Gotta Go Back in Time

Summary: When Buffy became her costume, she really became her costume. Watch out, past!

Warning: I don't know; maybe language and innuendo somewhere along the way.

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Chapter 1: Tracking the Changes

Just after the spell kicked in…

Willow watched in horror as her best friend – besides Xander – disappeared before her non-corporeal eyes. She had turned into a ghost, but Buffy just vanished! The distraught redhead grabbed the GI Joe Xander and ran to Giles for help.

A stray comment about their costumes coming from a new store called Ethan's solved the issue of everyone turning into the characters they wore. Unfortunately, it didn't solve Buffy's disappearance. They reversed the spell, then went back to the library to talk about her situation.

Giles felt his own concern for his Slayer magnified by the fear on the teenagers' faces. "Do you remember what or who she went as?" he inquired.

"A noblewoman from the 18th century," Willow answered. "She saw that picture of Darla and decided to dress like that, thinking that was the kind of woman Angel would like."

The Watcher's eyes widened in alarm. He rushed to his books and grabbed one. "Oh dear. Is this the book that she looked at?" he demanded.

Willow nodded. "Uh-huh."

Xander raised his hand tentatively. "Uh, G-man? Why is it glowing?"

"Don't call me that. It's glowing because the contents have been magically changed." Giles removed his glasses to rub them – a way to calm himself. "I have a sinking suspicion of when Buffy went."

"Don't you mean where?" Willow wondered, thinking he misspoke, a rarity for him.

But Giles shook his head despondently, "No, I mean when. Since Buffy was trying to re-create the image of the picture in here, she became the person in question – or rather, the vampire."

Xander looked sickened by the revelation. His hero was the enemy? "The Buffster's a bloodsucker now?"

"She's Darla?" Willow tried to clarify.

Suddenly, Xander looked confused. "Who's Darla?" he asked.

"Angel's sire," Willow explained.

"Who's Angel?" Xander asked again, still confused.

Then Willow looked puzzled as well. "Hmm, I don't know. I mean, I did a second ago, but it's gone now."

Giles appeared intrigued by the situation now – even though he was still worried about his charge. "It would appear that Buffy has changed history somehow. We need to find all references of the vampire, Darla from after this time period. I think that it's important if we want to discover what happened to Buffy. It should be simple. Just look for any glowing books; those will have the most recent magical changes."

After a few minutes, Willow looked up from her book and announced, "Okay, this one says that Darla went missing after the rest of the Aurelian clan was wiped out. The original text, though, said Darla sired Angelus – 'The one with the angelic face'. They went on to become two of the most feared vampires in Europe."

A short time later, Xander was the one who spoke up, "And this one says that the Watchers Council got a seer, Drusilla, after she met a vampire who convinced her to use her gift to help others. Before it said that Angelus sired Drusilla, who went on to sire William the Bloody and the four of them became known as the Scourge of Europe."

Giles looked up from his pile of old diaries and said, "And there's a lot of routine entries in these books which replaced exploits of those vampires."

"So we're thinking what? That Buffy became Darla, but didn't sire Angelus?" Willow theorized.

Xander saw something and tried to get the others' attention, "Uh, guys--"

"That would be the most reasonable explanation," Giles answered, ignoring Xander.

Who tried again, "Guys--"

Willow took her theory one step further, "You think she wiped out the Aurelian clan?"

"If she did, then that would indicate she had control over her vampiric urges. For her to turn on her clan and sire…that's unprecedented!" Giles declared, both excited and concerned that Buffy could have accomplished such a feat. Excited for obvious reasons, but concerned for what that would do to history.

"Guys!" Xander yelled, tired of being overlooked.

Startled, Willow asked, "What, Xander?"

He pointed to a different stack of books. "Giles' diaries are glowing."

Giles grabbed one and read. "Dear lord! In the original timeline, instead of dying at the hands of Kakistos as I remember writing, she died at the hands of the Master – who was the sire of Darla."

Willow took another one. "Ooo! This one says that Angelus was cursed with a soul by some gypsies and became Angel. He was here, helping Buffy out. But the changed version said that she received notes about the things he warned her of – along with a silver cross."

"And I received the Codex from an anonymous source as well," Giles added thoughtfully.

"A vamp helping a Slayer?" Xander asked, looking very doubtful.

Looking further in the diary he was holding, Giles stated, "These entries mention a teacher by the name of Jenny Calendar who assisted us with different demons. Do you remember anyone named that? She was the computer teacher."

Shaking her head, Willow corrected him, "No. The computer teacher is Mr. Franklin."

"I wonder why she isn't here?" Xander thought aloud.

Giles grew suspicious of the unknown woman. "I can't say, but I doubt that it was any good. Although she helped us, apparently something Buffy changed, kept this woman from coming here. It could have been that she was looking for the best time to strike at us. It would be best to see if we could discover anything about her."

Willow moved to the computer and said, "I'll check it out on the internet."

Xander grabbed another book and remarked, "And I'll keep looking through the books for changes."

As they followed the changes in history, it appeared that Buffy had made some fairly large ripples in time. Some lasting, others not so much. For example, Drusilla made great changes to the Council – most importantly, she convinced them to do away with the barbaric ritual, the Cruciamentum. She said that it would cost them many great Champions and eventually those Champions would turn on them and fight the good fight without the Council. On the other hand, the Slayers killed by William the Bloody were killed a short time later by other creatures of evil.

What the books didn't show was that Drusilla kept some of her visions to herself, knowing that telling the Council about the time-traveling Slayer would result in hundreds or thousands of deaths – including her own – if they attempted to stop it from happening. Maybe it was selfish of her, but she didn't want to be the monster she saw in a different life. It was better this way, she just knew it.


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