power pummeled him sideways into a column. It produced a series of thundering cracks before folding in on itself and crashing to the ground in a cloud of dust and debris with Slade somewhere in the thick of it.

"Booyah!" Cyborg cheered. "That's how it's done."

Beastboy landed as himself next to the half-robot, peering into the hazy dust cloud.

"Told you we'd take you down." He mumbled, fists clenched.

The colors in Robin's view began to swirl together as he watched the scene unfold. His entire being hoped Slade wouldn't walk away this time, and hoped all of this was finally over.

"Starfire, it's almost midnight."

A young new voice startled him to his left. He shifted his head slightly and shock lifted his eyes. When did Myra get here? The mirror.

The girl turned a worried face to him, lifting a small apologetic smile, knowing exactly what his thoughts were.

"I had to." She explained shortly.

"Please, Robin." Starfire said. "We do not know what will happen if we stay much longer. We must all return immediately."

Robin tried shaking his head but found it just made the dizziness worse. "Slade-"

"Cyborg and Beastboy are the handling it. You need help!"

Robin gritted his teeth, knowing the Tamaranian was right. But he had to see if Slade was out or not. He had to secure the last fragment of Raven until Azar's powers restored her, because now, that was her only chance of survival.

Cyborg was here fighting, unable to produce an antidote. And even if this place transformed into a medical lab, the poison burning through Raven's system was too far in its mission, too far to be reversed. He desperately hoped the shards of her other fragments were strong enough to extend her life, if just for a few more minutes.



Robin, Starfire, and Myra froze, a cold wave of dread flooding over them at the frightening sound. It ripped through the air, unmistakable, powerful- deadly.

The scene was unreal, something none of them imagined even in their darkest nightmares. Robin watched in horror as his green teammate and friend stumbled back clutching his stomach, both hands already dripping with a crimson liquid.

Cyborg gasped in shock for a split second before turning up his gears, racing to catch the collapsing boy.

The dust settled around a menacing black and bronze form. Slade, with his right arm extended, glared savagely over the smoking barrel of a gun. The absolute last resort.

"You will not take this from me!" He yelled.

Starfire let out a strangled roar, letting pure fury pour over her entire body, igniting green energy to shine brightly from her eyes and hands. She rocketed toward the man, screaming.

"Starfire no!" Robin cried, ignoring the sharp pain when he struck his arm out to stop her, but she was already half way across the clearing, a green bullet of revenge.

Bang! Bang!

She barrel-rolled into the ground, crashing hard over the surface with a painful yelp, stopping a few yards from Cyborg and Beastboy. They all screamed her name but she didn't get back up.

Ice swept over Robin and another piece of his heart and sanity shattered. This was worse than a nightmare, this was chaos and he had no control.

He watched Cyborg tremble with rage and point his sonic weapon at Slade. But the bullets hit him first, striking stretegically at open flesh and straight through his high-tech red eye to help shut down his entire system.

It shouldn't have worked but it did. The third member of the Teen Titans fell back with a clang next to the still form of Beastboy.

Myra gripped his arm vice-like, but he was too numb to feel it. His entire team, his best friends, the people he cared about more than anything else in the world lay beaten and dying- if not dead already. How did it come to this? How did he allow Slade to get this far?

He hung his head, crimson stained hair sweeping over his eyes. It was all his fault. All. His. Fault.

Robin never showed his inner turmoils for anything, but now, sitting half-dead in the bloodiest battle of his young career, the dam of emotions crumbled and tears fell down his face.

And then, he felt it. A surge of power coming from his left.

Myra stood, a vengeful fury-ridden expression pulling at her features in a way that strangely reminded him of Raven when she lost control. White energy cracked and fizzled over her hands and arms, making Robin gasp in shock.

"You." She hissed at Slade who twisted toward her, arm still aiming the gun.

He narrowed his eye, lips curling down in disgust beneath the mask. That little brat was just as annoying as her parents.

"You may have retained your memories, but it's too late my young rogue apprentice."

He pulled the trigger. Myra lifted her hand at the same time, using the light energy to form an umbrella sized barrier to deflect it away. Slade shot again. And again. A frustrated cry tore from him at every blocked shot while she took several steps forward, eyes blazing with pure hatred.

"You used me. You hurt my family, my friends. That's unforgivable." She shot a blast of energy at him, knocking the gun from his hand.

He scowled. "You're nothing but an ungrateful child. Just like your father."

