Chapter 3

Ella, Carson and I ended up at Ella's house for the day. Ella's parents are rich, and have a huge house that could fit three of my mom's house in it. With a garage that has too many cars in it, and everything. We use to spend our entire summer days here, just hanging out by the pool. That is until we got too interested in boys and her mom would never leave us alone, in fear of her precious baby girl getting knocked up. We started hanging out at mine or Carson's, where our parents don't really care what we do. Or they trust us. But I doubt the last one.

At Ella's we go through her closet and make up, picking out stuff that we like. The clothes don't really fit Carson and I anymore. Ella has a tiny body, while Carson has great hips, and a flat stomach. And well I have curves where they shouldn't be. I have a great body from working out, but huge hips, and boobs, that don't really fit with my body.

We start to catch up on things, like how senior year of high school is going great so far, and how Carson wants to take a year off before college, and Ella's gotten into UCLA already. I realize how much I'm missing out on silly things, like my senior prom. When I mention this to them, Carson laughs and tells me what a lucky bitch I am, not having to worry about things like college, that I just get to have a blast, and get paid for it. I don't correct her, and tell her that maybe I want to worry about college, and having a blow off year with them would be great. I just don't mention it anymore; I don't want to go into that argument, not this week.

"So what are we going to do when Frankie's friends get here?" I need their help coming up with ideas.

"Well there is a bonfire tomorrow night, good old Michigan, what else is there around here." Ella says. And we all agree, we've been to our fair share of bonfires. "Do you think they'll be up for it?"

"I don't know we'll ask them tomorrow, when they've rested."