Chapter 6: Goodbye to the Past

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Sunnydale High School

November 1, 1997

Nya, Whistler and Blade eavesdropped at the door while Giles was trying to get Willow and Xander to listen to him. She just wanted to get a feel for how bad this was going to get.

"I'm telling you right now, guilting her or pouting at her will not work! If we want any hope of having her keep in contact with us, it has to be on her terms, not ours. She is not the same person who disappeared last night!" Giles ranted, having repeated this before to them.

Her eyes welling up with tears, Willow whimpered, "But she's our friend!"

"Yeah, Big G. She has to know that she belongs here with us. Who else is going to keep the Hellmouth under control?" Xander demanded.

Nya had to restrain Blade to keep him from busting in the room and pounding on Xander. She wanted to hear what her Watcher would say.

"The Slayer will," Giles replied with more calm than he felt.

Willow's head snapped up at his announcement. "But Buffy is--"

Giles cut her off, "Gone. The spell merged her spirit together with Darla's and created a combined personality. The sooner we accept that, the better off we'll be. Kendra Moore is the Slayer now and her Watcher is Sam Zabuto. I informed the Council of the loss of Buffy, and they will be here within days."

"How did you explain it to them?" she inquired, starting to understand that the spell took her best friend, even if she wasn't exactly dead.

"The truth. A sorcerer's spell had unintended consequences which caused the disappearance of the Slayer. They weren't terrible concerned as long as there was still one Slayer around to do the job." Giles shuddered, realizing the callous attitude they had, and that they really would kill Slayers for the sake of controlling them.

Xander was dealing with a different issue, though. "Wait! Let's get back to this combo Buffy/vamp thing. If she's really a vamp, why didn't you dust her? Or why shouldn't we when she gets back?"

Giles stared at the boy as if he had gone insane. "I've spent the last four hours reading her accounts of the past 200 plus years. She's done more for humanity than we could ever hope. Why on earth would we get rid of her?" he asked incredulously.

"She's a vamp!" Xander scoffed. "Those could just be a big bunch of lies she told to get you to lower your guard."

"They match the Council records as well," the Watcher shot back. "Not to mention, if she wanted me dead, they had me outnumbered this morning."

While she could accept the changes, Willow still wondered, "But why can't she still be our friend?"

Giles gave her a sympathetic look, knowing how much this was hurting her. But he guessed that a rejection from Nya would hurt even more, so he needed to get her to accept this now. "The Buffy we knew ceased to be less than a year after she went back. According to her own recollections, Nya is a much more brutal demon hunter than even the First Slayer – and she was practically feral."

"How do you know what the First Slayer was like? Did she have a Watcher?" the young redhead asked, surprised at the mention of the First Slayer.

"No. She fought completely alone. Some of the more mystically connected Slayers have had dreams of her, though and described her to their Watchers," Giles explained.

His mind still focused on one thing, Xander yelled out. "You just proved my point! She's dangerous and we need to get rid of her!"

Giles pinched the bridge of his nose to stem off the headache that was building. "I don't know how to say it any clearer for you. She is only a danger for the demonic community. If you're going to continue like this, I'd suggest you not be here when she returns," he warned the brunette.

Willow looked worried for her friend/crush. "You don't think she'd hurt him, do you?"

"I honestly don't know," Giles replied. "At the very least, she'd just get up and leave without giving us a chance to say goodbye. And even if she didn't get upset, I doubt her companions would appreciate you badmouthing her in front of them."

"Why? Are they monsters, too?" Xander sneered.

Somewhat disappointed – although not entirely surprised – by the boy's antagonistic attitude, Giles responded somberly, "No. According to Nya's journals, Whistler's family was destroyed by a Pureblood by the name of Talek. He joined her after she saved him from being killed. Later, they happened upon Blade, whose mother was turned while she was pregnant with him. For some reason, instead of dying, Blade became what's known to the Purebloods as a daywalker."


Deciding now was as good a time as any to join in, Nya swung the doors open wide and walked through. After she gave Whistler and Blade quiet orders to control their erupting tempers, that is. Knowing her temper, they reluctantly agreed. She was a woman and therefore could make their lives hell, even without beating up on them.

"We've figured it out why it happened – if not how," Nya called out. "The prophecy Blade took care of today was originally for the 'miracle' child of Angelus and Darla. Since I screwed up that timeline, the Powers got a new vamp kid to take his place."

Xander looked her over scornfully and remarked, "So, you're the monster that got rid of our Buffy."

