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"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE RULES HAS CHANGED?" Edward screamed at the phone. He paced around the small cabin that he shared with the human girl called Bella. "I'm not going to bring in other kid to fight against Bella!" He closed his eyes and rubbed his hair through his hair. He had to win these games this year he just had to.

"Please calm down son, I know this is going to be hard on you, but we thought it would more fun if we add a few more members to the games." Carlisle said. "We know you want this human girl of yours to win but sometimes we all don't get what we want." His father told him. Edward sighed and grabbed at his hair and pulled at it. "Whatever when do I need to find another human?" He asked as he opened up his eyes and scanned the room for Bella. "Tonight." His father told him.

"TONIGHT?" Edward screamed and the phone crushed in his head as his anger boiled. When his eyes finally landed on Bella, he smiled wickedly at her and watched her cringed and hide her face in her arms. The girl was now seventeen and only months away from being able to play in the Cullen games.

"Oh my sweet Bella," Edward sang as he walked toward her. "Looks like you're going to be getting a little playmate till the games start." He watched as she shuddered at the word playmate and she slowly looked up. He smiled and offered her his hand so he can help her off the floor. Even though she didn't want to she knew she had to take his hand.

"That's my girl," He said as her hand slipped into his. With a small tug he brought her to her feet. "Now I'm going out to hunt down another to bring here and I'm going to let you choose." He said and her eyes widened at his words and she shook her head slowly. He let out a stained laughed. "Bella, I meant as in do you want your playmate to be a boy or a girl?" He asked and looked at her. Bella just looked at him. After a minute or so, she mouthed, "girl." He nodded and let her go. "I'll be back," He called out to her and left her alone in the cabin/hut.

The minute he left she raced over to what she called her bed. It was a stack of new papers and a very wore down cloth. She took one of the new papers and started to read it. She had made the mistake of reading one in front of Edward one day and he ended up making her watch kill two humans that night. Although he seemed made, he always brought in a news paper every week and handed it to her to make up her 'bed.'

"After years of searching for Isabella Swan, the call for her search has been called off." She read and she felt her heart twist inside her. They have given up on her. She couldn't believe it. She thought her parents wouldn't give up on her but she was wrong. She crumbled up the piece of paper and tossed it across the cabin. A single tear raced down her face.

Edward held a girl by her arm as he walked into the cabin. "Bella, I'm home with your playmate!" He called out as he felt the girl shifted trying to pull away from him. His eyes flashed and he growled at the girl.

"Don't make me kill you find other girl!" He screamed at the girl and girl looked at him with terror on her face. "Do you understand me?" He asked and the girl nodded and muttered a yes. "Good," He said cheekily and grinned like nothing happened. He caught sight of Bella and smiled at her. She returned his smile with a lifeless of her own.

"Bella, I would like for you to meet Jessica." Bella looked up at the girl and nodded. She mouthed a hello and then looked back at the ground and didn't meet eyes with Edward.

"Bella look at me. Have you been crying?" He asked as if he really cared. She nodded her knowing she shouldn't lie to him. "Why love?" He asked and she cringed as he called her love. She moved her shoulders up and down. He gritted his teeth at her, but it go for now.

"Bella show Jessica around and to her bed which is also yours." He said as he let go of the human girl arm he held in his hand. "I'm going to go bring in my supper." Bella whined but nodded at him.

Edward smiled at Jessica and Bella. "Let the games begin." He said.