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Also, this story won't have many of the same dialogue as the actual Lord of the rings. I figured i'm already copying some of the storyline, I don't want to also copy what they say. If I did, I reckon this Fic will be really boring.

Oh,also.. I'm not going to make all the elves sail towards the west in this story. Only if they have a dire need.

One last thing. Glorfindel won't be introduced at first, but he will become one of the main characters in this story. (You just gotta love him) XD

Summary: Harry Potter is missing from the wizarding world. He was shoved into middle earth as an elfling directly into the path of the fellowship in the mines of Moria. Will he get to relive his childhood or be forced to go back to his world?

Finding a home

Chapter 1: The astonishing meeting

Harry stared ahead, his normally bright green eyes, dull and blank. His mind couldn't comprehend what they were saying. Words that they were saying kept jumping out at him. Can't...no...friends....idiot. That was funny. It almost sounded as if they were saying that they didn't want to be his friends anymore. Harry slowly tilted his head in confusion, pain and shock.

"You... don't want to be friends anymore?" Harry asked almost pitifully. It felt as if his head was swirling around in pain, as if he didn't have any grasp on reality. Hermione closed her eyes briefly before opening them and stared at Harry, almost coldly. Ron had his head faced towards the ground as though he couldn't bare to look at Harry anymore.

"No," That one word nearly broke Harry's heart. After everything they had been together, they were abandoning him? Two weeks ago, he would have laughed at the concept. The three of them always did everything together. Always, threw the light and dark, they were always there for each other.

"But... so... the times we spent together were meaningless? You...can't....not now when I need you the most!" Harry desperately said. He was in denial. This was just a dream. One of his most horrible dreams.

"We've realized that if we stay with you, we will probably end up dead... with the rest of them," Ron spoke lowly, his face still tilted downwards. For the first time since Cedric had died, tears swelled up into Harry's eyes. The pain, the hurt Harry was feeling almost made him tremble on the spot. It was only pure will that kept him going and not breaking down.

"I...understand," And he did understand. No matter how much it hurt, he didn't blame them because just a little part of him wanted this to happen so that they would be safer. But at the same time, it felt like he stood alone, trying to fight an enemy so powerful. How could he do that when no one was willing to fight with him? For the first time in his life, he felt as if he didn't want to save the wizardry world. What was the point in trying to save it, if no one else would help? For the first time he thought 'What's the point in saving the world. What have they given me? They all expect me to be a hero and take down Voldemort when they scorn me as soon as something bad happens. Why don't they save themselves?'

As soon as Harry thought this, a bright light shone from Harry's chest. He gasped in shock. Harry probably would have screamed but the light felt nice and comforting. Harry looked at Hermione and Ron with a slight smile while both of them just stared in horror. Whatever was happening, Harry didn't care. The light shone bigger and bigger until slowly, Harry was covered from it and a second later, the light was gone, but Harry was as well.

Hermione collapsed onto her knees while Ron slowly walked over to where Harry had been. Tears streamed down both of their faces with an occasional sob. What was that? Where was Harry? What was worse was that where ever Harry was, they had betrayed him. It was only at a moment of weakness that had made her say those things, and now wherever Harry was, if he was alive would believe that they had abandoned him which they had done. Ron hadn't even been able to look at his friend in the eye.

"Harry," Hermione cried out softly. "I'm so sorry. What have I done?"


Harry slowly blinked as the light blinked out of existence. It seemed as if he was in a cave? Harry looked down and almost fell over in shock. He was tiny! Did he turn into a kid? Harry grabbed his head in frustration but froze after a second. His ears.... were pointy? What was he? The only thing that he knew of that had pointy ears was a house elf, but after frantically looking at his skin that was clearly not the case.

Harry frowned as now everything started to set in. He was in an unknown place, taken by a flash of light. He had pointy ears and he was a kid! Yep, if there was a time to panic, it would be now. His breathe started to become raspy and he clutched his chest as he cuddled in a small ball. Why couldn't he control his emotions? He had learnt to do this long ago because of the Dursley's!