Myra allowed his words to fuel her anger, thus fueling her emotionally controlled powers. A much larger beam of energy hurled toward the villain, hot and bright. It flew him back several feet, his armor screeching across the marble.

"My father," she huffed breathlessly, "is a hero."

She concentrated carefully, calling on her will and determination to gather every ounce of her powers to her core to produce a final attack. Warmth spread over her chest and flooded her arms before being packed tightly in both hands. The intensity made them glow brighter than before and the raw energy raised goosebumps all over her skin. This is her only shot. If it fails, she won't have enough strength to do it again. After all, she still had a lot to learn according to her mother.

Slade crawled up on all fours with jerky movements and grunts of pain. How did he allow this little brat to best him? How, in all his meticulous planning, did it go so wrong? He shook the negative thoughts away, turning to feed solely on anger and vengeance.

I've been to hell and back. This is not how it ends.

He stiffened when Myra screamed a battle cry and unleashed the attack. A bright wall of energy barreled toward him and for a split second, his eyes widened unsure if he could dodge it in time.

Robin curled in on himself. Pain, exhaustion, and extreme blood loss threatened him into darkness, but he held on. By a thread. A thread of hope tethered to Raven and Myra and the others to keep on fighting. He couldn't succumb and leave Myra alone to face Slade.

A large explosion thundered through the air and shook the ground, forming a large debris cloud where it obscured the body of Slade. Myra felt her knees give when the last bits of energy left her fingertips, but her electric-blue eyes sifted through the rubble, hoping to see an unmoving body. Preferably unconscious. As much as she wanted him dead too, he deserved to live and face justice for all his crimes and suffer the punishments.

A shadowy figure, hunching low to the ground, emerged from the dust cloud. When it fully cleared, Myra inhaled sharply. The black and bronze mask of the villain was roughly cracked on one side while the other was completely missing. His gloved hand covered his now exposed face, but through his fingers, she could make out light unruly hair.

His wild eye locked onto hers and he laughed maniacally. "This is my victory!" Somewhere in the rubble he must have found the gun, because it was once again pointed straight at her heart. Myra froze.

"No." A raspy voice answered. Slade twisted around, surprised to see a weak smile lift Love's face as she raised her hand an inch off the table, filled with the shards of her other sides. They were no longer glowing.

"It's mine." She breathed. Her body relaxed and she closed her eyes just as the air shifted suddenly, like someone was letting it be sucked up by a vacuum.


Slade's face contorted in disbelief and terror. The poison should have done it's job moments ago, but she somehow extended her life by absorbing the little energy contained in the remains of Raven's fragments. This was Robin's doing. Slade believed the shards were useless after he killed the fragments, so he left them alone, not knowing they'd be the means of tipping the scale.

A thunderous noise ripped through the air and Nevermore's crimson dotted skies melted into a solid canopy of darkness. The wind intensified, roaring and whistling through the columns and broken statues, whipping loose fabric and hair.

Myra huddled next to Robin, one hand on his shoulder in a silent plea to keep him conscious, to keep him aware that she was still there. But he no longer could feel the wind against his skin, and the sounds were muffled as if a handful of cotton were stuffed in his ears. The darkness beckoned to him, tempting him with whispers of rest and peace while only a faint light in the back of his mind rebelled.

Not yet. Not yet.

The sky suddenly opened up above the lying form of Love. Intense, blinding white light poured out, flooding over her and the large stone table. It's force pushed Slade back.

"No!" Rage and desperation filled his shout. He aimed at Love and unloaded the rest of the bullets. Each of them bounced off the beam of light, pinging loudly as they ricocheted off. A single arm of light separated and struck the man back, pinning him against a pillar. He twitched and jerked but the force held him tight.

Then he screamed. A torrent of voices, whispers, and cries bombarded his mind, filling his ears as the foreign power forced him to hear the agony and destruction he caused throughout his life.

As he writhed in the mental torture, several more arms of light peeled away, arching gracefully in the air to encircle Beastboy, Starfire, Cyborg, Myra, and Robin.

Myra gazed in wonder as the ribbon of light glistened and enveloped her. She heard a soft voice, comforting and filled with an incredible power, call her name. Before she could react, she felt a strong pull against her body making her limbs feel weightless. The ground and the rest of Nevermore fell away.

Robin's last thimble of strength fled and he teetered on the cliff of death. His will couldn't hold him back anymore, so he plunged over the edge. Raven was being saved by the powers of Azar. He had fulfilled his promise. He just wished he could've seen her one last time, to hold her and finally reveal what's in his heart. But a small part of him knew that she understood, and he gladly took that.

