Everyday we are presented with them and depending on the answers we give, we affect our life. It's actually quite amazing to see what kind of power those avnswers have upon us, especially since a number those choices can be fulfilled with one of two words – 'Yes' or 'No'.

Some people and situations however don't grant the luxury of a choice. Other times, a choice can almost be like stepping into the fray of hell. I'm sure everyone has experienced at least one of those choices in their life at one time or another. You've even seen this occur as you learned of this tale in the City of Sin.

Here I stand, after hell on earth, after facing a past I would prefer to forget, after all the choices that I and my associates made, here I stand. I face against the man who has helped and fought against us on numerous occasions.

His motives – To help restore life to three races that were massacred, and while he has only the noblest of intentions, his road as been filled with sins and betrayal to those around him.

I'm not one to judge. My past is also filled with sins, sins born from the choices that I made and those that I didn't make – But here we all are…





Even Kamen…

We're all travelers in this journey we call life, and we all must continue walking the paths that we have set. We don't know what lies ahead, but the very reason why we continue walking forward is to change the future in which the world is ruined. I don't know what my fate is, perhaps it's to create a new road for people to follow…

Kamen's road certainly is one to salute to, for he is creating new paths not for himself, but rather for those who had lost their trails. You all may be wondering what my reason is to even accept this dangerous duel, I said my reason was because it was my job, and that's a part of it, but only a small part.

Who am I?

I am a Shadowchaser, I am a detective, I am a person of the law… But, I am one thing that is more important than those titles…

I am Hyde Ivan Vayne.

A man who once thought he lost his choice a long time before he had any options.

A man who has learned that the future is changing at every instant, even ideals and despairs, so, while it may seem that there is only one road for a person to follow, I will burn my own path and follow my ideals!

I will dive into the darkness that surrounds this duel, and reveal the truth that is constantly running away from me!

So, I only have one last thing to say…



Draw 50

Mysterious Mysteries


Darkness – That was all Hyde could see and feel around him, it was almost suffocating to the gruff Shadowchaser. But just as he couldn't take another second of this, the darkness gave way to light, Hyde's eyes slightly blinded from the quick exposure of light.

When his eyes began to adjust to the light, he realized that he was outside!

But rather than the sights of all the tourists and streets of Las Vegas that he had grown accustomed to, Hyde saw almost all of the City of Sin from a bird's eye-view, the sandstorm that Davidson created was gone, and the blue sky was gleaming above the normally neon-lit city.

"Welcome to our final battleground!"

Hyde spun around, seeing Kamen standing behind him with Ace, Faye and Barron only a few feet away, trying to get their eyes adjusted to the sudden light they were exposed to. Hyde also noticed what appeared to be a stairwell nearby as well, and taking into account what he could see…

"… So, to the top of the Devil's Hand Casino, eh?" Hyde chuckled with his arms crossed.

"A quick and smart deduction," Kamen chuckled with a wag of his finger, which had some darkness flowing over it. "But a little off, this is actually where your friends will be watching us duel… And now, for another trick, courtesy of Grayarts himself!"

Crossing his arms, Kamen's body began to flow with blue, green and purple, creating a familiar bat-shaped aura behind him, almost giving him the appearance of a being with long bat wings. Throwing his arms into the air, Kamen sent the aura flying high, making it grow larger and larger with each passing second. Then, throwing his arms down, Kamen made the aura float towards the top of the building, creating a large path that ran around the building's rooftop and mid-air.

Taking a deep breath, Kamen slowly walked towards the edge where the wide path connected with. And with a precautionary step, Kamen walked onto the glowing path and spun around with his hands on his hips. "It works! It actually works!"

"… Wait, you didn't know if it would work?" Hyde asked with a slightly dulled look on his face.

"Uh, that's not the point," Kamen coughed as he stepped off the aura path, holding his hands up once more to reveal the aura that was covering his hands. "The point is that it works, and our arena has been set, and we don't need to worry about people freaking out, I'm pretty sure that they can't see that."

"… That does not inspire confidence," Hyde admitted.

"So…" Kamen continued as he lifted his hands up into the air and then threw them towards the ground. "All we need now is get the right equipment, which I can also provide!"

Slamming both of his hands into the roof, Kamen sent the aura from his hands onto the concrete. Slowly the auras began to bubble up, until they were large enough and popped, revealing two D-Wheels.

Hyde was a little impressed since the D-Wheels were styled after two separate, if not very popular motorcycles – One resembled a Honda Shadow with a glimmering crimson pain job that had several black runes painted on it. The other looked to be a sleek and black Honda CBR1000RR, or Fireblade as some called it, that had a pair of decals on it in the shape of red wings. There was also a black helmet sitting on the Fireblade and a small computer that had duel stats on the screen.

Hyde whistled as he strode over to the Fireblade and admired it, "Damn, this looks to be almost custom-made. And not a bad job either."

"What can I say," Kamen chuckled as he reached for the back of his belt, pulling out his Riding Duel deck, and sliding it into the duel disk on his wrist. "Grayarts may have been a crazy boss, but he certainly knew how to pay well. Now then, detective, choose your weapon. The Shadow or the Fireblade, your choice."

"You're more than welcomed to call me by my first name," Hyde chuckled as he placed his hands on the helmet that sat on the D-Wheel.

"And yet you call me Kamen," Kamen answered back with a wag of his finger. "Besides, I think detective suits you better, makes it sound like we're two ancient warriors fighting each other for destiny!"

"… You really are a wonk," Hyde sighed as he fitted the helmet on his head, pulling down the visor over his eyes, and then snapped his deck into his deck slot.

As Hyde snapped his duel disk portion into the D-Wheel, Kamen chuckled, "Yeesh, you really are an old man to make an insult like that, I haven't heard that word since college."

"Just keep digging your grave, ya masked freak," Hyde retorted as the D-Wheels sparked to life.

"GO HYDE!" Ace shouted, waving her recovered hat in the air.

"A rematch with Kamen," Barron chuckled with a shake of his head. "I'll pass on that any day, but good luck Hyde."

Faye sighed, "Somehow, this seems unnecessary, but at the same time, necessary."

"What can I say?" Kamen snickered as he held his hand up into the air. "When you deal with me, you face countless contradictions!"

"… Let's just get this over with," Hyde sighed with a shake of his head.

Both duelists smirked as they both pushed a button on their dashboards, making the screens light up with what appeared to be three-dimensional duel fields. "Duel mode engaged," a computerized voice sounded from screen showing a card that had an explosion of energy for its picture. "Autopilot standing by."

"Just to let you know though," Hyde stated revving his D-Wheel's engine a few times. "… Just because you've got a good goal in mind, that doesn't mean that your crimes are erased. When this over, your punishment will be to pay for your crimes."

"Speed World, set on!"

"Sounds fair," Kamen chuckled as he rubbed his chin. "Then your punishment will be… Well, if I'm risking my freedom, then… Ooh! I've got the perfect punishment! When you lose, then whenever you go out on Shadowchaser duties, then you'll have to dress in a suit just like mine!"

Hyde just blinked a few times as that disturbing thought flowed through his head, "No."

"What?" Kamen questioned. "You should be glad, my outfit is…"

"No," Hyde repeated. "I'm not going to lose, so I won't be dressing like you. I swear that's gotta be one of the least things I like about you."

"Good to know that my personality doesn't annoy ya," Kamen answered back, scratching the side of his helmet. "But in any case, those are the terms for this Darkness Game, no evil curses, no transforming into dolls, and hopefully no one dies."

"Once again, that doesn't inspire confidence," Hyde muttered.

"Countdown initiated," The computerized voice continued as several holographic generators on both riders'' D-Wheels lit up, covering the air around them in a cool blue aura. "Riding duel… Set… ON!"

"DUEL!" Both Hyde and Kamen roared as both of their D-Wheels speed onto the aura, which supported both of their speeding D-Wheels rather easily.

"… Do you think they realize that we can't watch this duel?" Ace asked, watching as the two riding duelists speed on the aura.

"Doesn't matter," Faye answered heading towards the stairs. "We still have a job to do, like we've got to find Jack and any others who might be still in the building."

"And how do you propose we do that?" Barron questioned with his arms crossed. "If anything, he probably got his girlfriend and ran off."

"Not exactly," Faye replied with a smirk. "He's still got that crystal that we use to transport criminals, and those themselves have a register number to them if I'm correct. All we need to do is contact headquarters and acquire the whereabouts of the crystal. We also need to give a report while we're at it, but it should be easy to locate him.

"Barron, you and I are going to search for Jack, Ace, I want you to stay here. I don't know if we can fully trust Kamen, but I'd like for Hyde to have some back up here – Both morally and physically."

"Got it!" Ace shouted as she saluted towards both Faye and Barron, both of whom ran towards the stairs. And finally noticing the laptop that Kamen had left earlier, Ace slowly walked over to it and noticed that the duel was being displayed on it. "Hmm… I hope this thing is recording all this."

Meanwhile, on the aura road…

"Let's make this one for the history books!" Kamen roared as he pulled ahead of Hyde on the glowing road. (KLP: 8000 / SC: 0)

"Heh, as usual, you're a colorful character," Hyde snickered as he pulled off the top five cards from his deck carefully, and slipped them into the card holder on his deck bracer. "Even I can't help but agree with ya." (HLP: 8000 / SC: 0)

"Then you won't mind if I start this duel off!" Kamen called out as he pulled off the top sixth card from his deck, his eyes turning towards it behind his visor. "And I've got just the opening move to get us into the record books! I activate the Speed Spell – Overboost!"

Hyde's eyes widened as Kamen's D-Wheel began to speed up, sending him farther along the glowing road. (KLP: 8000 / SC: 4)

"And next, I'm playing another Speed Spell!" Kamen roared out as he slipped the card into his duel disk, allowing several feathers to flow through the air. "Angel Baton! So, I get two cards from my deck, and then discard one!"

Kamen quickly slipped another card into his duel disk's graveyard as he quickly pulled up another card. "And I'm not done! Not by a long shot! I summon Zombie Master in attack mode!"

A large ring of light appeared next to Kamen's D-Wheel, allowing the ghastly necromancer to fly to the right of his D-Wheel, cackling loudly (1800/0). "And now to bring out our first star! I activate Zombie Master's effect, allowing me to discard one monster from my graveyard to pull the monster that I just discarded for Angel Baton.

"So, let's welcome to the final stage – Netherworld Traveler!"

Holding his arms out, the Zombie Master unleashed a mass of black bats that flew over Kamen's D-Wheel. And from the mass of bats, the Netherworld Traveler fell from the bats and landed right on the back seat of Kamen's D-Wheel, all the while, calmly playing the violin that he was trademarked to have (1500/1000).