As Harry struggled to regain his breath, he looked around more carefully but then frowned. Everything was black. Harry breathed in before shakily bringing his hands out. He brought his hands together before thinking carefully and started to expand his hands which had a fire in the middle of them. It was a good thing Harry could use the four elements Fire, Water, air and Earth. It didn't burn since he was careful with his thinking. Too bad Harry had lost his wand ages ago and couldn't bring to replace it. This would be a good time to protect himself with it.

Looking around, Harry grimaced as he stared at a pile of bones and quickly looked away. Even though it disgusted him greatly, he was/had been involved in a war, so he had seen many people die. If he hadn't, he probably would have thrown up by now.

"I'm hungry," A voice floated it's way up to Harry's ears. Harry instantly froze partly in fear and partly in surprise that someone else was in this disgusting place.

"Pippin! Lower you're voice! We don't want to... get any unwanted visitors," Another older and wiser voice came floating up. Harry bit his lip and was thankful that he had his backpack with his black cloak. Immediately he put the cloak around himself and put the hood up so that it covered his ears. Who knew what people around here would say about pointed ears.

Knowing that he had to talk to the people otherwise he would probably never find his way out of this place, he resolved himself to wait for a couple of minutes while anticipation and fear filled inside of him. What if they were bad people? He didn't want to fight that much, but if it ended up being like that, he wouldn't be able to get out of this place either.

The footsteps were getting nearer and nearer. It sounded like there was a group of about eight people. Could he even fight off that much? Harry blinked before he realized he could still see and immediately let the fire die out and plunged into darkness before sitting down. One way to get you're opponents to relax more is if they think you are less dangerous and to get underestimated.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer making Harry on edge and clenched his tiny fists. The first person he saw was a old man with a grey cloak on, a grey hat and a staff in one hand which had a bright light shinning from it. He looked a lot like Dumbledore especially with his long beard.

"Oh," The old man stopped and stared at Harry interestingly. "Now this is a surprise,"

"What is it Gandalf?" A voice spoke behind him before peaking over his shoulder and gasped in surprise. This man had a brown beard and scraggly brown hair. Harry felt a pang in his heart as this man looked a lot like Sirius. Would he ever get to see Sirius again?

"What's a child doing in Moria?" The man spoke in a wondering tone. Gandalf didn't answer but came in th room letting the others follow along. The next one's to come in and stare at him seemed like children at first glance. But on second glance they had adult faces, but they were tiny and had no shoes on. After they came in a man with red hair and a beard came following, then a small dwarf like person with a scraggly beard and lastly a person with long straight blonde hair came in. He was the most interesting to Harry since he had the same pointed ears as himself. The weirdest thing about them though was that they were all carrying weapons such as bows and swords.

"Don't be fooled, this could be a trick!" The red haired man stated, his eyes tense and ready for action. Harry stared, taken aback. A trick?

"Since when do orcs have brains to do such a complicated trick?" The old man said before coming a little closer.

"Hello young one, I am Gandalf the grey and these are my companions," Gandalf said as he gestured to them. Harry blinked. Gandalf the grey? Who called them self that nowadays? At least now he knew that they seemed friendly.

"I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn," The scraggly brown Sirius look alike stepped forward and tilted his head towards Harry. "This here is Boromir, Gimli, Pippin, Merry, Sam, Frodo and Legolas," He said gesturing to each one, who each gave some type of greeting.

"What's you're name?" Pippin spoke up cheerfully while Mary nudged him to keep quiet. Harry giggled for a second before stopping instantly appalled with himself. He giggled? Him?

"Harry," He spoke shyly and uncertain.

"Well, Harry, what are you doing in a place like this?" Gandalf asked kindly.

"Uhh..." Harry was at a loss of what to say. A white light brought him here? No way. They would think him crazy.

Aragorn frowned. "Doesn't matter. Do you want to come with us little one?" Harry stared. Little one? Amazingly enough, he didn't mind the sound of that. Aragorn stepped closer but Harry instinctively backed away.

"No!" Harry yelled fearfully. What on earth? It felt as if he was feeling more child like, did that make him more scared or something? Aragorn immediately stopped and turned to the others questioningly.

Harry turned his head to Legolas who was watching him carefully. A weird feeling came over him. A feeling as though if he were with Legolas he would be safe. Before he could stop himself, Harry threw himself at Legolas as though to make sure the comforting feeling never left.

