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All this was to him was a game. A very sick game. And Edward was out to win. And Bella was his toy.

When he looked at her, he didn't see a human, but his prey. She was only a mere toy to him and Bella couldn't do nothing about it. She was in a way a mute. Bella was forced to take medicine that damaged her voice box the first day she was brought to live there.

You might be wondering how this poor girl got into this. Well its easy, she was kidnapped at the age of 13 and was raised by Edward Cullen. Bella is insensible to death now. She taught herself how to shut down and only answer when called on. It was easy since Bella couldn't talk or make sound, her cries and screams was silenced.

Although Edward never touched Bella anyway that would bring harmed on her, but he did threated her daily with what he was going to do with her when she turned eighteen. Bella never would forget the first time he had threated her of her virginity.

"Bella, Bella, Bella." Edward cooed at her. "What am I going to do with you?" He took a step forward as Bella took one back. " How many times do I have to tell you that your mine?" He wasn't really asking her. "I will not have you running away every time I leave to go hunting." He shook his head at her, taking another step toward her. "Don't move." He growled at her. Bella stopped in mid step. "Please," Bella mouthed to him. It was rare that Bella did anything, but nodded. Edward half way smiled at her.

"You remember when I first brought you here I had asked you if you rather die or give yourself to me?" Bella nodded slowly. "I really did mean that," Bella cocked her head to one side. "Bella, my beautiful Bella." He reached out and brushed out a piece of hair from her eyes. "I cannot wait until you become of age." Bella still didn't understand what he meant. " Then your whole body becomes mine and just your pretty face." With that he grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss. Bella didn't kiss back.

The only thing that kept Bella from completely fading away was the promise that her best friend had made to her.

"Bella!" Jacob cried as he watched his best friend get taken away from him. "let her go!" Jacob heard a chuckle that floated in the wind. "You humans are so stupid," With that Edward grabbed Bella into his arms. "Any last words to your friend?" Edward asked. "Bella I will find you and I wouldn't let him get away with this." Edward let out a laugh and Jacob watch his friend fade into the night.

That was the last Bella saw any other human other then the ones Edward brought in and made Bella watch him kill. Each time he would say the same thing. "This could be you, my beautiful Bella. Remember, I play to win and I always win."

Bella never understand what he meant until the day she meet the other Cullens. She never knew what this game was until that day.

Bella was to hunt others and kill. The last one standing out of the seven humans the Cullens pick becomes one of them. Bella was Edward toy that he was training and the day of her eighteen birthday the games would begin.

All I had to do was to hope and pray that I could make it through this.