"I was wondering when I'd see him again," Hyde scoffed with a slight smirk on his face as the Netherworld Traveler leapt from the D-Wheel, still playing his violin as he shattered into three separate rings of red light.

"Then you know who's hitting the stage next!" Kamen laughed with glee as he lifted his hand up into the air, making his Zombie Master fly through the three rings. "And I'm sure you'll recognize this line!

The three rings began to wrap around the necromancer, transforming the Zombie Master into four orbs of darkness that transformed into a pillar of darkness. "Through the dark abyss, the night will cover this cursed ground we stand upon…"

A loud howl, the pillar of darkness shattered like glass, "Howl through this shattered night! Synchro Summon!"

Through the shattered darkness, a large beastly werewolf, adorned with wild blue fur and glistening light demonic armor, several gold horns erupting from the wolf man's head. With a trio of long, blue furred tails, the Wolfman howled loudly as it landed on the aura covered road, using its front and hind legs to chase after Kamen's D-Wheel (2000/2000). "Netherworld Beast – Garulu!"

"And that's certainly familiar," Hyde muttered under his breath as he remembered the last time he encountered that beast.


At the exact moment that Garulu was summoned, back down in the lower levels of the building where Vergil had explained his reason, the tube that held the Garulu statue glowed a bright blue, creating a few cracks on the statue itself.

The white overcoat man chuckled at the sight before him, "Most interesting, I didn't expect to see this so quickly. I suppose I should get ready as well."


"Don't you think you're going a little fast here?" Hyde questioned as both D-Wheels made a turn on aura road. "Already the first turn and you busted out one of your aces."

"One that defeated you the last time we fought," Kamen replied taking two of the remaining cards left in his hand and slid them into his duel disk.

"Damn it, I guess gotta give ya that," Hyde grumbled under his breath.

"In any case, I'll set two cards face down," Kamen chuckled as two cards appeared next to his D-Wheel, making them disappear a few seconds later into the aura road. "And end my turn!"

Garulu roared loudly as Kamen's D-Wheel began to slow down, giving him only one speed counter and one card in his hand. However as Hyde drew from the top of his deck, Kamen's speed counters increased to two and Hyde's to one.

'He used up almost every card in his hand for that last move,' Hyde thought as he tucked the newly drawn card into his duel gauntlet. 'Either he's confident that... Aw who am I kidding? This is Kamen! Knowing him, he's probably got a surefire way to replenish his hand next turn.

'So, since he's managed to summon out one of his biggest monsters, I think I'll match him toe to toe!'

"Alright, keep your eye on the field Kamen," Hyde shouted as he pulled a card from his hand. "Cause I'm about to make it disappear in a cloud of smoke! I summon Gotokuneko!"

A powerful flame popped over Hyde's borrowed D-Wheel, allowing the red furred, ghost cat to hop onto the back seat, holding up the reed to its mouth between its paws (800/300), smoke pouring from the other end of the reed. "And when this little guy is normal summoned, I can special summon a level four or lower Zombie from my hand, and I choose Onmoraki!"

Blowing a large amount of smoke from the reed, the Gotokuneko called out the large black swan Yokai, flames pouring from around its head as it cawed loudly (1200/1000). "Of course, this monster loses its effect, but then again, I've got another reason for these two coming out."

"Yep!" Kamen laughed loudly as he watched the fiery ghost cat leap into the air, transforming into two rings of red light that flew around the flying black crane. "Show me what ya got!"

The Onmoraki screeched loudly as it transformed into a powerful pillar of light that flew over Hyde's field. "Synchro Summon – Inugami!"

A second loud howl erupted through the air, shattering the floating pillar of light, allowing the white furred ghostly dog to leap down in front of Hyde, drawing the katana from its back (2600/1250).

"Next, I'll activate Inugami's second effect!" Hyde shouted out as he reached for his removed from play pile, holding up the two monsters that he had summoned on a few minutes ago. "Thanks to Gotokuneko's secondary effect, I had both of my monsters removed from play, so I can return them to my deck and return all spells and trap cards back to our hands!"

The Inugami threw the sword high into the air, howling loudly as a powerful shockwave blasted through the air, making both of Kamen's face down cards appear back on the field.

"Good move," Kamen chuckled as he quickly pushed a button on his duel disk, making one of the face down cards flip up. "But I saw that one a mile away! I play my trap card – Treasure Map! So, I get to draw two more cards from my deck, and then discard one, and thanks to you returning my other face down card, I'll be able to have another card added to my hand!"

Kamen quickly plucked off two cards from his deck and nodded at them as he quickly slid them into his deck gauntlet, at the same time, he pulled the other card he had left over from his previous turn and slipped it into his graveyard slot at the dashboard of the D-Wheel.

However, that didn't stop the Inugami's roar from forcing his other card to fly back into his hand, and immediately slipping it with his other two cards.

"That's true," Hyde admitted with a smirk. "But I think I've figured out your Garulu's little secret ability."

"Then by all means, test that theory of yours!" Kamen roared back.

"My pleasure!" Hyde shouted as he threw his hand into the air. "Inugami! Slice down that wolf!"

Leaping from the aura road, the Inugami flew through the air, catching its katana in between its teeth, heading straight towards Garulu with a spinning motion.

However, just as the blade was about to make contact with the Netherworld Beast, a ghostly warrior appeared in between the two canine monsters, its long white hair billowing in the air it used its large armored gauntlets to block the blade.

"Heh, it was a good try detective," Kamen chuckled as he slipped a card into his D-Wheel's removed from play slot. "But you didn't take into account the Necro Gardna that I had stashed in my graveyard!"

'Which he probably discarded with Treasure Map's effect,' Hyde thought as he watched Inugami spin backwards, landing on the aura road, running to keep up alongside of Hyde's D-Wheel. "Fine, too bad its effect can only be used once!"

"Indeed, now, do you have anything else you want to try?" Kamen chuckled as Hyde reached for his hand.

Hesitating for a second, Hyde shook his head and smirked as he pulled two cards from his hand and slipped them into his dashboard duel disk. "Turn end!"

"And with that," Kamen chuckled as he lifted his hand up into the air, snapping his fingers loudly as the aura around the two duelists began to glow even brighter. "It's time to reach the next stage!"

Hyde blinked a few times as the aura's light continued to grow brighter and brighter with each passing second…

… And then the bat-like aura in the sky was gone, leaving Ace on the roof, blinking a few times. "What the hell!"

However, the duel was still being displayed on the laptop.


Hyde's eyes opened up, and he was met with an odd sight around him, dark streets with trash littering the sides of the road, and in front of Hyde was Kamen pulling the top card from his deck, giving both duelists a second Speed Counter. 'Is this… The Under?'

"I think it's only appropriate that we take a tour of Vegas while we're duking it out!" Kamen chuckled loudly as he added the card into his duel gauntlet and pulling another from his hand of four. "And what better way for us to continue than on the lower levels of the city!"

"If that's how you want to play it," Hyde admitted as he and Kamen made a strong right turn down the dirtied street, scaring a few of the locals who were walking on the street at the sudden appearance of two D-Wheels, both of whom were being followed by canine like creatures.

"Good to see you're in agreement!" Kamen announced as he slapped a card onto his duel disk dashboard. "Cause now I'm summoning Scarab Wraps!"

A large cloud of dust popped form Kamen's left, allowing a large mummified man to appear of the field, his rusted over golden armor covered with scarabs (1600/1300). "He may not be the best monster in the bin, but he definitely works!

"But now for my main move for this turn! Garulu! Let's start this dog-fight!"

Garulu howled loudly as he leapt into the air, spinning about into a blue blur (2000/2000 + 800/0). "And thanks to your four cards on the field, Garulu gains two hundred attack points for each one out on the field when he battles another monster!"

The blue blur flew through the air of the Under, heading straight towards the Inugami.

"I don't think so Kamen!' Hyde announced as he pushed a button on his duel disk. "I play my trap card – Kitsune Trickery!"

Several leaves began to float around the Inugami's body, immediately making the ghostly dog disappear into the leaves that whipped up into a powerful storm of their own. "So, not only do I get to keep my Inugami out on the field, but since I have one less card on the field, your Garulu loses two hundred attack points, so it's a tie!"

Both the blue blur and the storm of leaves collided with each other, sending powerful waves of energy that flowed through the air, making both Kamen and Hyde pull their D-Wheels to the sides of the road slightly to dodge the energy that crashed into road around them.

Then all of a sudden, both of the storms shattered, allowing the Inugami to land back on the road and follow alongside Hyde's D-Wheel. Unfortunately, Garulu wasn't as lucky as several cracks ran along his body before he shattered like glass.

"And to add a little extra," Hyde announced as he held a hand to his dueling deck, catching a card that popped out of the stack of cards. "My Kitsune Trickery also allows me to discard one monster card from my deck. So, I'll be discarding Mezuki from my deck!"

"Nice, you've got quite a few bases covered," Kamen chuckled as he pulled up two more cards from his hand and slipped them into the dashboard, making them appear behind his flying Scarab Wraps. "But this duel has just started, and neither of us have lost a single life point! Turn end!"

Hyde's rugged face curled slightly into a smirk as he drew from the top of his deck, giving Kamen an even four Speed Counters with Hyde only one below that. "Then we'll just have to change that, won't we? I summon Gozuki in attack mode!"

A loud snorting sound echoed through the air, immediately unleashing the large bull headed demon onto the road, snarling loudly as it hefted its large mallet over its shoulder (1700/800). "And I don't think I have to tell you what this guy can do! I activate his effect, and send Shutendoji from my deck graveyard!"

"Hmm?" Kamen mused as he watched Hyde quickly slip the card into his dashboard graveyard slot. "But don't you usually use that monster's effect for that other bull demon?"

"I figure I'd play a little differently this turn," Hyde admitted as he threw his hand forward. "Inugami! Slay that mummy!"

The Inugami howled loudly as it began to charge over the field, heading straight towards the mummy, only to have a large barrier erupt over Kamen's field, sending the large ghostly dog flying back. "What the?"

"Negate Attack will stop that cold in its tracks!" Kamen laughed loudly as he wagged his finger. "Sorry detective, but I'm not going to let you get the better of me this turn."

"Fine," Hyde muttered, looking at the cards in his hand. Two monsters, and one Speed Spell that he couldn't use, at least not yet. "I've got nothing left but to end my turn."

"I guess you know what my Scarab Wraps can do," Kamen chuckled with a shake of his head as he drew a card from his deck, giving him five Speed Counters and four to Hyde.

"Unlike those Synchros and tuner monster of yours," Hyde replied with a roll of his eyes. "That card is actually a promo that I've seen before."

