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Chapter 4

The first thing Harry awoke to was the steady rocking movement of the white horse which was galloping quickly through the trees. Harry stared uncomprehendingly for a couple of seconds before his eyes widened in realization and quickly, he looked up at Glorfindel, who was staring determinedly at the trees as they passed.

Harry hesitated, not sure what to say or do, yet it seemed that Glorfindel made that decision for him as he looked down and looked into Harry's unsure face. Instantly, Glorfindel's face grew warm and a small smile played at his lips.

"It will be alright, Little one. You're safe with me," He reassured Harry. Harry nodded, but was not entirely convinced, so he just looked towards the tree's which passed them.

"Rivendell is a beautiful place. You will love it," Glorfindel hesitated slightly. "Where have you come from?" Harry shrugged, uncomfortable with where the conversation was heading and so, he refused to talk to someone about something so personal to him. Harry paused slightly, his eyes widened slightly in shock as he recalled what Gandalf had said about him. Just maybe he could get some answers.

"Y-You died, yes?" Glorfindel paused, startled with the direction the conversation was taking.

"Correct," Glorfindel spoke slowly, trying to understand why Harry brought this up

"So... when you... died, what happened?" Harry struggled with how to question him. Hesitantly, Glorfindel answered, hoping to gain some trust in Harry.

"When I died, I was met by the valor. It wasn't my time to go yet, so they sent me back and I arrived on middle earth again 1000 years later..."Harry felt shock rise upon him. None of this was making sense! Was it possible that he was actually on earth but thousands of years earlier than when he had originally been on it?

"How...how long will I stay in Rivendell for?" Before you kick me out. Harry added silently, his stomach churning at the thought of having to leave by himself to go somewhere else.

"What?" Glorfindel asked stunned. "Off course you will stay in Rivendell! Everyone will be thankful to have an elfling. No one will want you to leave," Harry stayed silent, knowing that he didn't really believe those words.

Glorfindel watched in silence, slightly stressed. Never had he met such an elfling where they didn't even trust their own kind. Feeling emotional, Glorfindel slowly tightened his grasp on the elfling who stiffened slightly.

"You will see," Glorfindel whispered.

It was silent. No one moved an inch. The atmosphere was tense, almost to the point that they felt that they couldn't speak.

Ron was in a chair in the middle of the room. His hold on the chair was so harsh that his hands were going white. His face had a look of pain and guilt, so much that he just stared down into his lap.

Hermione, who was sitting next to him was silently crying, tears of shame and despair falling. Her eyes were burning with sadness and the guilt of what she, her actions had done.

Professor McGonagall almost seemed like she was going into shock. Her face was white and totally and utterly shocked. Professor Dumbledore was standing off to the side, his face frowning in concern, yet if anyone looked closely there was a small inch of confusion showing.

"How...how could such a thing happen?" Professor Mcgonagall whispered under her breath before looked up at Dumbledore. "A-are you sure?"

"Yes, Harry isn't in the castle," Dumbledore stated.

"I...," Professor Mcgonagall stopped as realization settled upon her. "Sirius! Remus! Oh no! This news will break them both!" She looked utterly horrified yet Dumbledore nodded slowly.

"I-I should go tell them," Professor Mcgonagall whispered faintly before going over to the fire and whispered Sirius's name. Moment's later, she could hear Remus's and Sirius's laughter over something that she had no idea what it was. The news that she was about to tell them suddenly became a lot harder to announce as she looked at the two happy faces.

"Sirius...Remus," She called out softly. Instantly, both spun, shocked, but then their eyes widened.

"Jeez, you shouldn't do that! You scared the life out of me," Sirius heaved, a small grin playing on his face. "What's up? You don't usually contact us like this," Professor Mcgonagall sighed sadly, her eyes becoming quite moist. Remus immediately turned serious knowing that something was wrong. Sirius, it seemed caught onto the fact as well.

"Is something wrong?" Sirius immediately asked bluntly. Remus was silent, feeling it best to be quite for the moment, but then a thought struck him.

