Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, it is the property of the brilliant J.K Rowling. This story is the product of her marvellous characters and world and my imagination.

This is my newest story and once it's finished it will be my longest so far. I have a few one-shots on my profile for Harry Potter, House M.D, Primeval and X-Men the Movie, as well as multi-chapter fics for House M.D and a Ginny/Tom fic if you're interested.

Any reviews or constructive criticism is welcome, though I doubt you'll bother since this is just the prologue. Enjoy.


This is a sort of prologue, it gives all the information you need to know before you start the story; when it takes place, whether characters are alive or dead etc. It is important you read this or you may well get confused about when its set or why certain characters are alive.

This story takes place at the start of the trio's seventh year. Years 1 to 5 follow the books. The sixth year follows the Half Blood Prince plot but Malfoy never kills Dumbledore. He is given the task by Voldemort but finally comes round to the light side. He and best friend Blaise Zabini flee Voldemort and their fathers with their mothers, Narcissa Malfoy and Maria Zabini. Dumbledore gives them shelter and they join the Order. The fight at Hogwarts at the end of the sixth year happened, Bill was savaged by Greyback etc, but as I said, Dumbledore never died. Dumbledore managed to destroy the ring but the curse only blackened his hand, it wasn't killing him. The fake locket horcrux was retrieved but they have yet to discover R.A.B.

Sirius was stunned and fell into the veil but Hermione visited it at the end of her sixth year and using ancient magic she managed to pull him out, much to the entire Order's delight. This will be explained more later in the story.

Those who know everything about horcruxes: Dumbledore, the trio, Snape, McGonagall, Remus, Sirius, Kingsley, Tonks, Moody and Ginny.

The rest of the Order know the general gist, but not the detail the above group know.

As stated above, horcruxes are present in the story, but my story does not have anything to do with the Deathly Hallows.

Due to the rising profile of Voldemort and the death eaters in the magical world the Ministry has temporarily closed Hogwarts until the war is over and it has become the new home of the Order since Grimmauld Place was compromised. The entire Order and their families live in Hogwarts now and train for the war.

Fleur isn't present in this fic because a. I don't really like her, b. I am useless at writing accents and c. this is a Hermione/Bill fic so she doesn't really play a part. She and Bill were together but broke it off once he was savaged by Greyback.

If anyone is wondering what happened to any Hermione/Ron feelings then they fizzled out. The pair never dated, realising that they were just like brother and sister. Ron is protective of Hermione, but so are all her friends.

If you have a question about a characters status or whether a certain event happened or not then just send me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.

As a warning this fic is not a romance - not all about how they got together. It is primarily a story about Hermione, her heritage & new powers and the war. The romance and Hermione/Bill parts are just a mini-storyline within the main story so if you're looking for a big romance this isn't the story for you. Also, the Hermione/Bill romance will not start until quite a while into the story so don't expect much interaction between the pair before then.

There will be a few chapters titled with:

Interlude: …

The … will have a name and that chapter will be from that character's POV, just a little insight into more characters, though Hermione will obviously feature.

I know its short but this stuff needs explaining. The next chapter will be posted right after this one.