He grabbed onto Legolas's green elven cloak and hid his face, burrowing into it. Harry almost started as he realized that he was acting like a little kid, and almost moved away but he stopped himself as he felt the comfort and warmth he gave off.

He felt Legolas start and insecurely looked up, after all, why would someone want to comfort him? As if just remembering, his mind went back to when he was brought there. Hermione and Ron... they had left him once and for all. Harry bit his lip and trembled. He stared at Legolas, his bright green eyes shiny with moist almost seemed to tear at Legolas as he stared at the child clutching to him.

Legolas burrowed his eyebrows before looking over to Aragorn, hoping he would know what to do. Aragorn just frowned back before shrugging and mouthed the words 'comfort him'. Legolas nodded slowly before gently pulling the child, Harry away from him and kneeled down to his height. He couldn't have reached his sixth winter yet.

Harry stared as Legolas peered into at his face, his eyes gentle and filled with warmth. Harry's eyes traveled over Legolas's face before staring at his ears with fascination.

"Harry," Legolas started, feeling the name roll of his tongue in fascination. "Do you want to come with us? This is a dangerous place to be in," Harry bit his lip before looking around. He would definitely die if he didn't go with them and they didn't seem like they were death eaters. Besides, if he went with them, then maybe he could find out where he was!

Harry shyly nodded and looked up at Legolas who's eyes brightened. Legolas stood up before nodding to the others and then held out his hand to Harry. Harry looked up innocently before slowly taking Legolas's hand.

Legolas grinned in achievement before they all set about moving again. They would find out more about their newest companion when they had time.

They continued walking up before Harry made a startling realization. Gandalf's staff was lit up!

"You're a wizard!" Harry gasped in shock, but Gandalf didn't appear to be the regular wizard he saw. Who used staffs anyway? Gandalf turned his head to look at him while the others kept an ear open, listening interestedly at the conversation, after all, there wasn't much else that was going on.

"Yes, I am a wizard, probably the only one you will ever meet," Gandalf said with a laugh, but Harry just stared. Last wizard? What was going on? Had he somehow landed in a different world? A different dimension? Harry unconsciously squeezed Legolas's hand tighter. Legolas frowned before looking down to see that he looked spooked and uncertain. He was about to say something before they came to a stop where there were two pathways to walk through.

"Hmm, I can't seem to remember which way to go," Gandalf stroked his beard thoughtfully. "Let us wait, and hope I remember," Gandalf nodded before sitting down and stared at the two pathways deep in concentration. Aragorn sighed before sitting down on a rock while the four hobbits sat on the ground. Gimli walked towards them while Boromir leaned against the wall warily.

Legolas decided to sit on the floor, pulling Harry down with him. Aragorn tilted his head slightly before heading their way, wanting to know more about their little friend.

Aragorn sat down beside them where Harry looked over and stared at him. He really did look like Sirius, with his short brown beard, and his shaggy hair.

"Harry," Aragorn said gently. "Did you want to take you're cloak off? We are not going to hurt you," Aragorn smiled, his eyes gentle. Harry slowly nodded. He would have to take off his cloak soon anyway and it was best to do it when they asked. Harry slowly brought down the hood, uncovering his pointed ears and stared at them.

Legolas and Aragorn's breath caught as they stared at him as though he was unreal. Harry was almost taken aback by their actions. Did he look ugly? Was it because of his ears? But Legolas had the same ears as well so that didn't make much sense.

"An elfling!" Aragorn breath in shock. His voice vibrated throughout the entire room and everyone seemed to still before all looking over at Harry in shock and amazement. Even Gandalf was staring at him. Harry began to feel unnerved. Biting his lip, he moved backwards. Aragorn noticed first before breathing in and slowly tried to look reassuring.

"Shh, it's okay," Aragorn gently said. "We were just shocked. There hasn't been an elfling in in at least 500 years!" Harry stared shocked and in disbelief. So he was an elfling? The only elfling in existence? He nearly groaned. Just his luck!

"But how would no elves know about you? After all, if you were born with the elves, then all of the elves on middle earth would know about you," Aragorn mused. Harry stilled. So, apparently he was in middle earth, stranded.

