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Chapter 1

I finish my daily routine of working out every morning at 9 am sharp. When I hear "I f I fell in love with you, would you promise to be true and help me…" coming from somewhere inside my gym bag. I dig through the bag just as "..just holding hands" ends my ring tone.

"Damn." I find my phone and look to see that I just missed my best friend Carson's call. I really should get workout pants with pockets. We've been playing phone tag for a week. I was trying to get a hold of her to see if we could meet up when I was in Michigan. My home.

You see I live on the road now days. Not like I don't have a home, but as in I travel to be a back up dancer. Yeah it's not exactly my dream, but I love dancing and I definitely love the adrenaline rush that being on stage in front of thousands gives me. But I miss my two best friends Carson and Ella. So I was going to take advantage of when I was in Michigan, and try and visit them on every day off. So far I haven't even been able to get a hold of them.

I automatically redial Carson's number, praying that she picks up. Whoever is up there must have heard me, because it didn't even get to the second ring.

"Jeez man, you're a hard chick to get a hold of." I can hear the smile in her voice. That's what I love about talking to her on the phone; you don't have to guess her emotions. She wears them in her voice, like some wear them on their sleeves.

"I know, tell me about it." I can't help but smiling right with her. "I've missed you so much, you wouldn't believe it."

"I think I can feel you there." Her voice drops, and it kills me. This brings me back to why I've been trying to get a hold of her.

"How about meeting up when I have shows in Michigan? We could meet up on my days off, or the days I have shows, or both, just as long as I make rehearsals." I try to let my excitement show through.

"Hell yeah! Ella and I could be your groupies for the Michigan shows. No other backup dancers have groupies do they Em?"

"That would be so awesome! I don't think they do, but I would love to have the two of you for groupies. Does sex come with that offer?" I don't mention that I would only be in Michigan for a week, but I assume that she knows that. But I do get a laugh out of her with my last statement.

"So see you soon lover." I'm glad that she is my best friend; no one gets me like her.

"I can't wait, Love you!" And with that we hang up with promises that I'll call as soon as I get into town.

After a four hour ride cramped up on a tour bus, I can finally see the Welcome to Michigan sign, as we enter the great lake state. I'm so excited, I reach over and pick up my cell phone and start to text Carson.

"Just crossed the Michigan border! Call you from hotel." And with that I let out a little yelp with a happy dance. It might look like a potty dance though, I'm not too sure.

"What city are you from?" One of the girls, with short brown hair and a gorgeous face, from the support act, asks me.

It's kind of embarrassing that she saw me it the heat of the excitement, making a fool of myself. But I couldn't care less right now; I was going to see Carson and Ella. "Lansing, it's the capital. A pretty boring one at that. My name's Emma."

"Frankie." She says as we shake hands. "Are you going to be meeting up with people. I just saw your dance, and I figured."

"Yeah, my friends Ella and Carson. We're going to hang out this whole week. I'm super stoked."

I've been on this tour for a month and I hadn't really talked to anyone for more than a greeting, or instructions from the choreographer. So I definitely hadn't talked to any of the members of the bands. But Frankie seemed like a nice person.

"You're very lucky that you get to visit your friends. I have to go five months without seeing them. I would die without skype."

"Yeah too bad they can't come visit you, and then I could show you guys around my boring town." I laugh at the prospect of having people to hang out with, besides Carson and Ella. We were kind of loners in high school, so I never had a lot of friends.

"That would be awesome! Why didn't I think of asking them over here?! Would you do that if they can come? I mean I don't want to intrude on your week with your friends." She seems so happy that I can't say no.

"Why don't you go call them then?" And she runs over and gives me a great big hug and tells me thanks. And with that I know I've done the right thing.

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