Nya rolled her eyes at his behavior. She supposed she could understand where he was coming from. Didn't change things, though. "No. If I wanted Buffy dead, I never would have helped her survive until last night."

"What do you mean?" Willow asked, looking for traces of her best friend in this person that stood before them.

But Giles answered for her, having just figured it out himself, "The notes and other items were from you! Including the note to dress as the noblewoman. Why?"

"I knew there was a reason you were my favorite Watcher!" Nya smiled at him, then added, "That, and when she died, Whis here revived her. And she needed to dress as the noblewoman so this timeline remained constant."

Thinking back to that passage from his diary, Giles recalled, "Ah, yes. The original timeline stated that Xander and Angel went down to the Master's lair, and Xander gave her CPR. The revised entry didn't state how she came back; she never told us," he said with a questioning glance at her.

"'Cause I asked her not to," Nya answered.

Still glaring at her, Xander bit out, "Why would she listen to a vamp?"

"C'mon, just let me hit the punk once," Blade pleaded with her softly.

Nya bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing. "No! Behave!" she scolded. She then turned to Xander again and responded, "One, she couldn't tell I was a vamp. I don't ping on Slayer's spidey sense. Two, she knew me from her pre-Slayer days. I was the one who encouraged her to be in gymnastics and cheerleading. I remembered from my own history that I only did it to please others. I explained to Buffy that benefits would far outweigh the bad things. The night Kakistos killed her, she told me that I was right."

"You really aren't going to stay here?" Willow asked sadly, already knowing the answer.

"There's evil everywhere in the world," Nya explained kindly. At least the girl was not being a bitch about this like the boy. So, Nya could afford to be nice to her. "I have my own war to fight; one the Council doesn't even know about. My enemy is too slick to be caught by them – at least the way they run things now. That's okay, there's more than enough evil for both methods of fighting. The Slayers have their battles and I have mine. Both are important for mankind to survive," she assured them.

Giles knew they had to deal with Joyce Summers at some point and inquired, "What should we tell your mother?"

Whistler handled this question, "We have a car ready with an unclaimed body that matches Buffy's description. We'll crash it and make sure that the flames make her unidentifiable. What we'd like from you is to identify the personal effects if her mother can't."

"If you're sure…" Willow hesitantly agreed.

Knowing what Willow was talking about, Nya gave them her reasoning, "I know it seems harsh, but she doesn't even accept the reality of the supernatural surrounding her. To have me show up, claiming to be her daughter, but not stay…that's much crueler."

The Watcher agreed and promised, "We'll do it."

Nya moved towards them, avoiding the high-strung Xander to make her goodbyes. "Alright then. You take care of yourselves, and try to help the new girl if you can. If it's really a true emergency, you can call me, and I'll get here as soon as I possibly can. But I'm talking apocalypse emergency, 'k?" she clarified.

After she hugged Willow and Giles, she slipped a card with her number on it to the Watcher. Then she, Blade and Whistler started toward the library doors.

Just as their backs were turned, Xander picked up the crossbow from the table and fired it at Nya, knowing in his heart that it was right thing to do. After all, this creature was there instead of their Buffy; it didn't deserve to exist if she didn't.

Before the bolt could reach her though, Whistler and Blade both sprang into action – Blade pushing Nya out of the way, and Whistler knocking the bolt out of the air with his crutch, showing more speed that imaginable for someone his age and apparent infirmity. Then he turned to face the would-be assassin. "What the fuck do you think you're doing, boy?" he snarled.

"Xander! Why did you try to kill her?" Willow cried out at the same time.

Choosing to answer his best friend instead, Xander declared, "Because that thing killed Buffy!"

Blade growled and flashed his fangs, "Oh, he's gonna pay for that!"

Nya moved to stand between the two groups. "No, he won't. At least not by us. Have him join the Council, Giles; he'd fit right in with their black and white mentality. Maybe they can keep him from getting himself killed within six months," she suggested.

Surprised that she would say that, Giles asked, "Aren't you concerned he'll tell them about you?"

She shook her head, "He can't. No matter how much he would want to, or what method he tried, he simply is incapable of getting around the magical safeguards that I've placed on you. None of you can. I only asked for your promise before so that I would know where you stood. Now, we really have to go before he does anything else to upset my boys. Sorry it had to end this way," Nya said to Giles and Willow.

"Me too, dear girl," Giles returned, saddened that his Slayer was walking away upset with them. Then he felt the motion in his pocket that he placed her card in. They weren't truly done with each other after all.


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