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Chapter 15

Kurogane paced back and forth in his room to the point that he had been asked –more like commanded- to move into the garden where his pacing would not wear holes in the carpets. It would only flatten the grass.

It had been three days since Fai had gone to Yama and the pirate was missing him. Yes, missing. He was missing the stupid, idiotic, blond shaman who didn't know when to stop or when to shut up.

However, that wasn't the main thought that was constantly being battered about in his head.

His thoughts were focused on those golden eyes Fai had the last time he'd seen him when the lin had possessed the shaman's body. It had been disturbing to say the least. But it had also brought up buried memories that he would much prefer to keep buried.

He had long ago sworn never to become close to someone like that again after the last incident. Fai's blue eyes hadn't bothered him too much. He'd seen blue eyed people often enough that the color hardly bothered him anymore. No, it was the slit pupils that had done the trick.

The only other being he had ever know to have slit pupils was…him. The angel. The most beautiful being Kurogane had ever laid eyes on even to this day. The being who befriended him, had gained his trust, who had loved him, who had betrayed him.

Even the very thought of those two, gloriously blue eyes with slit pupils like a feline's brought on an unwanted arousal to his body, as well as a surge of hate. It was because of that creature that his sister was missing possibly even dead, though he refused to believe that until he found solid evidence to support it. It was that creature that had caused the downfall and ultimate destruction of his home and family.

That creature with skin as pale as the moon, hair as white as snow, and soft, feathery wings the color of quicksilver. That was why he'd attacked that shikigami so stupidly and abruptly. He'd assumed it to be the creature, but it obviously hadn't been. The shikigami looked similar, true, but its eyes had been red and its body was much too thin and muscular to be it. Plus, its hair was much too long, and he was too masculine.

But was his obsession unhealthy? After all, it was because of that creature that Kurogane had become a pirate. Not just any pirate, but the most famous pirate in the Phoenix Galaxy. As a pirate, he could go where the high ranking officials would even dare being seen and thus learn news quickly. He had also established himself as an escape artist and had a rather intricate grapevine for incoming and outgoing information.

Interestingly enough, it was through this grapevine that he had heard of the mysterious ambassador who would've been traveling to Valeria to meet with the king, and thus met Fai.

All things come full circle I guess, he thought to himself.

"Yen for your thoughts, Captain," a rather jovial voice broke the mental rambling abruptly.

Surprised, Kurogane whirled around, only to see Seimei standing at ease, hands folded in his sleeves and gazing at him expectantly. "How did you sneak up on me?" he asked suspiciously.

The onmyoji chuckled. "Well, considering several soldiers and a couple maids have hurried passed you while you were pacing back and forth for the past hour or so and you never noticed their presence, I'd hardly say I was 'sneaking' up on you. I merely approached you as any normal human would."

Kurogane stood bewildered for a moment before shaking his head in submission. "I give up. You're just like Fai," he muttered disgruntled.

Seimei's eyebrows rose in interest. "Truly? Why do you think so?"

"You're both idiotic, sneaky, and talk in ways that I can never understand."

This brought a full laugh from the onmyoji's lips. "I see. Well, I suppose I have good news for you then. Though, on second thought, I guess I already had good news for you anyway."

Intrigued, the captain turned and met Seimei's earthy brown eyes with his fiery red. "What do you mean?"

Seimei shrugged and said, "I'm just saying that your ship has arrived."

"…my ship…?"

Seimei's brow arched and he smirked fox-like. "Why of course, your ship. You are the captain of the Ginryuu are you not?"

"…Yeah." Then the full prospect of the onmyoji's words hit him. "You mean she's here? My Ginryuu is here on Shura?"

The other man's smile widened. "Yes. But before you go gallivanting off to kiss you ship's prow, there's something else you should know."

"And what's that?" Kurogane asked trying desperately to hold back from running off to do exactly what the onmyoji said he'd do, though it was annoying that the scrawny bastard had guessed it. He definitely was Princess Tomoyo's right hand man for a reason.

