Again this dream … Girl has regained consciousness and has felt that she's not in a palace. It already was other place. Lake coast, and around - darkness. And this darkness left someone the acquaintance. The dark blue smoothed hair and dressed in the military form.

-Rourke! - has told Kida. - YOU should not be in my dream!

- Queen Kida, after all you know, in dreams all's possible. Even occurrence of dead. - he has lovely smiled. – it's a pity Mad Hatter. Today in the sleep he'll die …

The queen has looked towards trees. There, having leant the elbows about a tree, Italian sat. On one side there was a blood and the right hand was broken.

- How you can?

- How I can? – Rourke began. - Well, whether you know … Second chance it's given not every day … especially then to appear in Santorini's body … - he has approached to the demolition expert and has felt pulse. - yes, I'm right … Soon he will die. And to regret on the birthday …

Rourke took Mad Hatter has rejected him.

-Vinny! - the girl has told.

But he even didn't hear it. When Kida has approached to him the Italian has only poorly smiled and has whispered:

- Your Majesty, be cautious … Go … This lake … you'll be pulled out from nightmare. - the Italian has risen and has started wandering. - Rourke! I said that anything good doesn't leave.

Kidagakash has entered into lake. Suddenly it began to part and there was a ladder with an exit somewhere. She has turned back last time and has seen, how Mad hatter beat off from Rourke's attacks. The girl wished to shout, but then again all became dark and Kida has regained consciousness. What was it? A dream? A nightmare? – She thought as has heard someone's steps . Milo has entered into a room and has told:

-Vinny's bad.

The queen has quickly risen and has put on. Soon both have appeared in a room of the Italian. He muttered something in the sleep and drops of cold sweat were flown down on the person. The girl has understood.

-Doc, make something! He's wounded sideways and the right hand is broken!

Friends have looked at her with astonishment and suddenly their sights have appeared are chained to a blood stain on one side.

- What to do? – has asked Mole.

- Leave all! - has told Doc.

After two hours Josh left and has sighed.

-He told me all. - Sweet has looked on Kida and has asked – It's the truth that Rourke's alive there, in dreams?

- Yes, it's. - the Queen of Atlantis has answered.

Friends have exchanged glances and then Audrey has said:

- Means, our fight isn't finished? It proceeds in dreams?

Kidagakash has nodded. She has understood that many of friends can offer the lives, as well as Vincenzo which was not lost almost in the sleep.

Milo has asked:

- How are you?

- Why I cannot offer for the sake of them a life? Why so? - The girl told- Vinny … And who's the next?!Audrey, Doc or Mole?

-Kida … About what you're talking about? - The king of Atlantis has told with astonishment.

- Nothing- has told Kidagakash and has left a room.