"Good to know," Kamen answered as he slowly placed the newest drawn card with the rest of his cards. "And speaking of which, I'll be activating my trap card, Birthright! Return my Netherworld Traveler!"

Several bats erupted from the ground, immediately unleashing the demonic violinist who was happily playing his violin as he sat on the back of Kamen's D-Wheel (1500/1000). "Now then, time for the second player to arrive!"

Hyde gritted his teeth as the Netherworld Traveler shattered into three rings of dark light that flew over Scarab Wraps' body, turning the floating mummy's body into four stars that erupted into a tall pillar of purple, electrical energy. Several chains erupted from the air, wrapping around the floating aura.

"Though they may be relics of the past," Kamen chuckled. "The past can lead us to a more prominent future… Rise from the earth…"

Two large purple armored fists erupted from the aura, both of them slamming into the ground allowing a large metal covered being to pull itself up from the tower of energy. Slowly, the monster began to reveal itself, its stern, mask-like face with a look of calm peace surrounded by bulky purple armor and several rusted chains covering its insanely large armor like body.

When the monster was finally able to pull its entire body out from the aura, it slammed its feet into the road, making the earth itself shake wildly (2400/2200) as it surprisingly began to run alongside Kamen's D-Wheel.

"Synchro Summon – Netherworld Gardna – Dogga!"

"Damn," Hyde muttered eyeing the large golem monster.


Back in the Devil's Hand Casino, the tank that held onto the Dogga's survivor began to glow dark purple, electricity cackling around it. With its glowing aura matching that of the tank that held the Garulu statue, the man in the room began to cackle loudly at the sight of the two tanks glowing powerfully.

"Yes…" The man snickered as he raised his arms up. "That's it! More! More! MORE! With more power, my ideals will soon come to pass!"


"He's a powerful monster," Hyde admitted as both duelists made a hard turn, allowing both D-Wheels to go out into the blazing sun of Las Vegas, the dry, dusty roads surrounding the road they were both roaming on. "But Inugami is still stronger!"

"Yes, but this is the perfect time show you Dogga's powers!" Kamen announced as he pulled another card from his hand holder, slapping the card onto his duel dashboard, allowing a ring of light to appear next to him. "I summon Goblin Zombie in attack mode!"

Leaping from the ring of light was the diabolic, undead goblin, hissing loudly as it waved its sword about (1100/1050). However, it didn't stay there long, since Dogga lifted up one of its large hands up and grabbed the Goblin Zombie around its neck. "And now, time for Dogga's power! By releasing one Zombie or Rock-type monster, Dogga gains half of that monster's attack points!"

Sending a jolt of electrical through its hands, the large Dogga transformed the small Goblin Zombie into pure energy that flowed into Dogga's body, allowing the large undead Synchro monster slam his fists together (2400/2200 + 550/0).

"Crap…" Hyde muttered as a card popped out of Kamen's deck and into his hand.

"And thanks to Goblin Zombie's effect, I get a zombie monster with less than twelve hundred defense points," Kamen announced fitting the card with the other card in his card holder. "But that's not important, what is that Dogga's going on the attack! Destroy Inugami!"

Stopping his running, the large golem pulled its fist back and slammed its fist right into Inugami's body, sending the ghostly dog flying through the air, shattering it into millions of pixels. (HLP: 7650 / SPC: 4)

"And I draw the first blood!" Kamen laughed as Dogga struggled to try to keep up with its master. "For a little fun, I'll end my turn right there!"

Hyde remained silent as he quickly drew from the top of his deck, granting both duelists another Speed Counter. Looking at the cards in his grasp, Hyde gritted his teeth, even if he used the Speed Spell in his hand, it wouldn't do much with the number of Speed Counters he had.

"I activate Gozuki's effect once more!" Hyde announced as he pulled a card from his deck and slid it into the graveyard slot in his D-Wheel. "This time I will send Gyūki to the grave! And next, I'll switch Gozuki to defense mode and set a monster in defense mode!"

As the Gozuki knelt down over the road, a face down horizontal monster appeared in front of Hyde's D-Wheel. "And to end my turn, I'll set one card face down, turn end!"

"Oh come on, detective," Kamen sighed with a shake of his head as he drew from the top of his deck, clicking on another Speed Counter for both duelists. "I know ya can do better than that! So allow me to show you what I can really do! I set one monster face down…"

A face down monster immediately appeared next to Dogga, allowing the large Gardna stomp its feet into the ground, "And then I'll rush straight into an attack!"

Dogga lifted up his large, armored fist up and threw it towards Gozuki, however a powerful aura popped into the air, pulling the fist towards the face down monster, making the card fly high into the air. "What the?"

"Shift is actually a handy card," Hyde snickered as the flying card popped into a familiar goofy, umbrella yokai (800/0) that disappeared into the distance. "And Karakasa is just as useful! So, I'll set the other two from my deck!"

Two more face down monsters appeared in front of Hyde's D-Wheel.

"Not bad, not bad," Kamen snickered as he picked up another card from his hand and slipped it into his dashboard, making it appear in front of his catching up Dogga. "So, why don't you show me what you've got planned? Turn end!"

"Not a problem!" Hyde announced as both duelists made a strong left turn, heading back towards the Under, marking Kamen's Speed Counters at seven and Hyde's at six. "First off, I'll activate Gozuki's effect again, this time sending Yuki-Onna to the graveyard!"

Hyde quickly slipped the card into his graveyard slot, however he quickly pulled out two cards, "But she's not staying there for too long! I remove Mezuki in order to special summon her!"

A large icicle erupted through the air, immediately shattering to unleash the beautiful cold beauty floating over the road, a smile on her face (1000/0). "And thanks to her, I can special summon Shutendoji!"

A second icicle popped over the field, this one larger than the one that contained the Yuki-Onna. A few seconds passed before the icicle that shattered, unleashing the large drunken ogre with its long blonde hair billowing behind it (1500/800).

"Next, I'll activate his effect!" Hyde announced as two more cards popped out from Hyde's graveyard slot. "I remove Inugami and my Karakasa to draw another card from my deck!"

As the large red ogre took a swig of sake from the gourd he carried, Hyde pulled off the top card from his deck and closed his eyes. Slowly, a plan was forming in his head and it was now the time! "Then, I'll flip up both of my face down Karakasa cards!"

Both of the face down monsters on Hyde's field popped up, immediately unleashing the pair of goofy, umbrella Yokai (800/0 x2).

"Now, I'll tune my Yuki-Onna to my level three Karakasa and my level four Shutendoji!" Hyde announced as the beautiful ice maiden spun around to form into two icy blue rings of light that flowed over the two announced monsters, transforming them into seven stars of light. "Now, I think I'll bring out the big guns as well! Synchro Summon – Mizuchi!"

The stars immediately transformed into a large amount of water that splashed onto the road, forming into the large dragon made completely out of water with a sapphire in its forehead. The large water dragon roared loudly as it slithered after Hyde's D-Wheel (2800/2400).

"Next, I'll activate Gyūki's effect!" Hyde announced as several blue flames erupted over his remaining Karakasa. "Allowing me to release my Karakasa in order to summon him from the graveyard!"

Rushing from the blue flames was the large, blue furred ox demon, snorting loudly as it ran alongside Hyde's D-Wheel (2200/400). "And now, I'll activate Mizuchi's first effect! Allowing me to return Mezuki and Inugami back to my deck (and extra deck), and this turn, he can attack all of your monsters!"

"Impressive, and I'd like to point out your flaw," Kamen chuckled with a shake of his head. "But you still have an ace up your sleeve, don't ya?"

"You better believe I do," Hyde announced as he plucked a card from his hand. "I play the Speed Spell – Rapid Wing Shot!"

The face down card on Hyde's field shot up, allowing a powerful dark blue energy to sweep over the field, covering Mizuchi's body (2800/2400 + 600/0).

"And now," Hyde announced as he threw his hand up into the air. "For my counter attack! Mizuchi! Drown his field!"

With a loud roar, the powerful water dragon slithered faster before it leapt into the air, crashing down on Kamen's field as if it were a tidal wave, washing away both Dogga and Kamen's face down monster that flipped up into a familiar gray pot (700/600) that was laughing all the while. (KLP: 7550 / SPC: 7)

"Thanks, but that monster you just attacked was Morphing Jar!" Kamen laughed as he slipped the last card from his hand into the dashboard graveyard slot. "So, let's replenish our resources shall we?"

Hyde grumbled under his breath as he fitted the four cards in his hand into his graveyard slot, and immediately both duelists pulled off the top five cards from their decks. "Yeah, yeah, but now I can get a clear shot at your life points! Gyūki!"

The large bull demon leapt into the air and slammed both of its fists into the side of Kamen's D-Wheel, making the masked riding duelist spin out of control and fall behind Hyde's D-Wheel. "GARGH!" (KLP: 5350 / SPC: 5)

'I guess he wasn't kidding about the Darkness Game,' Hyde thought as he rubbed his sore bicep with his free hand before he reached for his hand. "I set two cards face down and end my turn!"

As the two set cards materialized next to Hyde's D-Wheel, Kamen managed to gain control back over his own, "Now that's what I'm talking about! This is what we need!"

"… You like the pain?" Hyde questioned raising an eyebrow.

"No!" Kamen yelped, knowing full well what Hyde was getting at. "I meant this is what the duel should be about! Explosive moves, powerful attacks, and kick ass monsters – The works!" Quickly pulling a sixth card from his deck, the masked duelist immediately clicked back up to six speed counters while Hyde went to seven. "It gives you a total rush! And almost makes you forget about any consequences!"

With his card safely tucked away, Kamen raised his hand up into the air once more, "And now, for another change of scenery!"

The bat-like aura appeared around the two D-Wheels, immediately engulfing them in a bright light that made them both disappear.


When the aura appeared again, it was actually at the top of a familiar parking garage, making both duelists turn as they began to speed down the parking structure.

Hyde's eyes widened when he saw this place, 'This is where that Mira character called us out!'

"Best pay attention, detective!" Kamen warned as he pushed a button on his dashboard. "Cause now we're going to make this duel go into the next level! I activate my trap card – Haunted Shrine!"

For a third time, several bats unleashed themselves through the air, allowing the Netherworld Traveler (1500/1000) to reappear on the back of Kamen's D-Wheel, playing his violin all the while. "Next, I'll perform my normal summon, so I'll summon Dragon Zombie!"

A ring of light emerged next to Kamen's D-Wheel, unleashing a large corrosive dragon with purple flesh falling off of its ghastly body as it roared loudly (1600/0) onto the concrete. "And now, time for the fun to come to the surface!"