"The Moon Shaman has also returned. However," Seimei paused, hand raised to halt Kurogane's stream of questions before they could be spoken, "his return must remain a secret for a day or so yet. Only a handful of people, including yourself now, know of his return. There are others with him. The lord of Yama has also arrived. But it must be kept quiet, under wraps. I hear the two kings of Shura and Yama have some catching up to do, and I thought you might want the chance to do the same with the Shaman."

Kurogane stood still digesting all this new information, before opening his mouth-

"You'll find him in the gazebo in the Island Garden," Seimei offered.

With that, Kurogane was off leaving a smirking onmyoji in his wake.

Seimei chuckled. "Well, I don't know about you, but I think that young man has finally found his special someone."

"Yes, it certainly looks that way," a new voice answered. The voice belonged to the red haired youth who suddenly materialized next to Seimei. He was dressed in the traditional shikigami clothing involving a long, purple Chinese style robe with matching pants, purple sleeves rising to his upper bicep where they were buckled up to hold them in place. He smiled and his blue eyes sparkled.

"It's good to see you again. I was wondering where the lot of you had gone off to. You do tend to spend a lot of time on Elysium."

The newcomer chuckled. "Well, after you've returned, we could tell we weren't needed. Plus, none of us wish to appear before that particular warrior for at least a day or so. He attacks first and asks questions later, unfortunately."

"What makes you say that?" Seimei asked curiously.

"Apparently Luca had a rather unpleasant run-in with him and wasn't too happy about it. He's been thinking about for a while now. Speaking of which, he was wondering if he and Rei could take the night off. I get the feeling those two are in the mood," Yuda added with a wry smile.

Seimei chuckled fondly and nodded his ascent. Who was he to deny his faithful shikigami something so insignificant as a break after all the loyal service they'd given him in the past?

"I'll inform him. Thank you, Seimei-sama. I wonder though, how did you vanish like that? Honestly, it felt like you'd died. It was rather…disturbing."

"Indeed? Is that what it felt like? Curious, that." The onmyoji stroked his chin in thought before shrugging nonchalantly and turning to go to his rooms. He noticed the shiki next to him glance around curiously, and asked, "What are thinking about, Yuda? You seem somewhat distracted."

"I…well…I am, as it happens. The lins are getting restless. They seem to be swarming in unusually large numbers tonight. Come to think of it, they started gathering right after Yasha-ou arrived."

"Did they now? I wonder why?" Seimei commented, leaving the unspoken question unanswered. "Which brings to mind-"

"I've already received word from Shin that apparently the lin intend to release Fai later tonight."

Seimei chuckled. "Ah, Yuda, always one step ahead of me. Which reminds me, how is Shin doing?"

"Well. As are the others. Gai is getting antsy, but that seems to be his perpetual state of existence." They both chuckled. "All in all, we are glad you've finally summoned us. We were beginning to think you had forgotten us. And then when you disappeared…Do me a favor, master, and never do that again."

The onmyoji took on a look of mock horror. "Me? Forget my loyal shikigami and dearest friends and guardians? Now, what kind of onmyoji would I be if I did that?"

"Yourself, Abe no Seimei. Yourself," Yuda answered dryly.

"Ha! Always a comeback. On a more serious note, I may need you all soon. It seems one of your own is wandering this world as a human. Already there has been an attempt on his life. We'll need to be more aware. I'll be counting on you and the others more than usual."

The red haired shikigami bowed his head. "We're ready when you need us."

"I know, my friend. Give my regard to the others."

"Of course." Then the figure vanished leaving the onmyoji truly alone.

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Lin – also known as Grey Ones, a grayish, slender, serpentine creature with a fish-like face, eight tiny legs, and fin-like appendages on the sides of their head right behind their gills. They live between the realm of reality and the world of the dead. They breathe sav like humans breath air and they swim through the air as if it's water.