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A/N: My intent was for this to be a one-shot but many of your reviews (and the fear of finding many rocks in my T or T bag next Halloween) inspired me to write this chapter.


"Aaiiieee!" Rufus screamed as he watched the unfolding horror on the Stoppables' TV. After returning from an evening of trick-or-treating with Hana, the family had settled in to watch Tangoing with the B List Celebrities (both Timothy North and Dexter from the O Boyz! were contestants). But instead of watching Timothy North, Summer Gale, and others compete for ballroom glory, they were viewing something most disturbing. Mr. Stoppable hurriedly placed his hand over his daughter's eyes while his wife cringed. The pumpkin-costumed girl they hoped would one day be part of the family was busily stuffing her clown-suited boyfriend's mouth with coconut-filled candies, which she too was scarfing down as Drakken watched with glee and Shego looked on, rolling her eyes.

"Those fiends must be stopped," Mr. Stoppable declared.

"But they're supervillains!" Mrs. Stoppable cried.

"And I'm Actuary of the Decade," he countered. "I can handle this."

"We can handle this, Daddy," five-year-old Hana Stoppable announced.

"Uh huh!" Rufus chimed in.

"But Hana, this could be dangerous!" Mrs. Stoppable said.

"Mommy, I beat Yono the Destroyer when I was a toddler," the little girl whined. "Besides, I won't be able to go to school on Monday if my big brother and sister keep dorking it up like that! The other kids will laugh at me!"

"I still don't know about this," Mrs. Stoppable worried.

"Dear, she is a super ninja and Rufus has been saving the world with the kids for years."

"Are you really sure about this?"

"I've calculated the odds. Drakken and Shego are going down," Mr. Stoppable said confidently. "Now I just have to find my cape!"


"You think you're all that, Kim Possible," Drakken crowed. "But when you're finished eating all of this," – he gestured at the huge horde of candy and other high-calorie treats in the lair – "you'll be all fat!"

"You know," Shego said, "while I'm all for Princess porking out and dying of embarrassment, don't you think we could be making better use of her and her boyfriend?"

"What do you mean?" Drakken asked before he helped himself to a piece of candy.

"Ugh," Shego groaned as she slapped her head. "You think maybe between her save-the-world skills and his monkey power-thing, we maybe should have them, oh I don't know, STEAL SOMETHING VALUABLE AND HARD TO GET?"

"Hmm," Drakken said as he rubbed his chin. "An intriguing idea, Shego. There were a number of tantalizing, if overpriced, goodies in the latest Hencho catalogue."

"See? I'm sure Kimmie and Stoppable could go and get you some death ray or something," Shego said.

"Like a jail cell, perhaps?"

Drakken and Shego turned to see a be-caped Mr. Stoppable, his hands on his hips and a look of determination on his face.

"And who are you?" Drakken asked.

"Your worst nightmare," Mr. Stoppable said defiantly.

"What? The bill collector?" Shego said snidely.

"Shego!" Drakken protested.

"Hey, it was a two-fer, what did you expect?" she replied with a shrug.

"A two-fer?" Drakken asked.

Shego smirked. "I got to mock you and whoever he is."

"I see," he huffed. "You know, you hurt with your words. I thought that would stop once we became engaged."

"Hey, It's what I do," she replied before she fired up her glow-power. "Would it make you happy if I hurt him with my hands instead?"

Drakken brightened. "Yes, very much."

"Well you'll have to go through me first, Old Lady," Hanna said as she dropped down from a vent. The youngest member of the Stoppable family was wearing a mission outfit identical to the one Kim usually wore.

"Hana!" Mr. Stoppable said disapprovingly. "You know you're supposed to treat your elders with respect."

"But Daddy, she's one of the bad guys!"

"Still, she's an adult."

Hana frowned. "Does this mean I can't defeat her?"

"Of course not," Mr. Stoppable said. "You just need to be polite when you defeat her. Just because she's evil doesn't mean you can forget your manners."

Shego shook her head in disbelief. "Wait a minute. You want me to fight her? She's a kid!"

"I know it's not a fair fight," Mr. Stoppable said sympathetically, "But you should have thought about the wages of villainy before you chose a life of crime."

"Uh huh!" chirruped Rufus, who popped out of Hana's leg pouch and darted towards Kim and Ron.

"The pink weasel thing!" Drakken exclaimed. "Shego, stop it!"

"On it, Doc—" she said before she was taken down by a perfectly executed leg sweep. When she looked up, Hana had assumed a martial arts stance.

"You're slow," the girl said as she smiled at a prostrate Shego.

"Okay, you asked for it, kid" she growled as she jumped to her feet.

"Bring," Hana said with an assuredness that would have made Kim proud.

"With pleasure," Shego replied. She was about to attack when Hana launched herself, her leg outstretched. Her little foot struck the villain's stomach with surprising force. The villainess once again found herself down. As she rose to her feet, she scanned the lair for Hana. "Where are you, you little brat?"

"Up here!" she announced brightly.

Shego looked up to see Hana walking on the ceiling. "What? How?"

Hana responded by dropping down on Shego as if she were Steel Toe and her opponent was a hapless Pain King.

"This, this can't be happening…" Drakken stammered as he watched the five-year-old take out his colleague-in-evil. "It's not possible!"

"Statistically unlikely," Mr. Stoppable said. "But not impossible. Now surrender or face the consequences."

"The consequences?" Drakken sputtered. "You're an actuary!"

"True," Mr. Stoppable said. "But they're Global Justice agents."

Drakken's eyes opened wide when he felt someone tap him on his shoulder.

"Uh oh …" he muttered before he turned to see a none-too-pleased Kim and Ron along with Rufus, who was proudly holding two neural compliance chips aloft.

"Dude, the costumes were bad enough," an angry Ron said. "But making me eat coconut candy?"

"Ron!" Kim said with exasperation. "Focus, please and thank you."

"Oh, sorry, KP," Ron said awkwardly before he glowered at Drakken. "Dude, the costumes were bad enough," he reiterated. "But trying to grande-size up my fiancée with Halloween candy? I'm so not down with that."

"Excuse me?" a tweaked Kim said to her affianced. "Are you saying you wouldn't marry me if I gained weight?"

"What? No!" Ron said. "You know I don't care about that kind of thing. I mean, if you were ginormous, there'd just be more of you for the Ronman to love!"

Kim's look of annoyance melted into an adoring smile. "You say the most weirdly romantic things."

"Ah, well, then, since we're all Chauncey …" Drakken said gamely as he tried to back away from Kim, Ron, and Mr. Stoppable.

"Not so fast," Kim said sternly as she grabbed Drakken's arm. "Do you know how much a whole new wardrobe at Club Banana would have cost me?"

"Well, er, um, you're free now, so, er, um no harm done?" he said nervously.

"Drakken, you are so busted," Kim growled.


"Well, this is definitely unexpected," Betty Director observed as she read the hand-written note, which she then handed to Will Du.

"Indeed," he agreed.

"Still, I can work with this," she said. "Take them into custody."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said before he turned to the new prisoners. "Please follow me."

The chief of Global Justice shook her head in wonder as she watched the two neural compliance chipped-villains – one the clown-suited Drakken, the other the pumpkin-wearing Shego – obediently follow her erstwhile Number One agent to the brig. "The Rufus-Mr. Stoppable-Hana Stoppable Factor," she remarked with admiration. "Simply amazing …"

The End. Really.