Hello everyone! I wanna to show my new fanfic " Kida in Wonderland"! I don't know how you'll react, but I hope you'll like it...R&R!

Kida has regained consciousness and has looked on the parties. There was a plain around. She has tried to recollect that was the last. «The only thing that I remember – it's a rabbit …» - the queen has thought. Having risen, the queen saw a gate behind which there were huge gate.

- If I could open them … - have told Kida in emptiness.

Suddenly, under someone's order or wave, gates opened, as though inviting the girl in this mysterious wood. Kida has gone on a path which was unique in this wood.

Gloomy wood concealed in itself many riddles which could be solved. The queen of Atlantis didn't know it, but she listened attentively to each rustle.

-Meeow! - girl has heard.

- Who here? - Kidagakash has asked.

A second later she saw in the beginning is violet - a striped tail, then violet ears and already then … Before her has appeared Latino which has been dressed in violet suit. The cat's ears continually shuddered, and the tail was wound right and left.

- Welcome in the country of miracles, Kida- the girl has told and has bowed.

- What's your name? - Kida has said with astonishment.

- Call me simply-Cheshire cat. Go forward, you're waited.

And after that the girl has disappeared.

In the same time …

Among wood the palace which campaign that was in Atlantis outwardly was towered. But internally the furniture very much differed from all it. There were magnificent carpets and fountains in a hall . Quiet music played. On a throne sat young man which person has been closed by a white mask sat.

Before his throne the man who has been dressed in a dress coat was inclined, and in hands there was a hat. Black moustaches and shortly cut hair decorated him. In a teeth there was a match.

- The girl has come, The Mad Hatter. - the person sitting on a throne has told. - spend her to the lock.

- But your Majesty... You ordered t'the Cat … - said Hatter, but the king hand gesture has shown, that he has become silent.

- As will order, your Majesty. –Mad Hatter, having risen, has gone on an exit.

In the street he has climbed in a pocket of a jacket and has groped a hand dynamite. Having smiled, the man has told:

- It's necessary t'execute orders of th'King. - having put on a hat, the Italian has gone deep into woods to find the girl whose name's Kida.

It's the end of the first chapter... Who's the king? And why the Mad Hatter must to meet Kida? Wait for chapter Two: The tea lunch with demolition Mad Hatter!