For a third time this duel, the Netherworld Traveler shattered into three rings of light that flew around the large corrosive dragon, immediately covering the large undead dragon, transforming it into three stars of light that were surrounded by a large amount of water that flew over Kamen's D-Wheel. . "From the deepest of depths, a ruined life will always surge through the pressure of survival – Cry out, Netherworld Dweller – Bassha!"

That's when it leapt from the water, a large, sleek, green-scaled gill-man – a pair of fins jutting from its back and a large pair of teeth from the skeletal armor on its chest. With a loud screech, the gill-man landed on the ground, its dark eyes narrowed down at Hyde (2000/1000).


And as with the other two Synchro Summons, back at the casino, the third and final tank that held one of the remaining members of the three extinct tribes began to glow a bright green, illuminating the room along with the blue and purple lights. The lights covered the white overcoat wearing man as he laughed loudly. "Yes. Yes! YES! It's almost done! Just one more powerful push, and it'll be done!"

The man's laughter echoed through the room as he spun around on his heel.


"Now then, time for Bassha to have his fun!" Kamen announced as the aquatic netherworld creature leapt through the air, spinning about through the air. "And guess what, his effect allows him to attack your life points directly by cutting his attack points in half!"

Stopping in mid-air, the green scaled monster unleashed a large amount of water from its mouth, flying through the air and slamming into Hyde's borrowed D-Wheel, sending him falling back slightly. "GAH!" (HLP: 6650 / SC: 6)

"And as an added bonus," Kamen chuckled as three bubbles appeared around Hyde's D-Wheel. "When Bassha inflicts battle damage to ya, you take an additional two hundred points of damage for each card in your hand!"

Hyde grimaced under his helmet as all three of the bubbles popped around his borrowed D-Wheel, sending smaller spurts of water to fly onto the machine. "Damn it…" (HLP: 6050 / SC: 6)

"Hey, not like the world's riding on this duel," Kamen snickered as he reached up and pulled a few cards from his hand and slipped them into his dashboard, making three cards appear around his duel disk. "Just put the pain and annoyance out of your mind and duel!"

"Ya know," Hyde growled as he snapped off the top card from his deck, allowing both duelists to now have seven speed counters each. "I was a little concerned with who you were under that mask, I was always wondering what sort of person you were. At first, I thought you were some sort of Shadowkind, but then again, after I read Barron's and Faye's reports about you…

"You kept saying you were human."

"Nothing better than being human," Kamen chuckled sliding a finger around the visor of his helmet. "Even if I have the powers of the three extinct tribes, I'll always be human. Never forget to be human."

"Good choice of words," Hyde chuckled back with a smirk on his face, looking at the card he just drew and slipped in with the rest of his cards. "A lot of people could stand to remember that. But back to what I was saying, when I learned who you really were and what your intentions are, I didn't know what to say exactly.

"Nor did I know what to think. Were you good? Were you evil? Or were you just crazy?"

"Is that why you accepted this duel?" Kamen questioned, turning his helmet-covered head towards Hyde as both of them reached the ground level of the parking garage. "To have that question answered?"

"You're still a mystery," Hyde answered back as he pulled up another card from his hand and slipped it into his dashboard, making it appear in front of his D-Wheel. "You stated your motives clearly, but you were still a part of Garyarts' plan, even if you did stop him in the end.

"So, I want to see what kind of person you really are! You can hide your face behind that mask, Kamen, but you can't hide what kind of person you really are!"

"Truer words have never been spoken before!" Kamen laughed as both D-Wheels erupted from the parking garage and into the streets of Las Vegas, this time roaring onto the streets of the Top. "Then try to figure out the remaining mystery behind my mask!"

"I will!" Hyde shouted over the engines as the water dragon Yokai slithered over the roared pulling its head. "Mizuchi! Attack his denizen of the deep!"

Throwing its head forward, the powerful water dragon fired a powerful surge of water that flew through the air and slammed into Bassha, covering the aquatic Netherworld monster in water. (KLP: 4550 / SC: 7)

"Not bad at all," Kamen chuckled as a card popped out of his deck. "But you're not the only one with trap card, Flesh Shield! So, by discarding Crazy Bone from my deck, Bassha will survive this turn!"

Leaping from the watery attack, Bassha spun through the air, almost joyfully. However, that Joy disappeared when Gyuki leapt towards him and slammed its powerful fist right into Bassha's face sending it flying to the ground, and rolled over the road before he flew back into the air. (KLP: 4350 / SC: 7)

"Not bad at all," Kamen chuckled, coughing slightly as Bassha straightened out his flight path, still a little dizzy from the two attacks. "But, I have not yet begun to fight! And I'll prove it by playing my other trap card, Call of the Haunted!"

As Kamen's other face down card lifted up, the Netherworld Traveler appeared on the back of his D-Wheel, however this time, he wasn't playing the violin, and instead was bowing towards Hyde (1500/1000).

"Why the heck did you bring him back?" Hyde questioned raising an eyebrow at the sight of the violinist. "You don't happen to have a fourth almost extinct race hidden somewhere, do you?"

Kamen just laughed loudly as he shook his head. "Oh, how I wish I did, but for my plan, you'll just have to wait and see what I've got up my sleeve!"

"Fine!" Hyde announced as he held his hand up to his deck, catching a card that he immediately slipped into his graveyard slot. "In that case, I'll activate Gozuki's effect, and send Mezuki back to my graveyard! Then I'll end my turn!"

"Well now, detective," Kamen chuckled as he pulled off another card from his deck, giving both duelists an even eight Speed Counters as he did. "I think its time that I show you the ace that I've been keeping up my sleeve all this time, the one that'll clinch this! I activate the effect of the monster I discarded from my deck last turn, return, Crazy Bone!"

A large cloud of smoke popped over Kamen's D-Wheel, allowing a large, if not cartoonish gargoyle that had bony wings sprouting from its back (50/50). The large gargoyle cackled loudly as it flew around Kamen's D-Wheel, garnering the attention of all the monsters that floated over the road.

"What in the world is that thing?" Hyde questioned raising an eyebrow behind the visor of his helmet.

"Crazy Bone?" Kamen snickered as he turned to the side throwing his hand towards his newest monster. "He's a zombie who can summon himself from the graveyard by removing another zombie, like the Dragon Zombie, also from the graveyard. And sure, he can't be tributed after this effect is used, but he can still be used as Synchro Fodder.

"But before I get to that, I need to do one more thing which I can complete this final onslaught, and that's Crazy Bone's second effect! Allowing me to select one monster on the field and multiply its level by negative one!"

"Wait, negative?" Hyde questioned, having read across a report that mentioned negative levels in a Shadowchaser report. And from what he had read, it was never a good thing to face. "Are you…"

"And the monster I choose," Kamen chuckled as he pointed his finger up into the air and then pointed it towards the gargoyle himself. "Crazy Bone! So now he's a lowly negative one monster!"

A dark aura poured from Crazy Bone's mouth, making the statue like monster cackle loudly.

"And now, time for another tune up," Kamen chuckled as he snapped his fingers, making the Netherworld Traveler leap off the D-Wheel, transforming into three rings of red light.

However, as the rings flew around Crazy Bone, he cackled loudly and bit into one of the rings, shattering it into millions of shards. The two remaining rings closed in on the gargoyle, transforming it into a small orb of red and black energy that seemed to fluctuate with several surges erupting from its form. "Synchro summon!"

"Wait, if you combine their levels," Hyde muttered to himself. "That means you'd only summon a level two Synchro monster…"

"Correct!" Kamen announced as the aura shattered, allowing a gold and black blur to fly around the road about Kamen's D-Wheel. "And that's exactly what I'm aiming for! So, meet the Zanbat Guide!"

The blur began to slow down, immediately allowing it to form into a small gold armored, black bat with horns on its head and a bell around its neck. The small creature immediately flew to Kamen's D-Wheel and took a seat on the back of his D-Wheel, yawning loudly (200/100).

Needless to say, Hyde was a little confused, "What the hell?"

"I know, no one expects to see this guy!" Kamen laughed as he fitted one of the remaining three cards from his hand into his dashboard, making it appear behind his D-Wheel. "Turn end!"

'Something's wrong,' Hyde thought as he quickly turned right along with Kamen, getting both of them back onto the clear roads that surrounded Las Vegas. 'He could've attacked me directly with Bassha again… Is he worried about my face down cards? And shouldn't he have summoned last turn? He could've normal summoned… Unless he doesn't have a monster in his hand.

'Then there's that new monster – Zanbat Guide, I don't know what it can do, but frankly, I'm not going to let him get a chance to use it! I'll plow right through his defenses!'

"Draw!" Hyde announced as he pulled the top card from his deck, giving him and Kamen nine speed counters. "And I don't know what you're up to, Kamen, but frankly, I'm going to end this duel right here, right now! First, I switch Gozuki back to attack mode…"

The large bull headed demon stood up straight before it began to chase after Hyde's D-Wheel. "Then, I'll activate Mezuki's effect, removing him from play to special summon Shutendoji!"

A powerful flame erupted from the ground, allowing the large drunk ogre to reappear over the road, already chugging away at the sake gourd he had (1500/800). "Then, I'll use his effect to return Mezuki to the top of my deck, and then I'll play my trap card, Simultaneous Loss! So along with the top card from your deck, I'll be sending Mezuki back to the graveyard!"

Kamen smirked as he and Hyde pulled the top cards from their decks and slid them into the dashboard. "Next up, I summon Kamaitachi in attack mode!"

A powerful windstorm appeared over Hyde's D-Wheel, allowing the sickle wielding weasel to fly over the vehicle, hissing loudly (1200/800). "And like you, I'll be pulling out another Synchro monster! So, I'll tune my Shutendoji with my Kamaitachi!"

The weasel shattered into three rings that flew around the drunken ogre, transforming him into four stars of light that erupted into a powerful tower of light. A several drumming sounds echoed through the air, sending cracks spiraling through the tower, growing more and more with each drumbeat.

Eventually the light shattered light glass, allowing the purple skinned, and horned Hibiki Yokai, wielding the two fiery drumsticks in his hands (2400/2000).

"Next up, I'll use Mizuchi's other effect!" Hyde announced as he slipped a card from his graveyard and into his pocket. "So, by removing another Karakasa from my graveyard, I can destroy one face down card on the field, and I'll destroy your newest face down card!"

Roaring loudly, the Mizuchi unleashed a powerful burst of water that crashed into Kamen's face down card behind him, shattering the trap card. However, Kamen didn't seem too worried about it, but then again, no one can really read a masked man's face.

"Then, I'll use Hibiki's effect to return both that Karakasa and Mezuki back to deck," Hyde announced as he fitted the cards back into his duel disk, smirking all the while. "To cut your Bassha's attack in half!"

Hibiki spun his two red drum sticks in his hands, creating a large drum like aura in front of him, slamming the sticks into the aura to create a powerful shockwave that made Bassha stagger about through the air (2000/1000 – 1000/0).