"How did you end up in Moria?" Pippin asked curiously. Merry gave him a look before looking to Harry as well, eyes eager. Harry shifted, uncomfortable with the attention and just shrugged.

"Dunno," Harry answered in a small voice. "There was a white light. It was really bright and it took me here," Aragorn stared at him confused as did the others. Gandalf frowned and walked over.

"A white light? Are you sure?" Gandalf prodded. Harry nodded while the others looked between the other two confused.

"Gandalf! You're not actually saying you believe him do you?" Boromir asked disbelieving. Harry winced mutely.

"I believe him," Gandalf said "As this was exactly Glorfindel's recount of how he returned to Middle Earth when he died," Gasps were heard throughout the room.

"Are you saying... that Harry died and came back by the Valor?" Legolas demanded, looking down at Harry protectively. Harry stared before his mouth slowly dropped open. That was the craziest thing anybody had ever said!

"But..but I didn't die! I was at home when it happened!" Harry protested. Gandalf shrugged but it held no comfort to Harry.

"There will be things that we will never know, we just have to learn to accept them," Gandalf stated before walking back to the two pathways and stared in concentration. Harry stared at Gandalf but looked away as he felt a hand on his. Quickly, he turned and stared at Sam who was giving him an unsure smile.

"'It's okay," He said "We won't let any harm come to you," Sam said, seemingly trying to comfort him. Harry smiled at the encouragement of the words and saw that Legolas was nodding fiercely. Even Aragorn had a determination look about him. In that moment Aragorn looked like a leader, a king. Harry looked back over to Sam a question that he had wanted answered for some time.

"What... are you?" Harry asked. It was probably rude to say, but how else would he know? All four of the little people stared at him. Merry and Pippin jumped up before hugging one another.

"Pippin, he doesn't know what we are!" Merry said in astonishment. Pippin nodded fervently.

"We, my dear elfling are hobbits!" Pippin said proudly. Harry stared wonderingly before nodding still not really knowing what they were. Aragorn rolled his eyes while Legolas smiled.

"Where are you're parents?" Legolas asked bringing his attention back to the elf. Aragorn became serious and gave a pointed look to the Hobbits which told the hobbits to stay quiet. Harry looked away from Legolas. That had to have been the first time he had ever been asked that question. Everyone at home knew that they were dead where here no one knew, and it strangely hurt to answer him. Harry hesitated, his eyes brightening sadly.

"They're dead,"Harry murmured sadly. Legolas swallowed uncomfortably, feeling sympathy and sadness for the little elfling. He wanted to reach out to the elfling to bring him comfort and to make sure he was safe with them but he was unsure. Would he reject his attempt to comfort him? After only knowing Harry for less than a day, he was already protective of him and it seemed almost unreal that he was with the only elfling on Middle Earth at the moment.

"I'm sorry, nessa er," Aragorn murmured. Harry frowned in confusion.

"Nessa er?" Harry asked curiously. Aragorn blinked before looking wonderingly at Harry.

"You don't know the elven language? Nessa er means young one," Legolas asked a little shocked. Where had Harry grown up to not no their language? Harry shook his head mutely, looking curiously from Aragorn to Legolas.

"Can you teach me?" Harry asked eagerly. Even just hearing two words of the elven language sounded beautiful to his ears. Legolas grinned to Aragorn who nodded with a pleased smile on his face.

"Off course," Legolas said. Harry grinned. At least he wouldn't be totally bored with their trip.

"When we have time," Aragorn added but he was still smiling. Harry nodded before tilting his head curiously.

"Where are we going?" Harry asked. Aragorn frowned while others looked to Aragorn to see what he was going to say.

"We are going to Lothorien. We are on our way to completing a mission. Lothorien is on the way, and we will drop you off there," Aragorn spoke. Harry froze. They were going to leave him? Abandon him to people he didn't even know? Harry stared at Aragorn, heart broken and sad. Aragorn winced at the look, and supposed he should have worded it differently.