He felt weightless as the darkness swallowed him, welcoming it without fear of what could be waiting on the other side. Then there was a whisper. A soft brush of wind swept around him, a ringing voice dancing on the edge of it. It grew stronger, sweeter, and familiar. It said his name over and over, calling for him.

A long shaft of light penetrated the darkness and Robin's eyes latched onto it. More shafts of light punched through, one after the other, quickly illuminating the darkness until it shattered and fell away. Now the voice spoke with crystal clarity, and his heart clenched. She was calling him. Raven.

With the light came warmth, and it wrapped around him in a soothing embrace, washing away the icy sheet of death. It seeped into his skin, coiling around every fiber and every cell, flooding every vein with vicar and energy unlike he's ever felt. His once withering heart pumped with renewed strength, sending rich blood to all corners of his body. He was coming back to life.

Slowly, his wounds were closing, being healed with the regenerative power. The pain of his condition evaporated and he was no longer numb. It blew away the fog in his head, leaving it clear and more aware than ever. He heard his name again.

"Raven?" To his surprise, his voice was solid. A dazzle of sparkling lights clumped together until Raven's form materialized, floating before him.

He stared at her in a mixture of awe and disbelief. "Is this real?"

Raven smiled softly at him, her vibrant eyes glistening with an emotion he's never seen before. Her long purple hair swayed around her shoulders, standing starkly against the pure white of her uniform. Robin sensed the incredible untainted power flowing from her, how almost overwhelming it felt.

Azar's gift.

Raven nodded. "It's okay, Robin. It's me."

The sound of his name on her lips tightened his chest. Then, like a lock sliding into place, his mind was opened and the power of their bond rushed in. The link between them was reestablished with such force and potency, it left him reeling. And for the first time, her mind was just as open as his.

He placed a hand over his heart, as raw emotions streamed through it from Raven, filling it with every memory shared between them, showing how her love for him bloomed and grew over the years. It was overwhelming in a good way. He, in turned, allowed her to see his own memories, breaking down barriers no one else has surpassed. Before, he had feared his feelings would not be returned, feared he'd ruin their friendship. Not anymore.

"Raven." His face softened, melting into pure affection. An extraordinary urge to wrap her in his arms and kiss her inflamed all his senses. He will always want her, he will always need her, like the earth needs the sun.

She was his sunrise.

Raven inhaled deeply, allowing his thoughts and emotions to sink into her very soul where their bond was anchored. His desire for her only stroked the flames of her own, and she desperately wanted to give in at that moment, but her work was not done yet.

"Robin... thank you. You saved the world again. You saved me."

He opened his mouth to argue that it was really her that saved everyone, but a fearful thought seized him. "Myra- the others- they-"

Raven lifted both her hands in a calming gesture. "Everyone is okay. I am almost done healing them."

The images of Slade shooting them... his dearest friends bleeding and dying... they were still fresh and distressing. But Raven brought him back, and she will do the same to the others. A world-sized burden lifted from his shoulders and relief settled over him in a calming wave. Everything felt like it would be okay. Then a dark thought cut through some of his serenity.

"What happened to Slade?" Even saying his name left a gross taste in his mouth. Raven's eyes hardened slightly.

"He is incapacitated, but otherwise alive. I already sent him back."

Disappointment haunted a dark corner of Robin's mind, and perhaps it will linger there forever, and perhaps it will disappear with time. What he had to focus on now was justice, and he knew exactly what to do.

"Robin, it's time to go back."

He shook all remnants of Slade from his thoughts, and focused on what was gazing lovingly back at him. His future.

Raven held out a hand for him to take. "I've now healed the others and they're waiting."

He took her hand, an instant tingling sensation crawling up his arm with fervent heat. A grin spread across his face as he noticed a slight tinge of pink coloring her pale cheeks. Entwining his fingers with hers, he silently promised to make her blush whenever possible- because now, it was possible.

Raven encased them with light, calling on her new powers to open a path back to the real world. But before they were fully enveloped, Robin leaned close to her ear and whispered, "I love you."

The light brightened impossibly, twinkling like a million stars swirling into one, and he felt the temperature raise a few degrees, as if the powers themselves were blushing.

He barely noticed the ground fall beneath his feet, hardly felt the rush of power propelling them towards an unseen door to reality. All he knew, was he never wanted to let go of her hand- never wanted to let her go again. The world might not have changed, but his just did.

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