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Return of the Arrancar

Chapter 1: the new 5th squad captain

"ICHIGO!" Isshin Kurosaki came flying like a bullet into his son's room, colliding with Ichigo's foot.

"Damn, you've beaten daddy's heartfelt new move, the double twister corkscrew kick. You are now ready to protect this family from harm." Ichigo's dad said, grinning as he fell on the ground.

"I leave the family to you, Ichigo, for it is now my time to go be at peace with your mother… I only request… that you listen to my final words of…"

"Yeah, whatever…" Ichigo said, walking over his fathers' sprawled body out the door.

"My son! Why would you step on daddy in his time of need?!" Isshin Kurosaki shouted, running after Ichigo sobbing.

"Shut up, you idiot…"

"Sniff…Masaki…the child we raised together now treats his father like a dirt clod… what should I do…" Isshin mumbled, crying in front of his wife's memorial picture.

"Yeah…Yeah… I'm going to school now…"

'It's been a month now, hasn't it?' Ichigo thought, his mind a thousand miles away from Ms. Ochi's lecture.

Oh really, partner? You know I don't keep track of things in here…

'It's been a month since Aizen was killed… by my own Tensa Zangetsu…'

Yes, and you did good… I knew you had it in you, partner…


The shouting of his badge prevented him from answering his hollow self, so he simply popped Kon into his mouth and jumped out of the open window in Soul Reaper mode.

A few minutes later he arrived at the specified location.

"Well, this is the spot, but I don't see any hollows here…" He said. Then he looked at his badge.

"Is this thing broken or something?" He then shook it, causing an unwanted effect.

"Incoming message." Suddenly, a holographic image appeared out of his badge, and Captain Ukitake's face appeared in the center of it.

"Hello, Ichigo Kurosaki." He said, coughing. "If our information is correct, you have arrived at the scene of a hollows appearance, but there is no hollow."

'What is this guy, psychic?!' Ichigo shouted in his head.

"First off, I would like to say that I am not psychic, I am observing you through the deputy soul reaper badge."

"Screw you!" Ichigo shouted, chucking his badge on the ground.

"I would also like to say that the hollow was sublimated by the new fifth captain, Hiruko Mitsubayashi, who is coming to help you in your duties as a soul reaper." He said, turning his expression serious.

"Why is a captain coming to help me? Is there something going on in the soul society I don't know about?" Ichigo asked, glaring at the badge.

"Sorry Ichigo, but the details of this assignment are classified. You will have to ask him yourself." And with those last words, the badge went back to normal.

Soul Society

"Captain Ukitake, what was the meaning of sending a captain out to assist Ichigo?" Rukia asked stepping into the room as soon as the camera was turned off.

"Well, as you know, considering the betrayal of two captains in that division as of late, the new central 46 have doubt as to the loyalties of this one, due to his unique abilities and his age."

"But was sending him to Ichigo the best thing?" She asked, causing him to rise and leave the room with her.

"Probably not." He coughed a little, and then continued "Ichigo is not exactly well known because of his gentle, giving nature, so much as his excessive temper and spontaneous actions."

"Well, I do have to agree with you there…" Rukia said, looking down at her sandals.

"But, our new captain might also teach Ichigo a thing or two about combat." Ukitake said, grinning.

Hueco Mundo

"Master, I am here to report that the new 5th squad captain has arrived in the world of the living, and he has already dealt with the hollow scouts we sent."

"Excellent…" The dry voice said, grinning. "Keep me posted on any new events."

"Yes, master."

World of the living

"Oh, shit. I hope Kon doesn't go berserk before I get back." Ichigo muttered, jumping into the air, and then going to finish his boring day.

"So, that's Ichigo Kurosaki… " A laughing voice said, standing on a lamppost next to the Kurosaki Clinic that night, his blocked out do to the shadows.

"Yep! It's definitely Ichi-kun!" A child-like voice said, sitting on the other side of the street on the balcony of a house.

"So, we have finally found the person who killed Sosuke Aizen." A serious voice said, perched on the roof of the clinic.

"Now the question is what he will do when he meets us for the first time." The first voice said, grinning.

"HOLLOW! HOLLOW! HOLLOW!" The badge shouted into Ichigo's ear as he made his way to school.

"Damn, there better be one this time." Ichigo muttered, before leaving Kon behind in his body.

In a few minutes, Ichigo arrived at the park where the hollow was reported.

"Dammit, not again!" He shouted, looking around for an obviously missing hollow.

"Not what again?" A voice said, coming from behind Ichigo.

After seeing the person, he immediately jumped back and pulled out Zangetsu. The man standing behind him was dressed in a soul reapers robe, with a captains' cape. He had spiky green hair and a zanpakuto strapped to his waste. But the most annoying thing about him was his laughing green eyes, which looked like they were mocking him.