"And for the coup-de-gra," Hyde announced as he threw his free hand towards Gozuki, making the bull headed demon snort out loudly. "I use Gozuki's effect to send Mezuki back to the graveyard another time!"

Fitting the card into his dashboard's graveyard slot, Hyde snapped his hand into the air, "And now to clear the field of your monsters and…"

"That's what I was waiting for!" Kamen announced as he revved the engines on his D-Wheel. "Thank you for starting your battle phase! Now, it's time to take this battle back to its origin and into the next level!"

Kamen's D-Wheel and two monsters began to move faster and faster, creating a powerful wind storm that swept over his D-Wheel and even covered Hyde's D-Wheel as well. As they continued, a powerful gold and black aura flowed over the masked man's D-Wheel as he straightened his back up and roared loudly. "CLEAR MIND!"

'What?' Hyde thought as the aura that flowed from Kamen's D-Wheel began to grow brighter and brighter with each passing second.

"ACCEL…" Kamen started…

But at that very moment, both D-Wheels disappeared from the road, only leaving twin trails of fire that burned into the road.


Back in the mysterious room of the casino, the white overcoat man took a step back from the tanks when a powerful golden aura began to overtake the auras that had engulfed them before. The aura lit up the entire room, blinding the overcoat wearing man and forcing him to cover his eyes with his arm. "WHAT THE HELL! W-WHERE DID THIS ENERGY COME FROM!"

That's when a loud cracking sound echoed through the room, making the man stumble back towards the door as fast as he could.

And the moment he managed to get out of the room, a loud, piercing shattering glass sound erupted from the room, followed by rushing liquid that fell to the floor.

Needless to say, when the man was finally able to garner his sight back, a large smirk appeared on his face as he looked into the room. "I don't know what the hell just happened, but whatever it was, it just finished the job!"


When the aura began to die down, Hyde realized that he was back on the aura road that was floating over the Devil's Hand Casino, driving over several buildings in the City of Sin.

But something was a miss…

When Hyde and Kamen had disappeared into that weird aura, the masked duelist was in front of him, but Hyde didn't even see the…


Hyde turned his head back, just in time to see a large black shadow loom over him and his D-Wheel, its large black wings almost blanketing a good portion of the city.

And that's when the roar of another D-Wheel blasted through the air, revealing that Kamen was now behind Hyde – Both Bassha and the Zanbat Guide were now gone, and the large, winged shadow began to fly down closer towards the aura road. "Behold, through the darkness, a true flame will emerge – Emerge, Netherworld Curse – Traverse!"

The shadowed Synchro monster flew alongside both duelists' D-Wheels, revealing a sleek and tall man dressed in gold armor that resembled that of the same clothes that Netherworld Traveler was wearing before – A winged, armored vest, a pair of golden gauntlets, and a demonic mask with a large curved red visor that was in the shape of bat wings over his eyes. And sprouting from the man's back were two large, blood colored bat wings that flapped every few minutes to keep him up in the air (2500/2500).

"What the hell?" Hyde muttered.

Back on the roof, Ace was a little more than surprised to see the two duelists back riding on the aura road, but also at the large winged armored being that was flying around them as well. "W-What the hell was all that about? And what in the world is that thing?"

To the aura road!

"Accel… Synchro?" Hyde questioned eyeing the newest monster on the field.

"Yes!" Kamen answered, pumping his fist into the air a few times. "You see, my Zanbat Guide is what you would call a Synchro Tuner monster, so it acts as a tuner and as a Synchro monster. To make things more interesting, my Synchro Tuner allows me to tune itself during either player's battle phase, so, by adding my level six Bassha and my level two Zanbat Guide, I was able to summon Traverse – My Accel Synchro monster!"

"As impressive as he is," Hyde admitted throwing his hand forward. "He's still weaker than my Mizuchi! And its still my battle phase!

"Attack Traverse!"

The large water dragon roared loudly as it reeled his head back and immediately snapped it forward, unleashing a powerful surge of water that flew towards the golden curse.

However, a powerful barrier erupted over the golden creature, sending the water flying over the aura road. Kamen chuckled as he fitted a card into his D-Wheel's dashboard. "I've got good news, and bad news. The good news – My Negate Attack blocked your attack, the bad news – All that water is going to hit a lot of people down below."

"After the dry spell we've been going through," Hyde sighed with a shake of his head. "I think they'll enjoy it. I end my turn!"

"Good!" Kamen announced as he pulled the top card from his deck, giving him and Hyde ten Speed Counters.

'I don't know what that Accel Synchro of his can do,' Hyde thought, looking down at the dashboard computer with a serious look on his face. 'But, thanks to Hibiki's effect, I can block an attack of his, and I've got Sakaretsu Armor, Limit Reverse and Call of the Haunted set face down, so hopefully, this'll work out well.'

"Now its time to show off Traverse's effect!" Kamen announced as he began to speed faster and faster, pulling ahead of Hyde. "First effect! Once per turn, I can select one Zombie-type Synchro monster from either of our graveyards and equip it to him, and when he's equipped with one of those monsters, he gains its effect!"

"Wait, what?" Hyde shouted blinking a few times as Kamen reached into his graveyard slot and pulled out a single card.

"And thanks to this duel," Kamen announced slipping a card into his dashboard, allowing a blue aura to appear over Traverse's body – Focusing more on his left arm actually. "I've got quite the selection! So, I'll choose Netherworld Beast – Garulu! And thanks to Garulu's secondary effect, he's treated as a zombie on the field and the graveyard!"

A loud blue howl echoed through the air as the blue aura began to focus on Traverse's left arm, adorning it with blue fur at the wrist and shoulder with several claws erupting from his hand.

"Next, I'll use Traverse's second effect!" Kamen announced holding his hand back to point towards Hibiki. "Once per turn, I can select one card on the field and that card loses its effect until the end phase! And I'm choosing that Echo Demon of yours and his attack negating effect!"

Hyde's eyes widened as several bats poured from the Netherworld Curse's wings, all of them flying towards Hibiki and swarming over the drumstick wielding demon. 'Not good…'

"Now, since Traverse has Garulu equipped to him," Kamen announced as the large winged Netherworld monster flew up high into the air. "He has his effect to not only attack each of your monsters once, but also to gain that attack boost as well! Let's start off with the big guy – Mizuchi! So, since you have speed world, three monsters and three set cards, my monster gains fourteen hundred attack points!"

Traverse began to spin, creating a blue and gold aura around his entire body with his wings spinning with him (2500/2500 + 1400/0), and immediately dove towards the water dragon.

"I don't think so!" Hyde announced pushing a button on his D-Wheel, making one of his face down cards flip up. "I play Sakuretsu Armor! So your big bad…"

However, the moment that the trap card lifted up, it shattered into millions of shards that flew through the air, allowing Traverse (3900/2500 – 200/0) to continue through the air until it crashed through Mizuchi's body, shattering the dragon into gallons of water. (HLP: 5150 / SC: 10)

"You're probably wondering what just happened to your trap," Kamen chuckled as Traverse flew back to his side (3700/2500 – 1200/0). "Well, that was my Traverse's final effect, each turn, he can negate the activation and destroy any card effect that would destroy him.

"But now back to the fun! Traverse! Attack Gozuki!"

Once again, Traverse (2500/2500 + 1000/0) spun through the air and immediately crashed through Gozuki's body, sending the demon flying off into the air over Hyde's D-Wheel. (HLP: 3350 / SC: 9)

"And for the last one!" Kamen announced as Traverse turned around through the air (3500/2500 – 200/0) and flew towards Hibiki, slamming both of his large wings into the echo demon's body, slicing the Yokai in two. (HLP: 2450 / SC: 9)

"I know what you're thinking," Kamen chuckled as he pulled even farther ahead of Hyde. "Did he fire six shots, or only five? Hahaha! Actually, I know I could've done a lot more damage through that attack, but in all honesty, I wanted to have some fun with this duel, and I wanna see what you can do before I can pull out Traverse's full potential in the next few turns, turn end!"

Hyde growled deeply as he eyed the golden netherworld monster, it was a powerful monster and it was more than likely that it would continue to keep getting stronger. More than likely, Kamen was aiming to add Bassha and then Dogga to this monster to get in a few good direct attacks at Hyde's life points, ending the duel in a few turns.

And this monster was able to negate other monsters' effects and negate its own destruction once per turn, and looking at his hand, there weren't a lot of options for him to work with, but there was one shot that he could use, but it depended on what he drew next…

So, placing his fingers atop of his deck, Hyde immediately drew off the top card of his deck, allotting Kamen eleven speed counters and Hyde an even ten. Turning the card around slightly, Hyde lifted an eyebrow at the card he drew. "Damn it, I set a monster in defense mode!"

The set monster appeared in front of Hyde's D-Wheel, allowing the former detective a small amount of defense to his name "And I'll set one card face down to end my turn."

"Aw, what's wrong, detective?" Kamen asked as he playfully pulled off the top card from his deck, giving him a full twelve Speed Counters and making Hyde have only one less. "Don't tell me that my Accel Synchro monster is starting to get to you… In any case, I'll activate Traverse's effect once more! So, I'll equip him with the good old Bassha to him!"

Holding out his right hand, Traverse summoned a powerful green aura that flowed over his arm, sprouting out several green armored fins from his shoulder and wrist. "Now, I could attack your face down monster, but I don't think that would really be all that beneficial, especially considering that Traverse now has Bassha's abilities!

"So, attack his life points directly!"

Traverse flew up into the air and slammed his hands together, creating an orb of blue and green energy that flowed through his fingers. And then lifting the orb over his head, the energy grew larger and larger until it seemed to rival the brightness of the sun itself. And immediately, Traverse threw the orb of energy towards Hyde, sending it towards the former detective.

"Trap card open!" Hyde announced as a transparent barrier appeared over his body, shattering the aura of energy around his D-Wheel. "Defense Draw! So your attack does nothing and I get to draw another card from my deck!"

As the energy remains began to disappear, Traverse flew back to Kamen's field, spinning through the air to give Kamen a smirk. "Not too shabby detective, not too shabby at all. I set one monster and one card face down and end my turn!"

The set cards appeared next to Kamen's D-Wheel, and immediately emerged into the aura road.

Ace sighed with relief as she watched the duel both in real life and on the computer that Kamen had left. "Damn, that thing is dangerous… And looking at the computer, this thing is only going to keep getting more dangerous.

"But, why hasn't he tried taking any of Hyde's Synchro monsters to have it become even stronger?"

"My draw!" Hyde announced as he pulled off the top card from his deck, looking at the newest card he had while his Speed Counters reached to a full twelve, almost rivaling Kamen in speed, but still lagging a bit behind the masked man's D-Wheel.