"Is Harry okay?" He immediately asked. Professor Mcgonagall didn't answer but just gestured for them to come through the floo. Both men were stunned, worry building it's way up inside of them. If Mcgonagall didn't reassure them then something bad, really bad must have happened. Immediately, they flooed into Dumbledore's office and both witnessed a grim silence.

"What's going on? Is Harry okay?" Sirius forced out, his voice full of hope, yet that hope was slowly dying. Why would they get called in here when Hermione and Ron were there as well looking horrified if it wasn't about his godson. Remus seemed to have come to the same conclusion as Sirius and put a shaky hand on Sirius's shoulder.

"What's going on?" Remus demanded, just managing to stop his voice from croaking with emotion.

"It seems... Harry has disappeared," Dumbledore calmly said. Sirius and Remus froze disbelievingly.

"W-what?" Sirius backed away slightly, a look of fear and confusion on his face. "That... that's a lie!" He ended up shouting, yet as he looked around the room one by and one and saw each devastating looks he muttered painfully "It's a lie," Looking up, he glanced at Remus who seemed to have a deep look of horror and dread on written on his face.

Looking over at the headmaster, a huge pit of anger settled upon him and before he knew what he was doing, he seemingly tried to hit the Headmaster. Remus, even though he was feeling as though he was about to panic and cry at the same time, still managed to hold him back.

"What the hell do you mean he disappeared! People just don't disappear!" Sirius shouted, furiously trying to reach the headmaster. "Where the hell were you! Aren't you suppose to stop this type of thing from happening?" Sirius struggled, trying to rip Remus's hands which had a tight grip around his shoulders.

"P-People don't just disappear..." Sirius trailed, his eyes moist with emotion before collapsing onto a chair which was conveniently behind him.

"Sirius...Remus..." Dumbledore started, but stopped once Remus surprisingly glared at him.

"Shut up! I'm also an inch away from attacking you, so you had better tell us what the hell happened!" Remus demanded, his voice unnaturally cold. There was a small shocked silence after that, all surprised at the tone it Remus's voice.

"Very well," Dumbledore sighed. "Mr Weasley, Mrs Granger, will you recount you're story once more?" Hermione and Ron nodded dumbly.

"I..I don't know what happened," Ron mumbled, yet all of them could hear perfectly fine. "One minute we were talking, then the next, a small light glowed around him...a-and then, he disappeared," There was a moments silence before Hermione started sobbing.

"Stop it! Stop covering it all up as if we were innocent!" Hermione sobbed, her voice raised. Ron turned his sad eyes on her before looking down to the floor ashamed.

"Don't you dare look away like a coward! It's all our fault!" Hermione shouted, tears falling freely. "We told him! We told him we didn't want to be his friends, told him it was too dangerous and now Harry's... Harry's... gone. He was smiling when the light went around him and it was because of us! Did he want to get away from us that much that he didn't care about what happened to himself?" Hermione sobbed, her voice getting slightly hysterical.

"Now he thinks we abandoned him and we can't even deny it because... we did! When he needed us the most..." Hermione broke off before covering her face with her hands. The adults were stunned and horrified, especially Sirius and Remus.

"Y-You bastards!" Sirius breathed out, feeling more and more terrified and angry. "Y-You were his best friends... and you..." Sirius would have most likely gone on to shouting yet Remus interrupted him.

"I can't say I'm too pleased either," Remus growled at them, his eyes flashing gold for a second. "Yet the most important thing at the moment is to find Harry," Sirius almost wanted to argue for a moment, before taking a deep breath and nodded abruptly, his movements jerky.

"..and what do you mean by a white light? That's impossible!" Remus spoke with a hard voice.

"But thats what happened! We both saw it! I could show you in a pensieve if you still don't believe me!" Hermione protested, her eyes once again becoming moist.

