Scratch Little Kitty Cat

Summary: Grimmjow is looking for a mate, and stumbles across a hot-headed Ichigo. AU. Ichigo and Grimmjow live in a world of hybrids. Both Ichigo and Grimmjow are cat hybrids. (Ichigo is a lion, and Grimmjow is a Panther) Yaoi MaleXMale

Rating: Rated M or NC-17 for smex, yaoi, lemons.

Disclaimer: I do not own. Belongs to Tite Kubo

Grimmjow walked down the street in Hueco Mundo, the darkest town in this other-worldly place which could be mistaken for limbo. Its protectors didn't even interfere with their business out of fear of death. He had been hot for days, and to tell the truth, he was starting to get depressed. He had been looking for a mate for a while now, and it was starting to take its toll. He could tell that his control on his spiritual energy was fluctuating crazily from his shifting emotions.

Grimmjow was about to call it a night when a sweet smell entered his nose. He froze, and took a deep whiff of it. He could tell just from the scent. This was THE ONE. Before he knew it, he was running towards the source of the smell. He noticed the change in scenery as it raced by, and realized that he was in Karakura. He had rarely ever been here, and the times he had were mostly only for business purposes.

He dashed into a residential area only to stop at a house with a small healing area off to the side of it. He slowed down when he reached the house, and came to a complete stop outside of a window. The scent was so strong that his whole body was shivering. He took a step, and finally noticed the boner sticking out of his pants. He couldn't help but shudder at the feel of the fabric moving on the sensitive head of his cock. Whoever this person was, they weren't going to be moving for days after Grimmjow got through with them, boy or girl.

He pulled himself up so that he was partially hanging onto the windowsill. Peering in, he was met with a sight that could make even an adult video star pass out. There, lying on a bed was a boy with orange hair who looked no more than 16 years old. He was naked and sweating, his legs cocked open wide, and his toes curled into the sheets. But that wasn't what made Grimmjow loose himself. It was what the boy was doing that drove him over the edge. The boy's fingers were jammed up his hole as his other hand alternated between jerking himself off and playing with one of his cute little gumdrop nipples. His moans were driving Grimmjow crazy.

"Aaaah! Aaaah! I'm…I'm…OH God I want more! AH! AH!"

Grimmjow watched as the boy shook and sprayed his release into his hand. He was a little jealous of that hand, but quickly dismissed the feeling for the lust that shot through his body, mind, and soul. The teen's member shot up again. This time something else came into view that Grimmjow wasn't expecting. His knees buckled, and he fell off the sill, landing on his back at the sight.

He quickly picked hismelf up, and looked again. Sure enough there were two orange cat-ears and tail that were slightly darker than the kid's hair-color. The boy seemed to be tired, and from the cum-soaked sheets, Grim could tell he had come several times. At that moment, the boy turned over, giving Grimmjow a beautiful view of his puckered entrance. He could feel the drool running out of his mouth when the kid's tail approached his stretched hole, and pushed in.


The boy's tail started thrusting in faster until his anal muscles closed tightly around his own tail, and he came. Once again he remained hard, and that was the last of Grimmjow's will. He climbed through the window, and pushed the boy over so that he was lying on his back. He struggled for a bit, but when he smelled Grimmjow, he relaxed.

Grimmjow could see relief flash across the boy's face. He couldn't help the smirk that spread across his face, and decided to "dig in." He kissed his way down the young teen's torso, licking his lips when he got to his member. He took in the erect cock until the tip hit the back of his throat.

"AAAAAHH!" The boy screamed his ecstasy.

This only spurred Grimmjow on, and he began bobbing his head on his almost lover's member. The teen was now thrusting his hips into Grimmjow's mouth, but Grimmjow didn't care. He couldn't wait to taste this sexy kitten. The boy suddenly tensed up, and Grimmjow felt something hot squirt into his mouth. He swallowed it all, then leaned up to kiss him.

"What's your name, boy?"

"K-Kurosaki I-Ichigo. You?," the boy said while shuddering at his reawakened erection. Grimmjow put his mouth next to the boy's ear, and said,

"Grimmjow Jaggerjack."

The small man shivered at the sound and tone of his voice. Grimmjow went for his throat, kissing and licking his Adam's apple before sliding to the junction of his neck and shoulder. Grimmjow heard Ichigo moan, and felt him shivering beneath. It was now or never. He bit into the skin, marking him as his. He held on tighter, trying to restrain Ichigo as his back arched off the bed. He couldn't help the big grin that stretched across his face.

When he released his teeth from the wound, Grimmjow sucked the blood that threatened to run down the boy's chest, and returned his attention to his mouth. He could feel Ichigo trying to regain some dominance. However, Ichigo was HIS submissive, not the other way around. He easily battled Ichigo's tongue back into his own mouth. When the smaller man finally stopped trying to dominate the kiss, Grimmjow broke away in favor of turning him over onto his stomach. He enjoyed the great view of that beautiful virgin entrance. He could tell just by looking at it, and smelling it, that no one had touched HIS Ichigo.

He licked the puckered entrance, earning a deep moan from the boy before inserting his tongue inside and making the him scream Grimmjow's name in ecstasy. Ichigo began fuck himself on Grimmjow's tongue, who just let him. He enjoyed the sight of those lovely ass-cheeks pressing back on his face. All of a sudden, he felt the strong muscles tighten around his tongue, and watched as Ichigo came hard onto the sheets again. Before the teen could protest, he flipped him back over and spread his legs wide open. Grimmjow carefully lined his erection up with Ichigo's entrance. He bent down to the boy's ear and whispered three words in his lover's ear that made the him shiver with want.


He began pushing his swollen cock into the teen, causing him to tense up in discomfort.

"Don't tense or it's gonna hurt more."

Grimmjow could see Ichigo's hesitation, but felt the muscles relax slightly. He could see the pain stretching across the boy's face, so he stopped and gave him a moment to adjust. When the strain on his lover's face dissipated, Grimmjow thrust the rest of the way into him, grazing his prostate purposefully.


Ichigo's scream could have woken the dead, but he started thrusting back onto Grimmjow's swollen cock animatedly.

"Oh my…It hurts so gooood!" He could tell that Ichigo was enjoying himself.

"It's so BIG…Ahn…It's splitting me wide open, but it feels so good."

Grimmjow could tell that the boy had lost all coherent thought when he started thrusting straight into his prostate. He started screaming for more, so Grimmjow pulled out, and turned Ichigo around. He pulled his lover onto his cock, holding him so that his back was leaning against Grimmjow's chest. He started thrusting harder and deeper, trying to drive his lover even crazier. He succeeded, of course. Ichigo's words were so slurred that if Grimmjow hadn't been listening so intently, he wouldn't have understood them.

"Oh… It's so BIG… so HARD… so DEEP. S'like it's spearin' me. Grimmjow…I think m'gonna cum."

When Grimmjow heard these words, he sped up, thrusting deeper and harder. He could feel his release quickly approaching, and he could tell that Ichigo was approaching his end as well.


Hot cum shot into the air like a geyser, and Ichigo's walls tightened around Grimmjaw's cock, giving him no choice but to follow him into orgasm. They both fell forward onto the bed, sated. They were happily drowning in the afterglow, when all of a sudden their spirit pressure started flowing off of them, twisting, and twining together. A bright light flashed, and Grimmjow knew right then that they were bound together for life. He carefully pulled out of his mate, and fell to the side, snuggling up to his mate who had already fallen asleep. He couldn't wait for the morning to tell the boy the good news. Before Grimmjow drifted off to sleep, one name drifted in his mind, and one


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