And there was a single thought that crossed Hyde's mind as he looked at the card.


"I activate my trap card!" Hyde announced as he pushed button on his duel disk, making a large icicle appear next to his D-Wheel, shattering to form the Yuki-Onna (1000/0) who spun through the air before she landed on the back of Hyde's seat. "Limit Reverse allows me to bring back Yuki-Onna, who allows me to bring back Shutendoji as well!"

Blowing a kiss towards the side, the Yuki-Onna created a large icicle that held the Shutendoji inside (1500/800), and when the ice shattered, it was revealed that the Shutendoji was asleep.

"Next I'll flip up my face down monster," Hyde announced as the set monster flew from the face down card, revealing a decaying goblin (1100/1050). "My own Goblin Zombie, and then I'll tune him with my Yuki-Onna to bring back a familiar face!"

Transforming into a blinding light, both the Yuki-Onna and Goblin Zombie, the two disappeared into the blinding lights, and a familiar howl echoed through the air. The light shattered, immediately allowing the Inugami (2600/1250).

"Then thanks to my Goblin Zombie, I can take my Gotokuneko from my deck to my hand," Hyde announced as he pulled a card from his thinning deck, and then he reached for his graveyard. "Then, I'll activate Shutendoji's effect, allowing me to draw another card from my deck again, and all I need to do is remove Hibiki and Mizuchi from my graveyard!"

Fitting the two cards into his pocket, Hyde immediately pulled off the top card from his deck and nodded. "And then I'll activate Inugami's effect! By returning those two monsters back to…"

"I see what you're up to," Kamen chuckled as he pushed a button on his dashboard, sending a powerful electrical charge through the air, crashing into the Inugami's body, making the ghostly dog howl in pain. "But I'm not going to let you do as you please! I play my trap card, Skill Shock! So, not only is your monster's effect activation is negated, it can't attack or be tributed this turn!

"And all it cost me was my face down monster, my Armored Zombie."

"That's fine with me!" Hyde announced as he pushed a button his D-Wheel's dashboard, pulling two cards out from his graveyard slot. "I remove Mezuki back from my graveyard in order summon out my Yuki-Onna again!"

For a multiple time this duel, the icy woman appeared, looking a little dizzy (1000/0). "I'll forgo her effect, and instead, I'll do a little more tuning, this time allowing me tune Inugami with my Yuki-Onna!"

With dizzy eyes, the Yuki-Onna shattered into two rings of light that flew around the paralyzed Inugami, transforming the ghostly dog into six stars of light that became a powerful tower of light over Hyde's D-Wheel. "The card you hold is your bond to the path you walk, and the cause you have pledged to. Use it for no purpose except in the service of that cause. Ignorance is not bliss, but knowledge is not power…"

Kamen's eyes widened behind his visor as the pillar of light transformed into a rather intimidating figure – A golden skinned man with long hair dressed in majestic armor, wielding a both a sword and a shield (2600/2400). "Jalal the Dragonborn… Welcome to the fight, boss."

"Oh, hahahahaha!" Kamen laughed loudly at the sight of the half-dragon warrior. "I've been waiting to fight against that guy! Thanks detective!"

"Glad to see you approve!" Hyde announced as he pulled a card from his hand and slid it into the dashboard. "And I'm sure you're going to enjoy this, I play the Speed Spell – Power Baton! So, by sending my Red Ogre to my graveyard, the big boss here gains all of his attack points!"

A ghostly red shadow of the daunting oni appeared right behind Jalal's back, making the Shadowchaser leader smirk as the power was seeping into his body (2600/2400 + 2800/0).

"And now, Jalal! Slay Traverse!"

The Red Ogre chuckled loudly before his aura like body transformed into a pair of red dragon wings that allowed Jalal to fly towards Traverse (2500/2500 + 600/0), his sword drawn. Both warriors cried out loud as they flew towards each other, both of whom were ready to destroy the other.

Both of them clashed against each other, their power overflowing from each other's attacks, and allowing the energy to surge through the air and around both D-Wheels. That's when a powerful explosion rocked the air, covering Kamen's D-Wheel with smoke, while allowing Jalal to fly back alongside Hyde's D-Wheel, sheathing the blade he held at the same time. (KLP: 2050 / SC: 10)

"And that's how you take out a powerhouse!" Hyde chuckled nodding towards the holographic Jalal at his side.

"A good lesson," Kamen coughed, emerging from the smoke with the cloud behind him. "If the big scary dragon was able to actually to destroy Traverse!"

Erupting from the cloud of smoke was none other than Traverse himself, spinning about to get rid of the smoke around his body. "And before you ask, I still had a face down card on the field, my second Flesh Shield, and all I had to do was send Mezuki from my deck to the graveyard."

'I was wondering when he'd send a card like that to his graveyard,' Hyde thought to himself as he looked at the last four cards in his hand. 'And if I know what he's going to do, then I've only got one shot left to get rid of this Traverse, other wise, I can tell what he's going to do next turn.'

Overflowing passion breaks through this body!

Time starts to melt… NEXT STAGE!

"Two cards set!" Hyde announced as the two cards appeared along side his D-Wheel, instantly disappearing into the aura road. "And I end my turn, so Jalal's attack returned to normal and Shutendoji disappears."

The aura of the Red Ogre disappeared from Jalal's body, allowing the Dragonborn warrior to shake his head slightly (2600/2400) and at the same time, the drunken ogre disappeared.

On the roof however, Ace raised an eyebrow and tilted her head slightly at the sight of Jalal, 'Why didn't Hyde use Jalal's effect? Was he afraid of Kamen's face down card or is there something more?'

Kamen drew from the top of his deck, giving him back his eleventh Speed Counter. "Now then, Traverse! I think you know what to do next!"

I'm always lacking

It's like I hide behind my pile of excuses and abandonment.

Slamming both his fists together, Travers summoned a powerful purple aura that erupted over his legs, covering them both in bulky purple armor that had chains and bolts wrapped around them. "Next, I'll normal summon Skull Conductor in attack mode…"

Several ghostly flames popped onto the road, allowing the ghastly conductor to appear in mid-air, holding up his conductor baton up in the air (2000/0). "But he's not staying for too long, cause now Traverse has Dogga's abilities! Including the one that allows him to release other Zombies and Rocks to gain half of their attack points!"

The Skull Conductor smirked as he flew next to Traverse, immediately transforming the ghostly conductor into a dark aura that flew into the golden armored warrior's body (2500/2500 + 1000/0). "Now, I could use Bassha's ability to attack you directly detective, but even if I did, you'd only take twenty-one hundred and fifty points of damage full – Both from battle damage and then from Traverse's effect.

"But then you'd probably have your big old dragon boy there use his effect, taking your Power Baton's effect back, or even using a trap card! So, your golden boy is my target this time! Sides, I'd to be able to say that I was able to defeat Jalal!

"Traverse! Attack Jalal!"

Flying up high into the air, Traverse began to spin around, forming into a gold and black spinning aura that flew through the air (3500/2500 + 800/0) and headed straight towards Jalal. The aura slammed into the Dragonborn's body, making him disappear amongst the aura.

The scenery that you gaze at…

Suddenly is crumbling in your hands!

However, when the aura disappeared, Jalal was no where to be seen. (HLP: 750 / SC: 11)

"And guess what," Kamen chuckled as Hyde's D-Wheel began to lag behind the masked duelist's vehicle. "Since Bassha only needs to inflict damage to activate his burn effect, you take an additional two hundred points for each card in your hand, so since you got two…

"Well, I think you know basic multiplication Detective."

Two golden flames appeared on both sides of Hyde's D-Wheel, immediately crashing into the Shadowchaser's vehicle, making him growl loudly. "DAMN IT!" (HLP: 350 / SC: 11)

Tell me where these feelings should belong!

"Can't stand the heat?" Kamen chuckled with a shake of his head. "Well, to make ya feel better, I'll end my turn by setting a single card face down!"

'And I'm prepared for any move that he's got planned,' The masked man thought to himself as he looked down at his dashboard, watching as his face down card appeared on the field. 'If he plans on bring back his Inugami, then I can easily block any effect if he tries to destroy Traverse with his own protection effect. And even if he does return my three Synchros back to my extra deck with Inugami's other effect, Traverse will still be stronger since he'll still have gained the thousand attack points from Dogga's effect.

'Then, I can easily blow away anything he's got left with a simple attack. And even if he does destroy Traverse, I can bring him back by using my Mezuki's effect, summoning him back to the field with a vengeance! And if he tries one other trick that he might have, I'll still be able to save myself until next turn, thanks to my trap card – Negate Attack, so I can negate his attack.'

I can't restrain this hot flame!

It burns away my doubt!

"Thanks to Power Baton, I don't get to draw this turn," Hyde admitted as he picked up speed once more, giving him a full twelve speed counters. "But I don't need it."

"Hmm?" Kamen questioned as Hyde pushed a button on his duel disk, creating a powerful aura over the detective's duel disk. "What's this?"

"I'll play my other trap card," Hyde announced as the card lifted up, revealing the Dark Magician, Elemental Hero Avian and Junk Warrior standing alongside each other, each dressed in matching racing uniforms. "Pit Crew! So, by removing any number of Speed Counters from my Speed World, I can take a monster from my graveyard who's level is the same as number of Speed Counters I removed!

"So I'll remove seven of them to take my Red Ogre back!"

As Hyde pulled the selected card from his graveyard slot, his D-Wheel began to fall behind, instantly putting him way behind Kamen as they both turned on the aura road. (HLP: 350 / SC: 5)

"Next, I activate Mezuki's effect!" Hyde announced as he pulled a pair of cards from his graveyard, slapping one card onto his duel disk. "So, I'll remove him in order to special summon Inugami!"

A loud howl echoed through the air, instantly allowing the ghostly dog to reappear next to Hyde's D-Wheel, struggling to keep up with the D-Wheel (2600/1250).

It helps me forget everything I've felt up till today,

No one ever knows my sound!

"And now, I play my final trap card - Call of the Haunted!" Hyde announced as he pushed a button on his duel disk. "I revive Shutendoji!"

A powerful flame erupted in front of Hyde as the drunken ogre appeared back on the field, drinking deeply from the bottle of sake he had in his mouth (1500/800). "… I don't think I have to tell you what I've got planned next…"

I everlastingly evolve…

Kamen nodded as both the Inugami and Shutendoji shattered like glass, instantly combining the pixels in the air as the large blood red ogre appeared on the field, running alongside Hyde's D-Wheel, spinning his club in his left hand (2800/2100).