"Harry, our mission that we are on, it is too dangerous for an elfling. Lothorien is a place filled with elves. All elves are very protective of any elflings as it is so hard for them to get pregnant. That is the price for immortality," Aragorn spoke gently, trying to get rid of the heart broken look that stared back at him. Harry stared. Elves were immortal? He was immortal? Harry decided to think of it later as it was giving him something to think about.

Harry wasn't hurt any more of Aragorn's words. He understood the reasoning behind them. If he was in Aragorn's position he would have done the same thing. Harry nodded reassuringly, but it still made him nervous that he was going to a place where he didn't know anyone at all.

"Aha!" The group looked at Gandalf. "It's this way," Gandalf nodded and pointed to the right pathway.

"He's remembered," Pippin whispered to Merry but everyone heard him. Everyone stood, grateful that they could start moving. After all, it wasn't exactly comfortable to be in this place.

"Nope," Gandalf stated. "I followed my nose. When ever you are in doubt, always follow you're nose," Harry looked incredulously at Gandalf. That was one of the weirdest thing he had ever heard off! How could any of them possibly smell the differences of the pathways? They would smell the same! Harry was interrupted from his thoughts as he felt two hands pick him up. Harry squeaked in astonishment and looked over at Aragorn who was now holding him. He was seventeen years old! He was too old to be picked up! Harry made a pleading face to Aragorn who gave him a regretful look in return.

"I'm sorry, nessa er, but we need to go as quick as possible. It will be easier if I hold you," Aragorn spoke. Harry struggled, still not satisfied with the explanation, but Aragorn's strong and sturdy hands kept him from moving. Harry grumpily looked up at Aragorn before deliberately turning his head away from him and looked at the hobbits who were grinning up at him. Annoyed, Harry stuck out his tongue before choosing to stare at Gimli and Legolas.

"Finally we are moving," Gimli grumbled as he rested his hand on his Axe. Gandalf walked at at fast pace through the right pathway which Aragorn then followed with Harry still being held. Harry lost count of time and was becoming increasingly bored. The hallways looked all the same and everyone seemed to occupied to talk to him, so he was left with his thoughts about his world.

Hermione's words came back to him, those eyes stared at him with no emotion. It hurt to even think about them, but as he was held by Aragorn, he felt that he wanted to go back to his world. Beside, if he didn't he wouldn't have to defeat Voldemort. Harry almost felt relieved that he didn't have that burden, but then felt disgusted and horrified with himself. So many innocent people would get killed if he wasn't there! He was their only hope! He felt like crying, but knew from past experiences that it never helped.

Legolas, who was behind Aragorn saw Harry's eyes darken, his eyes staring at the ground sad and confused. Legolas frowned almost painfully as he saw the pain reflected in the young ones eyes. He was just a youngling! He should be protected and loved by all the elves, yet it seemed as if he was the only elf who knew and cared about him. Word would have gotten around ages ago if any other elves knew about him, yet this elfling was unknown to the world.

Harry kept musing to himself as they went up the stairs and into some more dark hallways before finally coming to a stop right in front of a room. Gimli came forward excited with anticipation before stopping with dread and gave out a startling yell of anguish and despair before running in the room. Harry felt fear run through him as Aragorn went on running after Gimli followed by the others who all had looks of unease and anticipation.

Harry turned around in Aragorn's arms and stared. There was a large stone with writing on it where Gimli sobbed, his cries despairing the rest of them.

"Here lies Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria," Gandalf read, his head down in respect for the person who had died. Harry looked away, sadness creeping up on him. He didn't want to be surrounded by more death! Harry hid his head in Aragorn's shirt before shaking his head and struggled to get down. Aragorn seemed not to notice and numbly let him down, which Harry was grateful for.

As they stood still, Harry looked around and tilted his head curiously as his eyes set upon a book which was in a skeletons arms. Feeling disgusted, he slowly walked over before snatching the book and opened it up. Feeling sick as he read what it said, he knew it best to read it to the others.

"They have taken the Bridge and the second hall: we have barred the gates… but cannot hold them for long… the ground shakes... drums, drums in the deep… we cannot get out. A shadow moves in the dark. Will no-one save us? They are coming," Harry spoke out with an ounce of fear. Everyone froze before looking at Harry who stared at the book. Dread crept upon them as they realized just what had happened to the people in this cave.

