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The small boy stepped through the silent woods behind his house quietly. Small boots crunched over the freshly fallen snow and a navy blue wool hat covered his bright orange hair. The tiny toddler followed the rather mysterious trail of crimson splashed on the fresh undisturbed snow. It was odd. Obviously something had been injured but why hadn't it left a trail in the snow? His parents were both private doctors so naturally he felt curious. The boy tugged on his thick windbreaker and moved forward again, slower this time. His tiny feet left the only trail in the snow.

Ichigo brushed aside a thin branch and his eyes widened at the sight of more blood. The trail of crimson was starting to become thicker and thicker. Then the evidence of something finally revealed itself. The snow had been crushed together in a big indent further up the trail. The wounded thing obviously had fallen quite hard. His amber eyes followed the trail of blood and crushed snow to a thick bush. Perhaps the creature had dragged itself into the bushes to hide from predators. The small boy took a deep breath to calm his racing heart before pushing his way into the bushes. Snow slipped from the thick branches as he wriggled though the tight space. Some slid into his collar and Ichigo shivered as cold snow melted against his warm skin, leaving behind a wet trail of water.

After several minutes of struggling though the brambles he finally popped out from the other end. The small boy panted as he struggled to stand up. Ichigo tugged his clothes over his tiny frame as he looked around, his face flushed from the exercise. The blood had pooled around something. He squinted and stepped forward. The collapsed thing was pure white and the boy realized he would have never found it if not for the blood spattered over its feathers. A brief wind picked up and the boy shivered from the biting cold. Feathers ruffled over the still form and a few managed to break free and take flight. The orange-haired boy's eyes widened in wonder as feathers fluttered across the space between them and a few tickled his milky skin as they fluttered into the sky. He reached out a small hand and watched enchanted as the long graceful feather fluttered into his palm. He closed his fingers over it and gasped as a flood of warmth passed through him. Ichigo opened his palm and watched in wonder as the smooth thing melted into his hand. Then his attention snapped back to the wounded creature.

He took a few more steps closer and narrowed his eyes as the thick metallic scent of blood washed over him. He studied the thing closely. Blood pooled in a crimson mess under the fallen form and a wing was bent at an awkward angle as if it had been brutally torn. The wing was a massive pure white and dotted with blood and burns. The tiny boy's hand went to his chest unconsciously as he fisted the material of his windbreaker. His heart lurched in pain and sorrow as he stared at the fallen bird. It was probably a bird, judging from the feathers. Nevertheless, it should have been soaring in the blue sky instead of collapsed in the snow and dying alone. Ichigo felt a hot trail of wetness slide down his cheek and tried to blink away the tears but the wetness came harder.

He reached out the same time the wing lifted up slowly and the boy caught sight of what really lay underneath. Ichigo's tear-filled eyes widened as he stared. Thick black lashes parted slowly and eyes the color of the winter sky opened hesitantly. They focused on the small form and Ichigo realized with a start.

It was an angel.


Stark felt himself relax as the cold snow fell over his wounded form. The bitter cold was doing wonderful things for his pains and aches. He felt his body slowly go numb and drifted closer to unconsciousness. The broken wing fluttered every time the wind blew as if it still longed to be airborne. He felt the cool rush of blood escaping his body from the deep wound over his chest. Stark curled in on himself. It was the first time he had bled.

So the color is like fire… he mused as he struggled to take a breath. Blood rattled in his lungs and he grimaced as a sharp twinge of pain shot though him. The world was silent around him. Stark closed his eyes and imagined how the others would have reacted if they found out he had been wounded from a simple fight with a Dark.

Then the sounds of rustling greeted his ears. He was too tired to look up or even try to escape. Then footsteps came closer and he heard a small gasp. Everything went back to silence. So it wasn't an enemy. Stark took a deep hesitant breath and mustered the energy to drag the broken wing out of the way. He willed his eyes open and waited for his fuzzy vision to focus as he trained his eyes on the small figure standing over him.

Stark's winter grey eyes widened as they met golden amber. It was the color of the sun. Everything about the small boy screamed light and pureness. Then the need to cough bubbled up from his damaged lungs and Stark curled in on himself again as his body shook with the wracking coughs. Warm blood splashed onto the cold snow with a harsh hiss and he reached out a hand to wipe at his bloodied lips. Stark took another glance at the small boy and felt surprise wash over him. The boy was crying silently, tears trailing down his pale white cheeks and dripping down to splash against the ground.

He reached out for the small figure without thinking. Stark's thin arm wavered from the strain of holding it up. The boy stiffened slightly before taking a few steps closer and tentatively reaching out as well. A tiny hand hesitantly reached out t meet the larger one. Stark felt warmth wash over him as the small hand closed around his cold one. The boy was so warm. He let his eyelids flutter close as the boy gripped his limp hand. Calmness washed over him and Stark felt relieved that he wasn't going to end up dying alone even if his only company was a human boy.

Then the boy did something odd. He wrapped Stark's larger hand carefully in his two tiny ones and brought it to his lips, breathing a puff of hot air over his hands.

"You're cold, mister." He said and broke the silence. Stark felt his lips twitch up in a faint ghost of a smile.

"Yes… so very cold…." He agreed hoarsely.

"Are you a…are you an angel?" he asked in wonder and reached a hand to the wing hanging limply over Stark. The angel nodded his head with a strained expression. A look of determination passed thought his amber eyes and the boy pulled closer. "I'm going to help you!" he exclaimed.

The boy released Stark's hands and started struggling with his small windbreaker. Ichigo felt himself shiver at the cold as he flung the coat off his small shoulders and gently settled it over Stark's almost naked body. The angel was only wearing a loin-looking thing and covered in snow. He took a deep breath of the cold air and grabbed the angel's hand again. Stark had closed his eyes again.

"Just wait for me for a few minutes. I'll be back." He promised urgently. The angel didn't move and Ichigo felt his heart lurch in panic. He curled his pinky around the man's longer fingers and shook it slightly. "I swear it!" he insisted before gently taking a few steps back and making his way to the bushes.

A light snow was starting to fall and Stark felt his body respond slower and slower. The edges of his vision were starting to fade to black. One wing fluttered weakly in an attempt to move himself. The boy's windbreaker slipped off his shoulders and he caught whiff of the boy's scent. Something mixed between strawberries and milk. He smiled bitterly at the thought of the boy's foolish promises. Stark glanced at the gloomy sky and let himself drift off into the unconsciousness.

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