And without a single word, Hyde slipped the last two cards in his hand into his dashboard's graveyard slot, allowing the Red Ogre leap through the air and land on the aura road several yards ahead of Kamen's D-Wheel. Then, slamming its club into the road, the ogre sent the aura flaring up into the air, sending Kamen's face down card and Traverse flying through the air before they fizzled away.

A part of myself that I wasn't aware of, is awakening…

"Any last words?" Hyde questioned.

"Just one," Kamen chuckled as the Red Ogre began to run towards him, his club spinning through the air and heading straight down towards his D-Wheel.


(KLP: 0)

Ace just stood there with a blank look on her face as she watched the club collide with Kamen's D-Wheel. "… I don't get why he said that."


A few moments later, as the aura's light began to die down, both Hyde and Kamen rematerialized back on the roof, however, Kamen's D-Wheel was completely wrecked and the masked man was face down on the room, groaning loudly. "Ow…"

Hyde slowly pulled the helmet from his head, allowing his hair to billow slightly from the sweat that had accumulated from the duel and sighed loudly, "Damn… T-That was tough… And there wasn't anything riding on the duel."

"It was still pretty kick ass though," Ace pointed out as she walked over to Hyde, pulling her hat down. "Congrats for winning."

"Yeah," Hyde sighed as he pushed the kickstand down for the D-Wheel and got off in order to walk over to Kamen. "You okay over there, masked man?"

"Yeah, just aching all over," Kamen laughed loudly as he slowly began to push himself up, groaning all the while. "I can't keep doing this kind of thing, but it was for a good cause. More than likely, that darkness game must've done the trick. I'm willing to bet that those three are probably revived."

"And if they're not?" Hyde questioned raising an eyebrow as he reached for his pack of cigarettes.

"Then its back to the drawing board," Kamen chuckled as he stood up, cracking his back in the process. "But, before that… I lost that duel right? So, what happens next? You gonna arrest me?"

Hyde quickly lit up a cigarette in his mouth and took a long drag on the cig, exhaling to allow a large ring to float through the air. "… Nope. Like you've been saying, you're human, an extraordinary human yes, but not a Shadowkind, shadow-touched or such. However, being an Aware, we may have to talk about this later."

"Heh, so that's how you're going to play it," Kamen chuckled as he stood up straight. "Alright, fine, I'll play your game for a while Shadowchasers… Hey, where'd your two friends go?"

"You're just now noticing this?" Hyde questioned raising an eyebrow as he pulled out the cigarette from his mouth. "If I had to guess, they went to take care of some loose ends, right Ace?"

"That Jackson guy," Ace answered.

Hyde sighed as he lowered his head slightly.

"Hehehahaha," Kamen laughed as he shook his head. "I swear you Shadowchasers are…"

Kamen stopped short before he used what energy he had left and slammed his shoulder into Hyde and Ace, sending them a few feet backwards, "LOOK OUT!"

Hyde and Ace stumbled back slightly, just in time to see Kamen get struck with a powerful jolt of electricity, sending him flying through the air, several duel monster cards flying through the air as he sailed over his D-Wheel. Both Ace and Hyde watched as Kamen's limped form sail towards the edge of the roof.

"KAMEN!" Both Hyde and Ace shouted as they both ran towards Kamen in an attempt to save him…

Both of the Shadowchasers were unaware that a familiar white overcoat man was exiting the stairwell, walking towards the cards that had floated about the rooftop. A smirk was plastered on his face as he watched Hyde and Ace reach out to catch Kamen.

But it was a fruitless effort.



Stay tuned for the epilogue after the card stats.


Card Stats

Skill Shock / Counter Trap / Effect: Activate only when your opponent activates an Effect Monster's effect. Tribute 1 monster. Negate the activation of that effect. That monster cannot attack or be Tributed this turn.

Image: The Sasuke Samurai getting electrified by a powerful energy

This card was used in the Yu-Gi-Oh GX anime.

Netherworld Beast – Garulu / Wind / LV. 7 / ATK: 2000 / DEF: 2000 / Beast/Synchro/Effect: [Netherworld Traveler + 1 or more non-tuner monsters] This card is considered as an Zombie-Type monster while on the field and in the graveyard. This card can attack all monsters your opponent controls once each. When this card battles with a monster, increase the ATK strength of this card by the number of cards on your opponent's side of the field x 200 points during the damage step only.

Description: A large diabolic blue, wild wolf man dressed in demonic armor with several golden horns sticking from the demon's body. With a trio of long blue furred tails, the wolf has a large tuft of golden hair out the back of its head.

Netherworld Dweller – Bassha / Water / LV. 6 / ATK: 2000 / DEF: 1000 / Fish/Synchro/Effect: [Netherworld Traveler + 1 or more non-tuner monsters] This card is considered as an Zombie-Type monster while on the field and in the graveyard. This card may attack your opponent's life points directly while your opponent has monsters on their side of the field (All battle damage is cut in half if this effect is used). When this card successfully damages your opponent's life points, for each card in their hand, inflict an additional 200 points of damage to your opponent's life points.

Description: A large, sleek green scaled gill man with a pair of fins on its back with a large pair of teeth coming from its chest bones with a golden sheen to it.

Netherworld Gardna – Dogga / Earth / LV. 7 / ATK: 2400 / DEF: 2200 / Rock/Synchro/Effect: [Netherworld Traveler + 1 or more non-tuner monsters] This card is considered as an Zombie-Type monster while on the field and in the graveyard. Decrease the ATK strength of this card in multiples of 100 points to increase the ATK strength of 1 face-up monster on the field by the same amount (max per turn: 800 points). This effect can be used during your opponent's turn. Once per turn, by Tributing 1 Zombie-type or Rock-Type monster you control, increase the ATK of this card equal to half of the ATK of the Tributed monster.

Description: An incredibly large dark violet armored golem covered with chains and bolts with electricity surging around its body.

Crazy Bone / Dark / LV. 1 / ATK: 50 / DEF: 50 / Zombie/Effect: This card cannot be used for a Tribute. By removing one Zombie-type monster from your graveyard, you may special summon this card from your hand. When this card is removed from the field after this effect is used, remove this card from play. Once per turn, you may select one monster on the field and multiply its level by -1.

Description: A diabolic skeletal gargoyle with large cartoonish eyes.

Zanbat Guide / Dark / LV. 2 / ATK: 200 / DEF: 100 / Zombie/Synchro/Tuner: [1 Tuner monster + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters] You may treat this monster as a level 1 or level 2 monster. During the turn this card is summoned, this card cannot be used for a Synchro summon. During either player's battle phase, you may send this face up card and any number of monsters on your side of the field to the graveyard. When this is done, you may special summon one Synchro monster from your extra deck whose level is equal to the combined level of monsters you sent to the graveyard with this effect. A monster special summoned with this effect is considered to be Synchro Summoned.

Description: A small diabolic, gold armored bat with a pair of horns on its head between its wings and a large bell-like collar around its neck.

Netherworld Curse – Traverse / Dark / LV. 8 / ATK: 2500 / DEF: 2500 / Zombie/Synchro/Effect: [1 Zombie-Type Synchro Tuner + 1 or more non-tuner Synchro monsters] Each of these effects can be activated once per turn:

Negate the activation and effect of a card that your opponent controls that would destroy this card, and destroy that card.

Once per turn, you may select one Zombie-type Synchro monster in either player's graveyard and equip it to this card as an equip spell card. As long as this monster is equipped with a monster, this card gains the equipped monster's effect(s).

Select one face up card on the field, and negate that card's effects until the end phase (this effect cannot be chained).

Description: A tall, sleek man covered with golden armor – A golden winged vest, golden gauntlets, and a mask with a red visor that was shaped in the form of wings. Two large blood red bat-wings have erupted from the back of the warrior

Pit Crew / Trap / Effect: This card can only be activated while you have 'Speed World' on your side of the field. Remove any number of Speed Counters from 'Speed World' on your side of the field. Then you may add one monster from your graveyard who's level is the same number of Speed Counters you removed with this effect to your hand.

Image: The Dark Magician, Elemental Hero Avian and Junk Warrior all lined up with each dressed in matching racing uniforms over their regular forms.




A week had passed since the whole incident had occurred at the Devil's Hand Casino, and thanks to Jalal's influence, he managed to persuade the media and official records that Grayarts was being accused of several crimes (there was a long list, and thanks to some paperwork that was actually found in Grayarts' office, most of it was true). The Casino itself was taken into custody by the state of Nevada, and was going to be refurbished into a fancy hotel and casino as stated by the local newspapers.

But at the same time, the headlines also pointed out that one Vergil Walker had fallen from the top of the same casino – And it was reported that one of the air conditioners atop of the building was malfunctioning and had exploded, sending the young secretary flying from the roof. And apparently, there was some sort of costume party that was going on which would explain the weird costume he was dressed in.

Once again, this was stuff that was reported in the media for the Mundane.

The three remaining survivors of the ancient races – Garulu, Bassha, and Dogga, were all gone. And despite the constant searches performed by the Shadowchasers, all they found were the shattered remains of the tanks. Where they had gone was still being investigated by other Shadowchasers who were brought in for tracking, but any traces of the three were long gone.

It was sad for the Sin City Shadowchasers when the event had occurred, but life goes on, and even though the pain of losing of a powerful ally(?) would stain the group, they had to continue onwards…

Time: 1:07 p.m.

Location: The Magic Room

"Yoo-hoo! Sophie! I'm back!" Barron laughed loudly as he walked into the magical themed pub, a large goofy smile on his face as he strode up to the bar to greet the cute bartender (who like usual, was sitting atop of the bar).

"Well, well, well, look at who the magician pulled out of his hat," Sophie snickered as she crossed her arms as the tanned Shadowchaser took a seat at the bar. "Been a while since I've seen you in here, sugar."

"Well, what can I say?" Barron replied with a shrug. "I've had a few things to deal with. Ya know how it works for me, I had to make sure that someone got back home safely…"

"Oh yeah, I think ya told me about that Nao-girl," Sophie muttered as she looked up slightly, trying to wrack her brain for the facts that Barron told her. "I still think its hard to believe that she actually followed ya from her home town…"

"Yeah, it's wild," Barron snickered.

Truthfully, Naoto wanted to stay in Las Vegas with Barron and the other Shadowchasers, especially after hearing what Barron had gone through to help save her from the Envie. But Barron had pointed out that Naoto's family would've been worried sick and said that it would be best for her to return to her home.

Sure, Naoto was a little disappointed with that.

However, when Barron pointed out that after she finished her Shadowchaser training back in her hometown, she could easily request a transfer to the Las Vegas unit and Barron would make sure that Jalal would accept that.

"Excuse me Sophie," A familiar voice sighed loudly getting both Barron's and Sophie's attention to the bar. "But you're not being a good example to me, a new employee."