There was a tense silence that no one was willing to break, as if it would unleash something terrible among them that is until... a loud bang echoed where Pippin dropped a rock down it. Everyone winced at every bang it made, the suspense making it almost unbearable. Harry stared. In any other situation, he would have almost found it funny, in fact... he still didn't know what was exactly after them... if anything.

"You fool!" Gandalf angrily said. "Throw yourself in next time, and rid us of you stupidity!" Pippin looked down guiltily and chastened. Harry couldn't help but feel slightly sorry for the hobbit. That was only a passing thought though as he heard a huge boom echo throughout the room. Harry froze as he heard two more great booms before they became a rhythm.

They all stared at one another before there were harsh battle cries and running feet becoming louder an louder. It was then that everyone moved into action.

Boromir ran over to the doors and slammed them closed before facing the other way.

"They have a cave troll," Boromir said in astonishment before quickly grabbing some wood and locking it in place by the door. Aragorn quickly joined in and mimicked Boromir's movements, hoping for a little more time.

Legolas ran over to Harry before kneeling down.

"Listen to me, Harry!" Legolas rushed protectively. "I want you to be near me or Aragorn. We will protect you!" Legolas quickly handed Harry a small dagger before hugging the small elfling.

"Be varna," Legolas whispered in elvish. Harry didn't know what it meant, but it soothed him nonetheless. Legolas quickly leaped up and quickly loaded his bow, facing it at the door where Aragorn was doing the same thing. Harry stared in anticipation, his hand tightening it's grip on the dagger as he heard a loud bang on the door. He was glad he had his magic, otherwise he would be feeling much more scared.

The door cracked open before the door blasted open. Arrows flew from Aragorn and Legolas to the most ugliest creatures Harry had ever seen. Harry stared in horror as those things burst through trying to kill his friends. He was mesmerized but was quickly distracted as he saw one of those things heading for him with it's axe high above it's head. Harry froze scared, before trying to slice the monster, but it just laughed at him. Harry stared with huge eyes as the monster snarled nastily but seconds after the monster stared surprised before gurgling blood and collapsing to the floor dead with a arrow through it's chest. Harry stared horrified at the dead creature in front of him. He looked up to catch Legolas's eye where he nodded, Legolas's eyes determined.

"Aragorn!" Frodo cried out. Harry turned around to see a troll cornering the small hobbit.

"Frodo!" Aragorn shouted. Harry saw Aragorn try to run to Frodo, but there were too many monsters in his path. Aragorn desperately slew a monster which was in his way and roughly pushed another, his eyes desperately seeking out Frodo's. Harry felt fear growing as he saw the monster raise his spear, readying it to spear Frodo and knew he had a momentary decision and just by looking into those scared looking eyes, he already knew what he was going to do.

Harry concentrated before fire lit up in his hand and looked down at his hand. The flames sparkled around his hand magnificently before Harry looked up and swung his hand at the troll. The flame was thrown into the air and hit the troll, blowing it up in flames. It was dead before it hit the ground.

Everything seemed to pause as they stared at the dead troll and then to Harry in shock and disbelief. It was then that everyone seemed to go back into reality. The fellowship seemed to have renewed their energy and the monsters were getting slaughtered. Soon, Boromir sliced through the last monster before all was silent. Everyone was puffing and trying to get a grasp of what they had just seen.

"You can use magic?" Pippin asked, his eyes wide. Boromir stared with distrust and maybe a little fearful.

Harry hesitated before nodding and staring up at them scared that they would hate him now. He was amazed that although they were shocked and looked disbelieving, none looked disgusted or horrified. There was a small bang which made everyone quickly turn.

"We'll talk about this later," Aragorn rushed as he put his sword back in his scabbard before nodding to Gandalf and running out the door with Gandalf right behind him. Legolas then quickly scooped Harry up before running next out the door.

Harry tightened his hold on Legolas, fear building it's way up. The closer they got, the more his fire elemental power acted up. Harry wasn't exactly sure what was happening, he just knew that they were getting closer and closer to something huge and potently dangerous to all of them.


Anyway this is the first chapter! I hope you like it. It may not be the most original thing, but I couldn't resist the idea.