"Who the hell are you?" Ichigo shouted, pointing his oversized sword at the obvious soul reaper.

"That's 'who the hell are you' sir, Mr. Deputy Soul Reaper." The man said, saying the word deputy like it was some kind of curse word. "But to answer your question, I am Hiruko Mitsubayashi, captain of the fifth company."

"So you're the guy who's supposed to help me with my duties?" Ichigo smirked.

"Yes, but so far I'm not impressed." He said, still not making a move to draw his zanpakuto.

"Yeah?" Ichigo said, smirking even wider. "I can beat a captain like you easily."

Suddenly, the air around them grew heavy and dark.

"Oh, I seriously doubt you have faced a soul reaper like me before." Hiruko said, grinning a savage grin.

"I think I'm about to."

"Is that a challenge?"

"Only if you want to lose."


"Alright, sir, first off I'm going to unleash a Getsuga Tenshou. You won't die if that hits you, right?"

"Fine, and I'll counter with this." Hiruko held out his hand, and a small ball of light appeared in it.

"HA WHAT'S THAT?!" Ichigo said, rolling around on the ground laughing. "That looks like one of Kannonji's cannonballs! What can you do with that?!"

"Are we here to fight or argue?"


The cresent came streaking at Hiruko, who just stood there laughing. Right before the Getsuga struck him, he chuckled, and tossed the light ball right into the center of the Getsuga. The resulting explosion was humungous, but Hiruko stood there unscathed. And the most insulting part of it was he hadn't even needed to draw hus zanpakuto to reflect it.

"Okay, Kurosaki. This is just a guess, but I'd say you don't know anything about compressing spirit energy."

"Wait, you can compress spirit energy?"

"Ugh... you idiot..."

Meanwhile two figures were sitting in a tree a few yards away, osering the battle.

"Ichi-kun isn't that bright, is he, Kyo-chan?"

The first one to speak was the smaller of the two. His wavy hair was blonde, but it was so light it could have passed for white easy. He had a soul reaper hakama with a zanpakuto attached to the back.

"Yes, even the most basic of soul reapers know how to conceal his spiritual pressure." This one was far taller than his companion, with short brown hair, almost black, and a scowl on his face. He was also clad in a hakama, with a zanpakuto strapped to his waist.

"Fine, so your pretty good after all..." Ichigo said, sweating pretty hard, after just releasing five getsuga tensho that were all defflected the same way as the first.

"Of course I am." Hiruko said, still with his composure intact, which is more than Ichigo could say about himself. "But, if I recall gorrectly, you're capable of Bankai, right? Show me."

"Okay, you smug bastard! You asked for it!"


"So, that's your bankai? Pretty scrawny, just like the other captains say."

"You won't be talking like that for much longer! Getsuga Tensho!" Ichio shouted, unleashing a blast of black light from his sword.

Unfortunately for him, this one was reflected too. Except this time, Hiuko finally drew his zanpakuto.

"So, that's your bankai, huh?" He said, the smile on his face no longer here, replaced by a more sinister smirk. "It's worthy enough to be called a bankai, I'll give it that." He then drew his sword back, grinning.

"As a thanks for releasing your bankai, I'm going to show you something interesting."

"What?!" Ichigo suddenly fel a huge burst of spiritual pressure come from Hiruko's body.

"Spread through the cleansing mist, Cega-"


The loud voice belonging to one Jushirou Ukitake was enough to temporarily break the concentration of both combatants.

"Rukia? What are you doing here?" Ichigo shouted, staring at the short soul reaper standing next to the thirteenth squad captain.

"Hiruko, your assignment was to observe Ichigo Kurosaki and assist if needed, but when I came here I only see the two of you fightig eachother!"

"Wait, how'd you know we were fighting, anyway?" Ichigo asked, glancing away from Rukia for a second, while both Hiruko an Rukia facepalmed.

"Do you hace any idea how much of a disturbance your spiritual pressures caused? We thought you were fighting against one of the new arrancars and-"

Ukitake slammed his hand over his mouth suddenly, but not fast enough to keep the last piece of information from slipping out.

"Wait, what new arrancar?" Ichigo shouted, grimmacing.

"I'm sorry, but that's classified information." Ukitake said, frowning. He then turned to Hiruko "and you should know better than to release yor zanpakuto in a populated area Do you have any idea how much damage you could have caused?!"

"Yes, I did sir. My acts were unforgiveable, and I await your punishment."

"Oh, you will be punished, but first you have to be tried by the council of 13."

"Yes sir." As Hiruko prepared to leave through the senkaimon, Ichigo stopped him.

"Hey, our fight's not over yet!"

"Oh, yes it is." Hiruko said, grinning. "15 seconds."


"That's how long it took me to defeat Byakuya Kuchiki during my captain application exam. Now, do you see how unmatched you are?"

And with that, Hiruko disapeared and left Ichigo to chew on that piece of information

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