Standing behind the bar was familiar black haired elf who was cleaning up a few glasses with a clean rag, his eyes showing the dark marks that were the telltale signs of a lack of sleep. "Oh, and you… Shadowchaser…"

"Hey, it's the elf guy!" Barron chuckled with a bright smile on his face as he crossed his arms. "I hope you appreciate me getting you this job."

Rowen sighed loudly as he lowered his head, "Yeah… It really helps."

'I had my summoning license revoked, now I'm stuck in a dead end job! WHY?'

"Aw, don't hassle the help, sugar," Sophie requested as she shook her head. "In any case, when ya called earlier, ya said that you had someone you wanted to introduce to me."

"And you said the same thing," Barron replied with a smirk. "So, I think its only fair if ladies first."

"Got me there," Sophie answered as she lifted her hands up to her mouth. "Hey, hun! Mind coming over here for a sec?"

Barron blinked a few times as he watched one of the few customers in the Magic Room stand up and stroll on over to the bar. However, when the customer got close enough, Barron instantly recognized the mug he was looking at. "Hey, aren't you…?"

"You need something, Sophie?" Detective Reno questioned with his arms crossed at the red haired girl.

"I just wanted you to meet one of my friends," Sophie answered the LVPD plains-clothed officer before she gestured towards the tan-skinned Shadowchaser. "This is Barron Diego and…"

"I believe we've met before," Reno answered with a smirk on his face. "I was a little worried about who I had to meet, but not so much right now."

"Hey!" Barron yelped as Rowen began to snicker quietly to himself.

"So, Barron," Sophie quickly interjected before the two could lock horns against each other. "Who did you want to introduce me to?"

"Well, since Rowen's working here," Barron sighed with a shake of his head at the gothic-styled elf. "It won't be too much of a surprise… Although, it'll be awesome to see his face when he sees who's with me."

"This doesn't inspire confidence," Rowen muttered under his breath as Barron turned towards the door.

"Ya see, the man who I worked for decided not to 'press charges' against this guy and his gal," Barron explained as he jumped from his seat and headed for the door. "But there were a few conditions, the first being that he'd have to provide some testimony for a case. And the second is that, well, he has to join our little group, and well, I got stuck to show him the ropes and see him through his training.

"It's been an interesting week, but I got this guy tamed for the most part. Hey! I know you're there! Get out here!"

A loud groan echoed from the doorway as a cowboy hat wearing figure slowly walked into the Magic Room, his arms crossed over his chest. "This seems so stupid."

Rowen's face fell as he remembered that style, that attitude and that face. "Oh, for the love of…"

"Hey there Emo Elf," Jack chuckled tipping his hat towards Rowen.

"Gargh!" Rowen groaned as he walked away. 'I knew this was going to happen when those two Shadowchasers found the three of us trying to escape. At least I managed to make a deal to get out of prison time – But my sister is never going to let me live this down!'

"I like the western motif," Sophie snickered as she leaned towards Jack. "I think you should try that out some time Reno. I think it'd look good on you."

"Meh, I prefer not sticking out in a crowd," Reno answered reaching over the counter to grab a drink.

"Sides, I'm the only one who can actually pull off this kick-ass style," Jack added with a shrug of his shoulders. "If someone like you wore this then…"

"I'd keep your mouth shut," Barron advised throwing an arm around Jack's neck, putting him in a headlock. "Just because you're a 'you-know-what' in-training, that doesn't mean that you can insult this guy. You can still get arrested by the police, John Wayne."

"Ugh, like I haven't heard that one before," Jack muttered, trying to get free from the headlock he was in. He wasn't having much success. "Was there a point for taking me here?"

"Well, Faye said that we should let the rookies recharge their batteries," Barron answered with a smirk on his face. "Besides, you should consider yourself lucky that I'm the guy teaching ya. If anything, I feel a bit sorry for your girlfriend and…"

"She's not my girlfriend!" Jack snarled, his face a little red.

"Aw, the little cowboy's blushing," Sophie pointed out as Rowen snickered loudly.

"When I get free," Jack snarled. "I'm going to kill all of you!"

"Don't worry, this guy's bark is worse than his bite," Barron explained with his smirk growing. "Sides, he's a greenhorn who can't beat me, not by a long shot. Ain't that right, Jack?"

"Gah…" Jack growled trying to punch Barron in the back in an attempt to get free.

Time: 1:15 p.m.

Location: Mirage Oasis Café

It was a glorious day for a certain were-ermine, so much so that he was humming a little tune as he spun his pipe in between his fingers. It was a calm morning, but one of his waitresses had called in sick.

Now, that in and of itself would make any normal business owner fret. But then again, Kyon wasn't your average person. Because of this little fiasco, he was finally able to call in a favor that was long overdue. And the person who owed him this favor was in the back, getting into the uniform that he had been saving for this one event.

Just thinking about it brought a blush to his face…


Too bad his thoughts were interrupted as the door to his café opened up, drawing his attention towards the two new customers who were in his business – One of whom was a familiar face, "Well, well, well, what brings you here, Miss Faye?"

Indeed, standing in the doorway was none other than the older Shadowchaser, her arms thrown behind her head as she walked in with her fellow customer right behind her. "Oh, nothing too serious, just needed a break from training the one of the newest Shadowchasers-in-Training."

"Ah, yes, my dear Alice did inform me that you guys were getting a few more members," Kyon snickered looking past Faye. "And I suppose this must be one of those two, correct?"

"Yeah," Faye sighed, realizing that the second Shadowchaser-in-training was hiding behind her. "I'm trying to break that shell she's got around her, she's a bit shy. She's opened a little bit, but still… She's been through a lot, so I'm trying to be gentle."

"Yeah I bet," Kyon chuckled pointing his pipe at Faye, while at the same trying to get a good look at the person hiding behind Faye. "I've heard from Ace how your training regiment works, it's a wonder how this girl's even walking about outside from what I've heard."

Faye couldn't help but sigh loudly as she quickly stepped to the side, surprising the girl who was hiding behind her. "If that's how I'm described, then I should live up to that. Kyon, I'd like you to meet Mira Lonbell."

Indeed, standing frozen in the middle of the café was Mira, simply a little taken back at the sudden introduction. "Uh… H-Hello…"

"Hmm," Kyon mused as he looked over Mira several times, taking in everything about her. "… Hmm, hmm, hmm! I definitely approve!"

"Huh?" Mira questioned blinking a few times. "Is… Is this part of the t-training?"

"Nah, Kyon's just Kyon," Faye sighed loudly as she took a seat at the counter, motioning for Mira to follow. "In any case, Kyon, have you seen Ace or Hyde today? They were both gone when I woke up this morning, the same thing with their D-Wheels, and I know that both of them had patrol last night…"

"I can say that I don't know where the old man is," Kyon answered as he reached under the bar and produced a few glasses. "As for my Dear Alice, that's another story. But before I answer, what can I get you two lovely ladies?"

"I'll just take some tea," Faye requested. "Earl Grey would work, but I'm not too picky."

"Um, w-w-water will do," Mira suggested with her head turned slightly.

"… Yeesh, that's rather dull," Kyon sighed as he lifted his hand up to his mouth. "Hey! How long are you going to take? We've got customers out here!"

"Give me a break!" A harsh, if not familiar voice echoed through the air, making both Faye and Mira turn towards the backroom. "I don't like wearing this crap!"

"… That voice," Faye muttered, a dull look appearing over her face. "Kyon, you didn't."

"Oh, but I did," Kyon chuckled. "She owed me a favor, and this is her fulfilling it."

"Damn it Kyon, what's with all the frills on this thing?" the same voice barked out as its owner slowly began to step from the backroom. "I swear that you've got some weird fantasies in your…"

"I knew it," Faye interrupted with a shake of her head while Mira's face turned bright red. "It was Ace."

"Huh?" Ace questioned as she realized that both Faye and Mira were both looking at her (Kyon was doing the same, but she was more concerned with her colleagues). Almost instantly Ace's face lit up red. "AAAAH!"

For those of you wondering, the tomboyish Shadowchaser was dressed in what one could accurately describe as a maid outfit – shiny black fabric that made up the dress, white frills on the cuffs, collar, apron and skirt (which went down past her knees by the way) and even a matching hat atop of her head of hair – which was actually pulled back into a short tail.

It took a few seconds for it to sink in, but when it did, Ace yelled out loud and quickly ran back into the backrooms, with Kyon laughing all the while. "Whahahahahaha! Oh, that is priceless!"

"S-So bold," Mira muttered.

"… You have got to be one of the evilest Shadows out there," Faye stated bluntly as she turned her dulled gaze towards Kyon.

"And yet, the only crime I've committed," Kyon snickered with a shake of his head. "Is being too handsome."

"Too bad we can't charge you with that crime," Faye pointed out.

"For some reason, that feels more like an insult," Kyon muttered with a large bead of sweat rolling down the side of his head. "But you've seen Ace here, but the old man, not so much."

"Huh, I wonder where Hyde could be?" Faye questioned.

Time: 1:30 p.m.

Location: Las Vegas Shadowchasers Penthouse

It was quiet in the large penthouse, and despite the fact that only a single week had passed since the incident at the Devil's Hand Casino, there was a serenity that lofted through the air.

It had been a long and arduous journey for our Shadowchasers of Sin City, and their quest for justice would never end – With new allies and new mysteries, only time will tell what will happen to our motley crew.

And what of a certain former detective Shadowchaser? In a familiar study, the same study that Hyde had spent countless hours of time relaxing, researching and going over cases, there seemed to be a certain presence missing. Hyde was no where in sight but in his place was a single note left in the study, sitting down on the desk with a familiar sword placed underneath the parchment.

There were only a few things written on the note:

What is justice?

What is the truth?

Until these are answered,

Shadowchaser Hyde Ivan Vayne

Chooses death.


Lux-Nero: And with that, Shadowchasers: Risen Nemesis has been finished. But, when one chapter ends, another starts. Just because the Risen Nemesis chapter has been closed, that doesn't mean that the mystery is over with – There are many questions that have yet to be answered…

Unfortunately, these questions will not be answered… At least, not now. So, to keep you on your toes…

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In this city, crimes are committed at almost every second, breaking the small happiness that is kept in it and maintaining the sorrow within its grasps. It's here where it all began, creating the winds of a new mystery. From the past that should be buried, the scars of a former life open up once more.

Memories of the past float around the streets of this city as a war between two close bonds escalates to epic proportions! And one man is caught in between it all, his only goal to find the truth behind everything.

With new and old allies at his side, and several dark shadows behind him, will he be able to find his answer?

Will he find his justice?

Will he find his truth?

Find out in the next installment


Dark City Chronicles

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