"Very well, Mrs Granger. It may help to see you're memories of that moment," Professor Dumbledore agreed. Hermione for a second felt dread at having them all see that moment where she had spoken horrible words to Harry, but then if it helped them find Harry, then she could bare the shame.

Dumbledore lead her over to a basin with clear liquid in which she recognized as a pensieve. Taking a deep breath, Hermione brought her wand to the side of her forehead and thought of that terrible moment. Seconds later, she pulled a clear thread and dumped it into the pensieve.

Everyone stood still, tense before, as one, everyone except for Ron and Hermione moved towards the Penseive, eager, yet hesitant to know exactly what had happened. The next moment only Hermione and Ron were standing in Dumbledore's office, waiting for them to go back out again.

The waiting was tense, especially knowing that everyone would know exactly what had happened and how they had picked at Harry's weakness, which she knew, were his friends. Them, a small voice muttered in Hermione's head, yet were they really his friends anymore?

A minute later, the rest appeared in Dumbledore's study again, Sirius seething with anger and Remus was almost no better off.

"You had better get out of my sight soon or I might do something I will regret," Sirius coldly said to Ron and Hermione.

"Calm down Sirius," Dumbledore tried to sooth Sirius, yet it turned out to have the opposite effect.

"You're asking me..." Sirius quietly said his voice rising. "...To calm down...when my godson is missing?" Sirius shouted the last part out.

"Albus... do you have any ideas where Mr Potter could be?" Mcgonagall questioned, interrupting what would have been an argument. Dumbledore sighed before shaking his head.

"No, ive got no idea. All my life and i've never seen anything like this..." Dumbledore trailed off, thinking hard. "...And he's the only one who can defeat Voldemort as well..." That last bit seemed to have made Sirius and Remus fume even more.

"Who cares about Voldemort! My godson is missing and all your concerned about is using Harry to defeat Voldemort?" Sirius questioned, his voice dark. "You bastard. I'll search for Harry myself," Spinning, Sirius stalked out his Dumbledores office angry and worried.

"Sirius is right for once. Harry has no obligation to defeat Voldemort. He is his own person," Remus muttered before going towards the door. Stopping, he turned around, tears in his voice.

"I guess there is one good thing about Harry missing. Where ever he is..." Remus refused to even think about Harry being dead. "...at least he wont get manipulated by you," And with that, Remus also stalked away.

Dumbledore sighed sadly. He did care for the boy, yet Voldemort was important as well.

"When will they learn," Dumbledore whispered. "That this is for the greater good,"

"Wake up, little one," A soothing voice said right by his ear. Harry murmured something uncomprehendingly before turning his head the other way instinctively. A light chuckle slowly brought him out of his dreams and, in a quick moment as he remembered everything that had happened, snapped his eyes open and stared at Glorfindel, tensing.

"I-I" Harry mumbled, trying to remember going to sleep, yet not having much luck.

"You fell asleep," Glorfindel reminded him. Harry had the urge to roll his eyes yet didn't think that would be too polite, so he just kept silent.

"We are almost at Rivendell," Glorfindel said and Harry was definitely thankful. His backside was getting incredibly sore from riding, yet still didn't dare to complain.

"You will love Rivendell. It is magnificent. Once we get there, I will bring you to lord Elrond," Glorfindel said, making light conversation, yet Harry stiffened. A lord? That sounded like an incredibly important person and Glorfindel was taking him to meet him? That was completely nuts! Why would a lord want to meet him? He was just... just Harry!

"Rivendell is just up this hill," Glorfindel stated making Harry try to get a good look, yet the trees were in his way.

It was silent going up there, which Harry was glad for, yet he suspected Glorfindel did that on purpose to allow him a little space before he met Lord Elrond.

Finally, Rivendell came into view, and Harry could only stare in amazement. It was a completely beautiful place, much more than anything he had actually seen before. This place just seemed more wildlike and... less... man-made... if that made sense, which to Harry, it did.

"Welcome, to Rivendell," Glorfindel whispered into his ear as he continued to stare at the beautiful sight.

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